5 Best 4×8 CNC Router [ Reviews and Buying Guide 2021]

A CNC router is a computerized tool used for a range of grooving, carving, and engraving processes. While it sounds complicated, anyone can easily practice and master the art of using CNC routers. All that you will need to do is to feed in the instructions in the computer section of the device. Then, you will wait for the device to come up with your designs.

While there are bigger and more advanced versions of these machines, the best 4 x 8 router machine will equally follow the dimensions and coordinates that you feed it religiously to deliver incredible designs. They use CAD to craft intricate designs.

The versatility of CNC routers is incredible. They can handle a range of materials used in the construction of most items.

But since choosing the right 4 x 8 CNC router isn’t an easy task, we come to your rescue with this elaborate article that will help you make an informed decision. This article contains a buyer’s guide. But more importantly, the writeup also covers some of the most exciting options available in the market.

Top 5 4 X 8 CNC Router Reviews

1 BobsCNC Evolution 4- Best 4×8 CNC Router Kit

BobsCNC is not a new company in the industry. Among its fantastic list of productive tools is the BobsCNC Evolution 4. It is the last product in the manufacturer’s illustrious Evolution series. Well, the 3-axis router delivers more than its competitors. The machine is pretty easy to assemble and use.

But more interestingly, the BobCNC E4 router has the capacity and capability to deliver all the tasks that you may need from any typical 3-axis CNC router. Besides, it takes pride in a large working table, which allows you to work on larger sheets of materials. The machine will also strike you as an incredible device for both professional and DIY jobs. That’s indeed something that you can take as a plus.

  • Easy to Assemble

First off, it is essential to note that the BobsCNC Evolution 4 Router Kit comes in pieces. It is, therefore, a device that you will need to put together by yourself. While most new users always prefer preassembled router kits, a lot of advantages come with investing in non-preassembled options. They allow you to learn the inner details of routers. Moreover, the ease of assembly that comes with the E4 ensures that you can quickly assemble the device alone.

  • A Large Cutting Area

The E4 is an incredible 4×8 CNC. However, it is even more striking than the device has a cutting volume of up to 24 x 24 inches in the XY axis and an equally remarkable Z travel of 3.3 inches. Such a cutting volume is ideal for cutting larger materials. This brings incredible versatility and convenience in whatever you do.

  • Rigid Laser Frame

Power tools or hand tools are about durability. It is always essential to consider power tools that can withstand the beating. The manufacturer incorporates a rigid laser cut frame that will particularly stand the test of time. It is durable, stable, and enhances both precision and accuracy.


  • It is one of the most affordable options on the market.
  • The E4 is an incredible starter machine for students, beginners, and moderate users.
  • It is a high-quality product that is also very durable.
  • The user-guide is pretty straight forward.


  • It comes non-assembled hence you will need to put it together.
  • The design is not one of the most modern.

2. Maslow CNC Router Kit- CNC Router Kit 4×8

Are you looking for a milling tool designed specifically for engraving wood? If that is so, then the Maslow CNC Router Kit is arguably the best wood CNC machine 4 x 8 that you will come across in the market.

The wood engraving machine enables users to cut or mill wooden materials with a lot of precision, efficiency, and reliability. Of course, it uses a computer generated program to achieve unmatched accuracy.

The device, commonly known as Maslow’s Hanging CNC, comes preassembled. The implication of that is that you will have to understand the various parts of the machine to build it up by yourself. Thereafter, you can efficiently install the CNC software to get started.

But what makes the device stand out?

  • Adjustable Depth

Firstly, it is critical to note that the device is a dedicated 4 x 8 router machine. The implication of this is that it will conveniently handle any tasks that involve 4 x 8 milling. But beyond that, the Maslow Hanging 4 x 8 router boasts of an adjustable depth, which ensures that you can easily cut out treehouse furniture, kayaks, and a range of fixtures.

  • Highly Compatible

The Maslow CNC router kit uses an open-source software known as Ground Control. It is a reliable software that helps you to calibrate the machine and manage the cuts as required. The software is compatible with nearly all computer operating systems. You can easily install it in Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the type of computer with which you intend to pair it.

  • Chain Driven

While belt-driven CNC machines also come with a range of merits, chain-driven options stand out for a variety of incredible advantages. Chain-driven CNC routers are robust and will tackle harder wood types. This device can, therefore, handle softwoods, plywood, hardwoods, MDF laminates, and a range of hard plastics. Besides, it is easy to scale down chain-driven machines by simply playing around with the length of the chain.

  • Perfectly Affordable

One of the biggest highlights of the Maslow CNC router is its remarkable pricing. A CNC router that is moderately priced is pretty ideal for beginners, students, and intermediate users. Can you imagine owning a full-fledged CNC router machine at less than $500? That’s what the device costs, but that doesn’t make it compromise on any of the essential features.


  • You can easily update the drives and software.
  • The product is a top performer.
  • It is affordable and easy to use.
  • It is compatible with all major computer operating systems.


  • It comes in pieces, hence will take you some time to put together and use.

