Top 10 Best Brake Line Bender in 2020 Reviews

When you use a car for a daily basis, damages of it are actually normal.When it’s about the brake, it will be an even more sensitive issue. That’s why repairing brake in a proper way is important.For doing so, you will need a brake line bender. Not only for, brakes of cars but also any kind of bending need a proper tool to do so.

A brake line bender is a tool that is needed for repairing damages of a brake of a car. Using it isn’t a difficult task but you will just need a little practice. Brake line benders are a simple tool that can bend lines for the whole car. As it is small and handy, you can use it under the car because it will fit in the smaller areas very easily.

Choosing the right bender might be risky because a different car and its function need different kinds of tools. And if you won’t be able to get the right tool, the purpose of having that won’t be fulfilled. Let’s check the list of some of the best brake line bender so that you can get what you want.

Our Top Picks Brake Line Bender Comparison

Best Brake Line Bender: Reviewed and Compared

When you are buying a brake line bender, you can see lots of varieties of it. There are a huge number of brands and also a huge number of varieties. Those varieties create differences and work differently as well. So, you must choose to know your need very well. Let’s through you into the explanations of some of those varieties and make you clearer about it.

Top 10 Picks for the Best Brake Line Bender

This tubing bender which is a product of OTC is truly an amazing one. It is handy. The tube length is 3/16 and 1/4 inch which is incredible itself.

The sturdy feature of its steel helps to work it out in a proper way. It has a quick-release feature which is very easy to handle. And thus, it also helps to remove the tubing from the bender as well.

The wonderful feature of it is that it can bend up to 180+ degrees. That’s how it can do the work very effectively and you don’t have to take much trouble. It has a weight of 1.15 pounds and the shipping weight is also the same. As it is not heavy, you can use it in an easy way. It becomes easy moving.

The product does a great job and can make small bends. The angle of it that can hold the tubing in place is not very precise. But it is simple. This one can do tight bends. Furthermore, it also has a tag for mounting. The price of it is also great and inexpensive. So, if you want a precise and good tubing bender with good features and also with a budget-friendly amount, then you should definitely try this product.

Major Feature
  • Tube length: 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch
  • Construction: Sturdy steel
  • Bending length: up to 180+ degrees
  • Warranty period: 1 year
  • Quick-release: yes
  • Shipping weight: 1.15 pounds
  •   Has warranty
  • Can easily remove the tubing from a bender
  • Joints which holds the pieces might be a little looser
  • It is not able to turn

The brake line bender from Abn has several incredible features that will help you in different ways. You will no longer need to make trouble for the bending.

This tool is designed for bending several kinds of material such as copper, aluminum, brass and even all the other thin-walled steel.  

It has three channel designs that can create bending pliers for 6mm, 8mm, 10mm tubing.

It can make the bending very easy and that will help to crimp the metal by creating 180 and 90-degree bends. And for using it, you just have to line up the metal and have to use the handle marked ORL to curve the angle.

As it is built to last, the durability and accuracy fact is always in mind while designing it. That’s why; you can get the total durability and also accuracy when you use them. You can definitely have the extra durability and accuracy with it.

Furthermore, the price isn’t that high so you can try this out for repairing the brake as it has several amazing features with it.

Major Feature
  • Bending length: 180 and 90 degree
  • Bending material: copper, brass, aluminum and more
  • Design: created with keeping the accuracy and durability fact in mind
  • Weight: 8.2 ounces
  • Can bend smoothly
  • Has a quality to bend several materials
  • Easy to use
  • Has clear identification
  • Has three-channel design
  • The mandrel was a little large

This tube from ARES is a heavy-duty tubing bender that works on three different sizes. It will be available in 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch and 3/8 inch. The design of it is also unique.

It contains that capability that can bend up to 180 degrees and that will help you to bend things so well. It has also 3 in 1 facility which is also an amazing thing.

So, you can also have a tool that has several features included.The best part of it is it has a limited lifetime warranty. 

That’s the reason you should definitely get the product. Furthermore, it has a good bending length that can bend up to 180 degrees. So, you can easily work with it. This product also has a feature that can bend several kinds of material like aluminum, copper, steel.

