7014 Welding Rod-Uses and Settings

The E7014 Welding Rod is generally used for mild welding that is covered with iron-powder. This rod is beneficial because of its extraordinary features. It’s an all-position welding rod that provides smooth beads just by giving some effort. It can weld several types of material and can be used for several applications.

You can choose whether you need to use it or not. It depends on you. And for making a decision, first know the details of it. And for knowing it, let’s check the features and other descriptions that we made to make you clear about it.

Explanation of 7014 Welding Rod

The E7014 Welding Rod is an all-position welding rod that has a digging arc. It also includes a deep penetration system on rusty and dirty materials. This has ease of using the facility, and it’s easy to handle too. It’s preferable for mild and low alloy steel because they have an iron powder covering.

The 7014 welding rod is not a low-hydrogen electrode. That’s why it doesn’t have lots of storage requirements. It can easily be stored anywhere and in any situation. Besides, the iron powder has a high-deposition rate, that’s why it will be easy to use.

You can get smooth beads with fine ripples by using it. The tensile strength of 7014 is up to 79,900 psi, and the strength of the yield is 67,700 psi. It is user-friendly and easy to handle too. It’s even easier to produce a great deposition rate. That’s all that make it a proper welding rod.

Further, it’s not vulnerable to moisture. That’s the most extraordinary feature, you can say. If we take the E7018 welding rod, we can see it won’t work well if it gets wet or any moisture. But with this 7014 welding rod, that won’t happen. And that also makes this rod user-friendly.

The E7014 is quite advantageous, even when the poor fit-up exists. It can be used for several kinds of materials like heavy steel metal, and several applications like shelving, fabricating general maintenance, and many more. Overall, these unique qualities of 7014 make it more popular, and it’s suitable for many works as well.

What Are the Numbers Mean?

The 7014 is not just a random number of welding rods. It has some specifications. There are a total of four digits, and all these digits have a meaning. The numbers are representative of a particular thing. And every digit has a different meaning also. Let’s see what the actual meaning is.

The first two digits (70) refer to the tensile strength. And the strength is up to 79,900 pounds per inch that are shortly called psi. And the yield strength of 7014 is 67,700 psi. The elongation of this rod is 2″ to 29.4%.

The third digit of this rod is 1. This number refers to the all-position fact of this product. That’s mean it can be used for all types of positions.

And the last digit that is 4 indicates the type of the power supply of this rod that can be used for proceeding with the welding processes. Further, it also refers to the coating of the electrode.

So, that’s the meaning of having the digits as the name of this particular welding rod. Other welding rods have a significant meaning. And that makes that rod different from the other ones.

Uses and Applications of 7014 Welding Rod

Talking about the uses of the E7014 welding rod, it has a lot to know. It’s a useful thing, especially for damp projects. It is designed for using it at the highest speed. If we compare it with the other electrodes, we will see that it produces greater deposition than the other ones.

This rod helps to provide a stable arc that helps to create beads easily. This product is appropriate for creating flat and smooth welds. It can be an excellent alternative for having a great and smooth texture.

Besides, it is an iron powdered and a rutile type of welding rod that can help to have feel-freeze results as it is a feel-freeze powered iron welding rod. Comparing it to the E7018 welding rod, it’s a better one because it doesn’t have a penetration issue like the 7018 one. Also, it’s more useful and comfortable to strike and re-strick it than the E7018 rod.

Moreover, this is an all-purpose welding rod. That’s why you can work with it for several applications. It just needs a single pass, and it will be ready for several uses. Further, it can be used in AC or DC. It produces slag but it can be easily removed. So, that’s the other plus point of it.

Furthermore, it’s an all-position welding rod. You can use it for all four positions. It has strength, and it can produce strong weld. The other advantageous fact of it is it can store in any kind of place. It won’t be harmed by any moisture. That’s why it can be stored for a long time. You can use it when you need it. So, it will be very helpful and effective comparing to other rods.

E7014 has many benefits such as it can easily run in the horizontal position and that makes it tricky. It is effective for those people who are doing general works like farming. It’s suitable for flat or horizontal welding. Besides, it creates less slag and that produces ease of powering with any kind of source. But it might not be suitable for vertical welding.

If we talk about different applications of E7014, then we notice that it can be used for all kinds of purposes. Though it’s an all-position welding rod, it can be used for wildings like making buildings, bridges, structural welding, sheet metal welds, storage tanks, machine parts, ornamental iron, ship structures, fenders, and lots of other different welds. It will be a good one when you are using it for thin metal sheets.