Another device that makes it to our review is the powerful STYLECNC 4’x8′ CNC Router Machine. For the record, STYLECNC isn’t a new name in the woodworking industry. The company has been in the industry for a while now. It takes credit for some of the best performing woodworking machines.

So, the STYLECNC 4’x8′ CNC Router Machine is no exception.

But apart from the exceptional line of products, the company has remarkable customer service. Thus, should you invest in any of the company’s products and find any trouble with them, you will no doubt find a solution from the responsive customer care service.

  • Professional Software

You can’t have a CNC without computer software to use for running it, can you? But still, with that in mind, it is even more essential to look out for a device with reliable software. The STYLECNC STM1325 Router Machine is such a tool. It features a powerful software that you can use for running the device without any issues. Besides, you can also opt for the alternative Vcarve Pro software.

  • Water Cooling Spindle

The spindle of a CNC router machine determines how productive it is. And without a reliable cooling system, the spindle will often heat up and probably require that you stop the device and have it cool down naturally. Interestingly, you won’t experience such a problem with the STYLECNC STM1325 Router Machine as it features a 3KW water cooling spindle.

  • Compact And Lightweight

While many people are opposed to investing in extremely compact and lightweight routers, these models also come with amazing advantages. What happens when you want to move the device to a construction site away from your workshop? What about the possibility of fitting it in a small working space? The STYLECNC meets these objectives in an unbeatable way.

  • 4th Rotary Axis

Even more, this device comes with an extra 4th rotary axis added on a stable 300 mm axis. Such an addition not only adds on to the power and versatility of the machine but also brings in unbeatable convenience. Thus, you can undoubtedly use the device to handle a range of professional and hobbyist functions.


  • It features a convenient working area of up to 1300mm by 2500mm by 200mm.
  • An included 3KW water cooling spindle gives it the necessary power.
  • It is pretty compact, lightweight, and portable.
  • The 4th rotary axis adds to the convenience and productivity of the device.


  • As with most devices with water-cooled spindles, this device produces considerable noise.

If you value products made in America, the BUILDYOURCNC 4 x 8 Router Machine is a perfect choice. The router is manufactured by CNC Machine Kit, a company based in Katy, Texas. So, if you are from the United States or anywhere around the world, you can confidently expect full technical customer support from the company.

But besides the company and its origin, the machine boasts of a range of incredible features. It performs better than most CNC machines in its caliber when it comes to productivity and efficiency. Moreover, this is one of the most moderately priced CNC router models that you will find on the market today.

  • Sufficient Routing Area

The BUILDYOURCNC Router Machine is a typical 4 x 8 machine, which implies that it will handle all your 4 x 8-inch milling and engraving applications. While that remains standard with nearly all routers of the sizing, this particular model takes pride in extra space for clamping the boards on the table. Such a feature brings more convenience to the system.

  • 3-Axis Router

Look, 3-axis router machines are famous for their precision and dependability. The 3-dimensional router features an X and Y axes that run on a roller chain platform of a .25 pitch. The incredible combination of chain and sprocket bring in both stability and precision. It also features a Z-axis with a lead screw for easy adjustability. Even more, an anti-backlash nut on the Z-axis also helps to maintain accuracy and precision.

  • Powerful and Precise

It is impossible to question the amount of power that the device brings into your workshop. It boasts of a strong motor, which is securely and conveniently housed in a 3.5 x 4.2-inch box. So, the device does well with 2.75 HP or 3.25 HP motor cables based on the housing dimensions. That’s sufficient power for a range of DIY and professional jobs. Besides, such power will comfortably handle plastic, aluminum, wood, and steel, among other materials.

  • Rigid and Durable Structure

The BUILDYOURCNC 4 x 8 Router Machine is a device that will conveniently stand the test of time, thanks to the rigid and professional-grade structure. The structure will reliably ensure that the device serves you for a very long time. It is resistant to bending and denting forces.


  • It is pretty easy to set up and use.
  • A rigid built ensures that it is perfectly durable.
  • It features a sufficient table width to accommodate materials of up to 52 inches.
  • The device is powerful hence will handle harder materials.


  • We didn’t find any cons from customers at the time of writing this review.

We come to the end of this review with another American product. It is none other than the popular GreenBull 4’x8′ CNC Router Machine. The GreenBull is intended for engraving large sheet sizes. Even more, it is a heavy-duty machine that can also handle a range of 3D carving tasks.

While it remains an incredible product for 4 x 8 grooving applications, this device is pretty perfect for milling a range of other sizes too. It also features a dust shoe design that helps with a more detailed cleanup and suction. Let’s now look at some of the most interesting features of the device.

  • Complete Kit

Firstly, the GreenBull 4’x8′ CNC Router Machine is a complete heavy-duty CNC kit that comes with everything that you need to get started. It features an MDF kit and a set of electronic components, which include motors, drivers, power supply, and a breakout board. Thus, all you need is a computer to get things started.

