Best Argon Tank Welding Gas Cylinders [TOP 5 UPDATED]

Are you interested in welding? If you are, then there is lot of interesting information waiting for you. If you are a welder or interested in welding then you must know what will be good and safe applications for the TIG and MIG welding.

Besides, selecting the right gas tank for your certain job is also necessary. And to help you out, we are selecting the Five  best Argon tank welding gas cylinders. Let’s get right into the description to clear all your confusion.

Best Argon Tank Welding Gas Cylinders: Reviewed in Details

A gas cylinder tank is something that is mainly used for installing with the MIG and TIG welding machines.

Among all the equipment of welding, this is one of the major things to have. Installing an automatic tank welding machine will be effective if you install the welding gas tank cylinder properly.

If you want a good-quality HP tank, then it will be that one for you. The reasons are more than one.

There is a particular size of this tank so that you can get the idea if this is useful for you or not.

The price is reasonable. The manufacturer process is quite good. The tank comes full, and it’s suitable for MIG and also TIG welding. The test date is stamped accurately so that you can get the idea for how many times you can use it.

The product from Generic is cheaper than any other welding gas tank. It can connect directly to the welding machine. You can get it to wit nice packaging. It’s reasonable, refillable, and its performance is amazing. Overall, it is a good one that you can choose for your welding job.

Usability date– This product is available with a 10-year hydrotest date stamped. And that time-limit is huge for using it frequently.

Certification– Comes with all DOT/ISO regulations. You can find the DOT number that is stamped on the tank.

Size– Talking about the size of this tank cylinder, it is 80 cu/ft. There are many sizes you can find but this one is available in this single size.

Weight– It comes with a weight of 56 lbs. and comparing to other cylinders, it is not that heavy.

Length– The length of this tank is 32-1/2″. And the working pressure of this particular tank cylinder is 3AA2015.


  • Zero leakage
  • Free shipping
  • Appropriate price
  • Refillable
  • Cheaper than others


  • Refilling the tank might be expensive

Talking about another size of Generic tank, it also comes with almost the same kind of features. It has a certain time-limit. This 40 cu/ft tank ensures a 10-year hydrotest date stamped that is quite profitable in this price.

This tank is perfect for the welding machines. It is not that big, and not that small.

It has the perfect compact size you can ever have. Further, the tank is well-built by maintaining proper rules and regulations. That’s why it is useful and safe.

With this Argon/CO2 gas tank, you can install it easily with your welding machines. You don’t have to take any tension about the safety of this one. It’s compact, and good in quality.

Weight– This 40 cu/ft tank is full. And the overall weight of it is 17 lbs that are quite lightweight.

Usability date– The 40 cu/ft HP cylinder comes with a 10-year hydrotest date stamp. That’s why it becomes a useful one for you.

Shipping– You can get fast shipping with the tank completely full. That is the other advantage of buying this one.

Certification– It meets all DOT/ISO regulations. That’s how it ensures safety.

Working pressure– The amount of working pressure of it is 3AA2015.

Price– You can do great purchase if you get this one. The reason is the inexpensive price.


  • Zero leakage
  • Reasonable price
  • Safe
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with DOT and ISO regulations


  • Too small for heavy welding machines

If you want a great Oxygen cylinder with a great price then you must try 20 cu/ft steel Oxygen cylinder from Varies. We are recommending you to have it because of its great features.

This tank is made of high-quality thick steel that ensures hardness. And for this hardness, it becomes durable and versatile.

Moreover, this cylinder is constructed with heavy-duty steel and durable painted finish. It also has DOT approval that assures complete safety.

This cylinder with the CGA540 valve gives you an easy-using facility. Though it has a long period of using capability, you can use it for many years.

The tank is safe, made of high-quality material, and it's hard as well. The good thing about it is you can get this gas cylinder at a reasonable price. You don't have to invest lots of money to get it. So, in a sense, it will be a good buy.

Length- This tank is about 14.76 inches in length, and the diameter is 5.24 inches. This length is a kind of standard in size.

Weight- This cylinder weighs 16 pounds. That is not too heavy or not too light in weight.

Gas type- It is a 20 cu/ft cylinder that is full of Oxygen.

Material- The tank is made of thick steel. That's why it becomes strong, hard, and powerful.


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Made of thick-walled steel
  • Comes with a DOT regulation
  • Reasonable price
  • Great CGA540 valve
  • TC approved


  • The paint job is bad

Generic gives you different kinds and sizes of tank cylinders. It has several features including good quality material, strong, and convenient. This product is built well.

The manufacturer process is extraordinary that’s why you can get good performance while using it.The price of this product is also good comparing to others. You couldn’t find other tank cylinders like this one at a reasonable price.

The other advantage of it is, you can get fast and free shipping. That’s why you will find less trouble.