Otherwise, it is also affordable and very handy. You just have to take it as bend as much as you want. So, definitely try this out if you want an affordable and a good one.

Major Feature
  • Bending length: 180 degree
  • Bending material: copper, aluminum, steel
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Weight: 1.01 pounds
  • Folding facility: no
  • Can bend in a variety of materials
  • Has a 3 in 1 facility
  • Has a perfect size
  • No instructions are included

The brake line tube is an adjustable tube that works on 3/16 inch and 1/4inch tubing. The product has a feature that can assure you easy to align.

And that’s why it can bend so well. It is also an easily adjustable tool you can ever have. The construction of it is basically drop-forged carbon steel.

The product has a weight of just one pound which is very light. So, you can get this tool if you are looking for a lightweight bending tool.

The grips of it are very comfortable. There are no batteries required for this one. This tool has the ability to fine-tune bends with the lines in place. It has no fear of kinking. So, you can work with this tool more easily.

These tools are more than strong enough to bend any brake line in a super-easy way. In fact, they are able to bend solid rods also. Overall, you can find a strong feature with this line bending tool. Another fact is that the Jaws of it are slightly misaligned. It can be fixed with a circular file by removing the sharp edge to stop creases on the tubing. It’s very effective on brake lines. You must try it once to get the experience of this amazing and strong brake line bender.

Major Feature
  • Working length: 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch tubing
  • Overall dimensions: 9-1/8 inch L×2-5/16 inch W
  • Weight details: 1 pound
  • Construction: drop-forged carbon steel
  • Grips: comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Easier add an extra spiral
  • Handy
  • Jaws are a bit of misaligned

The brand called Imperial is a world-renowned brand that is famous especially for HVAC/R service, electrical applications, industrial, tube working and many more.

This bending tool from Imperial is an amazing one for its different kinds of facilities. It has adjustability which is an important and effective side of it.

The product contains an adjustable hook for easy using. The cushion grips are very comfortable to use. The lightweight facility makes this tool handier.

It has accuracy. Calibrated markings help to make an accurate right and left-hand bends as well as offset bends. The construction of it is of die-cast aluminum which provides better results.

This product is made in America and associated with mechanical components. The tool basically has handle type cushion grips which bring some exception for you. This product is very well made. It feels solid. It will worth the money if you spend it on it.  This tool can also do a 90-degree angle flawlessly. We highly recommend you if you want to make clean bends.

Major Feature
  • Color: the original version
  • Adjustability: yes
  • Moving facility: yes
  • Hook: adjustable
  • Cushion grips: comfortable
  • Construction: die-cast aluminum
  • Has accuracy
  • Lightweight
  • Handy
  • Well-packed
  • Might not work better for larger ones

This brake line bender from the brand Eastwood has several features including adjustability, smooth being facility and lots more. It works on 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch brake and fuel lines. 

This bending tool is indispensable for its various features. It can bend so well and it is fitted to new hard lines and decreasing the bend radius as well.

It can make 90 degree bends without pinching the lines. It’s better than the two-handed benders, works flawlessly and gives you a smooth texture. Overall, it is a nice one as a bending tool.

Major Feature
  • Adjustability: yes
  • Brake fuel lines: 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch
  • Indispensable pliers: yes
  • Quicker bends: yes
  • Heavyweight: yes
  • Works well to make a spiral
  • Adjustable
  • No kinks
  • Flawless
  • Leaves crimp-like marks

This tool includes quick action lever repositions which have two-stage handle midway. This tool has accuracy as well as stability.

It allows easy fabrication of bends which can bend up to 180 degrees without giving much effort to it. You can get better control and food stability with this tool.

The design is very compact which is good for the bending work. It has an optimum bending radius which can give you an accurate size.

It has no crossing of handles. So, it will be easier to work with this one. Though it’s expensive still you can get a totally worthy product with the price. That’s why you must try it. 