  • Multiple Travel Sizes

As we mentioned earlier, the device will reliable do a 4 x 8 travel. But that’s not all about. You will marvel at the fact that it can also perform two other travel sizes with impeccable accuracy. Notably, it also does 5 x 10 and 6 x 12 tasks with unbeatable precision. Such a feature brings versatility as you can handle various sizes using a single tool.

  • Powerful

The device has sufficient power to tackle DIY and commercial applications. It features NEMA 34 Motors on all the axes. Besides, the device also boasts of a powerful 2.2Kw spindle that can produce variable speeds and produce more efficient cuts. Moreover, the device produces less dust and noise hence more environmentally friendly.

  • Affordable

Finally, this is one of the most affordable options in the market. However, the pricing has nothing to do with the features of the device. The manufacturer doesn’t compromise on features and performance.


  • It is ideal for large sheets and 3D carving.
  • The device is pretty powerful and ideal for engraving several materials.
  • A rigid frame enhances durability.
  • It features a rigid coupling for strength in high torque situations.


  • It is not as compact as most basic options.

Buying Guide For Top 4 X 8 CNC Routers

We find it essential to discuss some of the factors that you need to consider when shopping for the right CNC router machine. So, if you are new to shopping for these devices, this buying guide will immensely prove helpful. Let’s go!

  1. Size Or Capacity

What are the dimensions of a given material that your router can accommodate? The first and arguably the most vital factor to consider when shopping for a 4 X 8 CNC router is the capacity of the machine. While we focus on 4 X 8 CNC machines, some of the models can handle larger projects.

Therefore, your choice will undoubtedly depend on the project sizes that wish to tackle. It will also depend on your level of expertise. College students and beginners will find dedicated 4 x 8 machines appropriate.

  1. Power

The horsepower of a CNC router determines the performance of the machine. So, you will need to look out for the type of motor or spindle that the manufacturer incorporates into the device. All CNC routers work with particular sizes of spindles or motors. This factor is indeed a necessary feature to look out for.

While the power of your device may be dependent on the amount of work you intend to accomplish with the machine, a powerful router delivers better speeds and in turn more precision and accuracy.

Again, it is worth noting that devices running on water-cooled spindles are pretty reliable for non-commercial usage but they produce considerable noise. More serious users may require models with liquid-cooled spindles as they are more silent and better performance.

  1. Software and Compatibility

All CNC machines require a computer to work, and they only do that through software. So, if you are buying a router machine, you will need to determine beforehand the computer operating systems that it is compatible with.

Interestingly, most of these machines are compatible with all the major computer operating systems, which include Mac, Linux, and Windows. These options enhance versatility and convenience as you won’t need to invest in a new computer. Again, choose a router with software that is stable, easy to use, and reliable.

  1. Assembly And Maintenance

Nearly all CNC routers are not preassembled when they come. In many cases, you will have to assemble them by yourself. While nearly all of them are pretty easy to assemble, you will still need to consider very straightforward options. Consider the assembly interface, user guide instructions, and the software interface.

Again, you will need regular maintenance to the CNC router machine as you’d do to your 3D printer, that’s more of a standard procedure. Also, ensure that replacement parts are available and pocket friendly.

  1. Duty Cycle and Durability

The duty cycle of a 4 x 8 CNC router machine determines the rate at which the tool will serve you. The longer the duty cycle, the longer the runtime of the CNC tool. Highly productive users may consider options with very high duty cycles, while hobbyists can still do with average levels of the duty cycle.

Still, look out for models with durable builds as duty cycle alone doesn’t determine the longevity of a machine. They wear out fast due to the resultant friction from a range of moving parts. Consider models that are moderately compact to cushion yourself from looking for a replacement soon after your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions ON 4 X 8 CNC Routers

Q: What kinds of tasks can a CNC router do?

A: Look, a CNC router is a perfect product for woodworking, but that’s not exclusive as it can also mill or cut other materials. These machines perform a range of functions, which include making toys, clocks, musical instruments, signs, cabinet doors, and other artistic items.

Q: Besides wood, what other materials can a CNC router miss?

A: Interestingly, a CNC router can mill a range of materials. These may include foam, fabrics, leather, composites, fiberglass, and plastics. You can also use it for cutting aluminum and other soft metals.

Q: Must I learn an advanced programming language to use a CNC router?

A: NO. While CNC routers use programming software to generate codes, you don’t need any advanced lessons on programming languages such as G-code. The software will reliably build codes, import images, and edit drawings independently.

Final Words

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for reading through this article. We intended to help you choose an incredible tool that meets your applications. We hope that you can now make an informed decision. Interestingly, these devices are ideal for a versatile range of applications, including milling, cutting, grooving, engraving, drilling, and carving.

Such a feature makes them exciting tools for a range of functions the best 4 x 8 CNC router machines will prove useful for small shops, home business, schools, and a variety of other manufacturing industries. Notably, you will find the idea of creating designs from PVC, acrylic, wood, glass, ACM, aluminum, brass, foam, copper, plastics, stone, and a variety of other soft materials.

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