Further, the shape of this cylinder is compact in shape. Also, this is probably the cheapest option that you can ever have. You cannot get that much strong and heavy cylinder at this price. Moreover, it’s constructed under several regulations. That’s why you can consider it as the safest one.

Furthermore, the weight of it is quite heavy that’s why it can be considered as the powerful one. Though you might face trouble while using it because of its heavyweight, but if you are someone who wants a strong and durable gas tank cylinder for effective use, then you should go with this one.

Certification– This product from Generic meets all the DOT and ISO regulations. And for all those things, you can have complete protection.

Weight– This product weighs 50 lbs. It cannot be considered as the lightweight one. But it’s also useful for the weight that it carries.

Usability date– It has 10 years of the hydrotest date stamp. And that is enough to use continuously.

Shipping– The other part of this product is fast shipping. You can have full and fast shipping with less trouble.


  • Reasonable
  • Convenient
  • Fast shipping
  • Safe
  • Well-build


  • A bit heavy
  • Limited shipping area

If you want a great Oxygen cylinder with a great price then you must try 20 cu/ft steel Oxygen cylinder from Varies. We are recommending you to have it because of its great features.

This tank is made of high-quality thick steel that ensures hardness. And for this hardness, it becomes durable and versatile.

Moreover, this cylinder is constructed with heavy-duty steel and durable painted finish. It also has DOT approval that assures complete safety.

This gas tank is another great one for welding machines. You can find several features of it, and that will be helpful. This 40 cu/ft include Nitrogen, Helium, Neon, and Argon. 

The body of this cylinder is made of steel so that it becomes powerful, strong, and durable. But despite that, this product is not that much heavier than other cylinders.

Moreover, the price range is also good comparing to the other gas tanks. That’s why you can get this cylinder of different gases in a reasonable amount.

This cylinder can offer amazing versatility and durability. Standard 20 cu/ft cylinders cannot be able to ensure you these things. But this tank has all of it. Moreover, it’s very portable because it’s lightweight. That’s why you can easily move it from one place to another.

The construction is very good. It’s made under lots of rules and regulations that’s why it can assure you much safety. It’s strongly built that’s why you don’t have to take any tension. Also, good quality of paints is used for making it, and that’s why the formula makes it rust-resistant. You can use it for any kind of welding applications, industrial applications, and many other places.

Gas type– This cylinder includes not only one kind of gas but also several kinds of gases in just one tank. It includes Nitrogen, Helium, Neon, and Argon.

Length– This cylinder of Generic is 17.3 inches in height. And the diameter is 7 inches.

Certification– It is a well-certified product. It’s constructed under DOT and ISO regulations.

Usability date– All kind of HP cylinders comes with a 10-year hydrotest date stamp. And this one is also the same.

Weight– If we are talking about the weight of this cylinder, and then we know it’s not that heavy. The weight of it is 17 lbs.


  • Perfect for MIG welding
  • Good quality valve
  • Fast shipping
  • Strongly built
  • Lightweight
  • Made of steel that ensures hardness
  • Comes with DOT and ISO regulations


  • Knob might be a bit loose

Buying guide for the Best Argon Tank Welding Gas Cylinders


When you are going to buy any gas cylinder, the first thing you should be careful of is the weight. Considering this fact as the most important part of these products because buying the wrong cylinder will bring trouble to you. And if the weight doesn’t match the welding machine, then buying that will be a total disaster.

Moreover, you must check the weight details of every product whether it can match the welding machine or not. The different tank has a different weight of its own. They are made like this because the machine can cope up with it.

That’s why you must follow and check out the weight details first. Further, you also should check if you got the proper tank or not. All of these things are important. Just make sure you own the right tank with the right amount of weight.


The significant thing is, checking out of the material thing when you are on the way to purchase any gas tank. Just like the weight, having a good tank is also important. And a good tank cylinder means that tank that is made with good quality material. In most cases, tanks are made of steel. The reason is steel can make the tank even stronger than before.

Further, you need to know about the material because other things need to be done appropriately. And if you don’t know the material that is used for making the tank, then you will face problems while installing it with welding machines. That’s why, at first, check out the details of the tank cylinders. Then decide what will be the suitable one.


Checking the number of gases is the most important thing above all. It is because when you purchase any gas tank, you purchase it for a certain reason. And for that particular purpose, you need a particular gas tank. That’s why before buying any tank; make sure you are well aware of the types of gases.

On the other hand, you also should check out the measurement of the gas of every cylinder. Each cylinder has a certain amount of gas in it. Sometimes, there is more than one kind of gas in a cylinder. And all of those are of a certain percentage. That’s why you have to check the details whether it is suitable for your purpose or not.

So, make sure you will do these things before buying any of the tanks.


They say nothing is more important than the safety of yours. No matter what kind of tank cylinder you buy, and how much money you will spend on it, the product needs to assure you complete safety. Otherwise, it will be your loss.