Major Feature
  • Bending length: up to 180 degree
  • Optimum bending radius: yes
  • Grips: cushion grips
  • OD dimensions: yes
  • Accuracy: yes
  • Has better control
  • Has no crossing of handles
  • Has stability
  • Expensive

The tool from OTC is an amazing one as it has different kinds of features with it.

The bending length of it is about 180 degree and it can bend several materials like copper, brass, steel and also aluminum.

The shipping weight is approximately 1 lb. This tool works on different kinds of sizes of tubing. It also has a lifetime limited warranty.

So, overall, you can consider it as a worthy product comparing the price. If you’re looking for an amazing product at an amazing and budget-friendly price, you definitely select this one for your job.

Major Features
  • Bending length: 180 degree
  • Bending material: brass, copper, aluminum, and steel
  • Warranty: lifetime limited warranty
  • Easily bendable: yes
  • Construction: heavy-duty forged steel
  • Can bend several kinds of material
  • Kink-free
  • Sturdy
  • Slightly flattened sometimes

Abn always creates amazing products and this brake line bender is one of them. 

It’s a product that is a compulsory tool for those who are newbie and DIYers. It’s also a great tool for professionals. It’s basically a complete tool for every mechanics who want to bend in an easy way.

This tool has two different bending lengths which are 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch.

It’s a very unique and effective product for bending z aligning and also adjusting brake and fuel lines.The construction of it is from heavy-duty forged steel for a better experience. It gives you strength and durability as well. You can get easy bends by using this one. Overall, its w complete package you can ever have.

Major Features
  • Bending tool length: 3/16 inch, 1/4 inch
  • Adjusting brake: yes
  • Handle grips: yes
  • Tight radius bends: yes
  • Price rate: inexpensive
  • Has durability
  • Does not crimp the tubing
  • Handy
  • Not suitable for mar free brake line bending

It’s another great tool from the brand TheStopShop. It has two different bending sizes which are 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch. 

The effective part of it is it can cut several types of material such as copper, nickel, aluminum, stainless steel and also regular steel.

You can make a 90-degree bend in an easy way if you purchase this one. In a sense, you can get it as it has almost all the features that you want.

Major Features
  • Bending length: 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch
  • Bending materials: aluminum, stainless steel, copper, nickel, etc
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Lightweight
  • Can cut different kinds of materials
  • Cannot do the whole bend in one motion

Brake Line Bender: What to Consider while Buying

Best Brake Line Bender

There’s a certain fact to select the best brake line bender. You must follow those things if you want the best purchase with a bunch of facilities. Let’s dive into the section to get things clear.


Taking care of the accuracy factor of any kind of brake line bender is compulsory. It is because if a brake line bender cannot work with full accuracy, it is of no use and it’s not necessary to buy this kind of useless product. So, before buying it, make sure you’re completely aware of the accuracy fact of any product.

Working in an accurate and proper way is important. That’s the reason; you have to be very concerned about the fact. Though brake line bender has a huge appearance for repairing the car, it’s very important to get the suitable one according to the work. Get the knowledge of which one is the best for your job and then purchase.  


Having a brake line bender with accurate weight is very important. It is because if the tool is being very heavy, you won’t be able to work with it. At the same time, if the tool is being very light in weight then you also face some difficulties while using it. It is because it will be more difficult to handle.

So, check the weight details of benders before you buy any of those. As it is an important part to be careful of, you must check the details first then purchase a suitable tool for you. 


Almost every brake line bender has an adjustable feature with it. It is because, without this feature, the work won’t be done well. Having adjustability in a tool like this is a very important thing for every bender. If you don’t have it, then you cannot use the tools properly.

Some products might not have the adjustability feature in it. Those products won’t work well because it won’t adjust to the brake line easily. So, check the info before you are going to buy any of those products.

The thing you should do is to check the descriptions of that product. Further, check the reviews and customer response so that you can get knowledge about benders. That’s how; you can get the proper one for you which you actually need.


Construction refers to the material which is being used to make the tool. It’s very important to be concerned about the fact because if the materials don’t be of high quality, then you cannot hope to have a better service. That’s the reason you should be careful of the fact. You must check the reviews, check the construction of every product, varieties of it and in what way it can do those bends. After checking those things, you can get a suitable product with appropriate construction included.