However, there are some disadvantages too. Like, it’s not a suitable one for those welds that engage in out-of-position welds. It won’t penetrate properly like the other welding rods. It might not work properly in AC powering. Besides, it’s not that much fast freezing like the other electrodes like E6010 and E6011. But overall, it will be a good option as it’s an all-position rod and comfortable too.

What if the Travel Speed is Too Low?

The travel speed has to be appropriate when you are working with a welding rod. If travel speed isn’t appropriate then you will face some difficulties. Such as, if the travel speed is too low, then the welding technique won’t be able to process accurately. Besides, you will keep running the rod very steadily. And if that happens then it will be a bit problematic.

Besides, when you do it like that then it will be a matter of wastage. It will eventually waste time and material too. That’s why it won’t be a great option to keep the travel speed slow. Further, it will waste lots of heat during this process. It will cause excessive distortion. So, having a low travel speed won’t be good at all.

What if the Travel Speed is Too Fast?

Having a low travel speed is problematic. But that doesn’t mean having a fast travel speed will work. And if you are facing a fast travel speed then it will also cause some problems. At first, if you make the travel speed is too fast, and then the heat won’t evenly be distributed.

Secondly, if the travel speed becomes fast, then you might miss a place that you want to weld. All of these things might be difficult for you to continue the process. That’s why a fast travel speed should not be done at all.

Amperage Setting of 7014 Welding Rod

Setting up the amperage when you are going to do the welding with the E7014 is important. And for doing so, you need to do the amperage setting. And when it’s about the setting of 7014 welding rod, you need to do it properly.

When it comes to the characteristics, it’s almost similar to the E6012 and E6013. If you use these rods or this kind of rod earlier, you will notice the similarities and the difference between these electrodes.

This welding rod is a fill-freeze or a fast-follow SMAW electrode. It can smoothly do vertical welding. But to get better results, you need to set the amperage in an accurate range. When you are doing vertical welding, you should utilize a triangular weave for better results. It will be good for the welds.

Besides, it will be good to use the low-end current, and the range should be from 100 to 145 amps when you are using DCEN. And when you are using in AC, you need to set the amps at 110 to 160 amps.

And if you think that the current is a bit low, then you must increase it in a slow process. You should keep increasing it until it reaches the ideal range of amperage settings that is from 110 to 120 amps. If you keep the range to this point then you will surely have a good result.

Moreover, if you want to get better results, then you have to set the exact amps. It is because if the amperage is too low like 70 amps, then it won’t melt the base metal as it should and thus it will be bad looking steel. On the other side, if the amperage is too high like 150 amps then it will be risky. Further, using too much amperage cannot control the heat. That’s the reason it should be at the ideal range of amperage so that it can ensure safety.

Furthermore, you need to start welding from the joint bottom to the layers. After welding the joint bottoms, you should start adding layer over the previous layer. That’s how you can get the perfect weld if you follow these rules and set the amperage to the appropriate level.

Tips of Using 7014 Welding Rod

There are a few tricks that you should maintain. Such as, you must not take the electrode away far from the molten puddle. It can create more spatters. You should be careful of the travel speed as well as the arc length, and correct it if it is not in an appropriate position.

Make sure the length will be less than the diameter of that rod and the travel speed. Moreover, you have to make sure that the arc will not be too long because then it will be violent and the work won’t be done properly.

You should change the direction of the welding. The reason is the changing process will increase the possibility of better results. But if you do it in a single direction, it might not give the exact welds that you want. You should learn the processes and know-how these things work so that you can surely get the best results of it.

How to Weld T joint with 7014 Welding Rod

When you want to know the processes of how you can weld the T joint with this E7014 welding rod, you need to take care of some stuff. At first, you need to set the amperage in an appropriate range.

After doing it for once, restart it at 110 amps. Again, restart it at 125 amps after finishing the first weld. Make sure the rod won’t be too hot. It’s because it can destroy the entire process. If you want, you can set the amperage at 110-130 amps because this range is suitable for some particular method.

Secondly, you have to point the rod down and attach it with the bottom toe. Make sure you point the rod more into the upper toe to have a smooth and straight line. All the things should be blended. And that’s how you can make perfect welds.

Wrap Up

To sum up, we can say you just need to do the entire process properly. You have to take the appropriate rod, and also do the amperage setting properly. It is because if you don’t do it then it won’t ensure your proper safety. No matter what rod you keep for doing your welding, but you have to set your safety first. So, weld things well and be safe. You will surely be succeeded.

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