There is a lot of welding gas tanks that are available out there. But all you need is to take that one that will suit your purpose the most. Also, it has to ensure safety. Different gas tanks are made differently. They have constructed under lots of rules and regulations. That’s why it will be safe for you.

But all you need to do is, check out the details. And according to that, you should buy. Moreover, you have to check twice after receiving the tank. Check all the stamped information and regulations well. After that, get that tank that you need. Last but not the least, store the cylinder somewhere out of sunlight, and in a cool place. That will help to ensure safety more.

Available Sizes of Argon Tanks

There are lots of Argon tank sizes available. And those cylinders also have a certain amount of gas that they can generally hold. The available sizes are being described below:

  •       Tank size S that is 125, can hold 125 cf and lasts for 6.5-8 hours
  •       Tank size T that is 335, can hold 335 cf and lasts for more than 16 hours
  •      Tank size R that is 20, can hold 21 cf and lasts for 1-2 hours
  •      Tank size Q that is 80, can hold 83 cf and lasts for 4-5 hours
  •      Tank size Q1 that is 60, can hold 65 cf and lasts for 3-4 hours
  •      Tank size K that is 251, can hold 251 cf and lasts for 12.5- 16.5 hours
  •      Tank size S that is 155, can hold 155 cf and lasts for 8-10 hours
  •      Tank size RR that is 40, can hold 44 cf and lasts for 2-3 hours

Best Argon Tank Sizes for MIG Welding

Considering the best one above all depends on some things that you must know. The first one is the period of lasting MIG gas. You need to know how long a MIG gas last. And according to that, you will choose the best one.

The second thing is, you have to think whether that cylinder can adjust to the MIG welding process or not. And that product should be taken that can be adjusted well.

You will need a smaller size of welding gas tank. So the sizes that are appropriate for MIG welding are 40 cu/ft 75% Argon 25% CO2 CGA 580- full, 80 cu/ft 75% Argon 25% CO2 CGA 580- full, and the 125 cu/ft 75% Argon 25% CO2 CGA 580- full.

Best Argon Tank Sizes for TIG Welding

TIG welding is a slower process than MIG welding. That’s why you will need different types of gas tanks. And for that reason, you will need an extra amount of gas. Though it’s a slow procedure, you need to purchase a big size for this as you will need more gas.

The best sizes for TIG welding will be 125 cu/ft, 150 cu/ft, 250 cu/ft, and more than that. In most cases, it depends on the situation. But as far as we know, TIG welding needs more gas, and that’s why you will need these kinds of gases.

Standard Argon Tank Size

When we are talking about the standard size of the Argon tank, it should be considered for various reasons. In a sense, you need to know about the situation of using those tanks, and then the standard amount will be decided.

Above all the sizes, the 80 cu/ft Argon tank is the best one to consider as the standard size. The reason is the capacity and the period of using the tank. It can last for 4-5 hours when you will use it. Besides, it is perfect both for MIG and TIG welding. So, overall, it’s the standard size of the tank that can be used for several purposes.

FAQs on the Best Argon Tank Welding Gas Cylinders

1. How Long Does Argon Tank last?

The tank is rated by “cubic feet” volume. A time limit of an Argon tank is based on the flow of the gas. The more the flow will be increased, the less the tank will last. Besides, it also depends on the amount of gas in the tank.

If we take a 60 or 80 cf tank, then it will last for about 3-4 hours at a 20 cf per hour flow rate. On the other side, if we take a 250 cf tank, it will last for 10 hours at a 20-25 cf per hour flow rate. So, that’s how the time limit of a tank depends on the flow of the gas, and also on the size.

2. Is Argon Tank safe?

Argon is the gas that is the third most abundant gas on earth. It is dangerous as it is a chemical. But this Argon gas is non-flammable and non-toxic. That’s why you can take it as the non-poisonous gas of all.

However, there are plenty of elements that can bring danger to you but, if you use it in the right way, then it won’t harm at all. Besides, the Argon tank is constructed under a safe zone. That’s why you can say, it’s safe. But you also have to make sure that you check the knob frequently while using it.

3.Where Does the Argon Tank Safe to Store?

In most cases, an Argon tank should be placed in a cool place. Direct sunlight must be avoided. The more the tank keeps distance from sunlight, the more it can be saved. Further, the area should be completely dry so that it can prevent corrosion.

Make sure the tank won’t be stored in locked storage for a long time. And if that happens, then slightly remove the regulator, and close the valve. After that, put it in a safe place.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are some good qualities of Argon gas cylinders that we described before. All you should do is to get the descriptions, the advantages, and the disadvantages by reading it well. Also, you have to check whether it can cope up with the machine properly or not.

There is another important thing. The thing is, SAFETY! If the tank can ensure safety, only then you should purchase it. Otherwise, you should not go for any unsafe property. Get that one that makes sense to you.

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