Bending length

Different bends have different bending length. Some benders have an adjustable feature. For example, we can talk about the Imperial one. Further, some tool also has a feature that can do more than 180-degree bending. So, all you should do is to be sure of what you want.

There might be several kinds of brake line bender you can find. You might take a very precious and high-quality bender for your job. But if it doesn’t suit the job you are going to do, then this product will be a disaster. So, at first, you must know what bending length you actually need and then purchase according to it. Otherwise, the work won’t be done well.


Generally, the bender is a tool that is quite portable and handy. As it is a small tool to fix the brake line, it is obvious to be a portable one. Before buying any of that tool, make sure you choose the right one. Though almost every brake line bender is handy still you have to very careful about the portability fact.

Some products might be handy but it might not be suitable for your job. Yes, it can happen to you. So, that’s why first you should get the idea of what product will be suitable for your job. After you got the idea then you can purchase the proper one for you. Until then, you can’t be able to get the right one for you. So, first, know your job then buy according to the portability fact.


The other thing which you should be careful of is the quality and consistency of a brake line bender. Though those benders offer high-quality features with it, you probably will experience the better consistency of that kind of a tool. A bend is designed so that it can fit with the given descriptions. The bender will offer the appropriate bend whenever you use this.

Overall, you will get the consistency with this kind of a tool. But it also depends on your preference. If you won’t be able to know which product you need then you can never get the right one for you. So, make sure you can select the best one with better consistency and also better quality. Once you are done with your selection of the high-quality one then you can buy the suitable one.


This is the most sensitive and important part of every step to use a tool. The other tools might be a little risky but with it, it’s being easier and also safe. These are quite safe to use. But there can be done exceptions you might face. Imagine you purchase a tool but it won’t work out well as you want. Then, you might get disturbed. Furthermore, it can also be an issue if risk. So, make sure you are quite concerned about your needs.

Though brake line benders can do works without harm anything or doing any damages to the material, so you can consider it as the safe one for using. Still, you should be concerned about the need if yours. So that it will be more convincing. Nothing is more important than your safety. So, make sure you are aware of this fact.

Easy to use

Brake line benders are basically a very simple tool and thus it’s easy to use. They are designed like this so that it can work in an easy way. Some of the tools are designed with rubber grip handles which will also make things even easier. The benders are also capable of doing bends different kinds of materials. And the best part is that it won’t cause any damage to the material. It also doesn’t take too long to bend on a brake line.

But some of those products might work inappropriately. It is because there are lots of products and also has different kinds of ways to work. You should figure out with which tool you can work more easily. Once you figure it out the purchase according to it. And if you won’t be able to do it then there’s no reason to select that one. So, make sure you are sure about it.


Many of you must be thinking that q product with a high price will contain high quality whereas a cheap product in price will also be cheap in its quality. But it’s not totally true. Sometimes you might find the right tool for you at a budget-friendly price. Or sometimes you won’t be able to find the one. You must spend lots of money according to your preference and the brand.

There’s a lot of brake liner bender in the market. Thus, there is lots of competition between those. The first thing you should do is to know your preference and also the actual need. Then set a budget and according to these facts, select the right one for you. Make sure your budget can fulfill your needs. It is because there’s no reason to purchase that one which will no longer help you. There are lots of benders at low prices and it also works great. So, you just have to search it well and then purchase according to it.

Brake Line Bender: Benfits and Advantages

1. Using brake line bender, you can bend different types of materials in an easy way. It’s easy to bend materials like aluminum, copper, nickel, steel and many more.

2. You can use it for many purposes. Bending is necessary for different reasons and especially for mechanical works.

3. Using other pliers or tools can make the bending work uncomfortable and tough. But with brake line pliers, it will be easier.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)

1.What is the Best Brake Line Material?

If it’s about the best brake line material, there is lots of stuff that can be bending well. But the most suitable and reliable material is copper-nickel. The users who are using copper-nickel also like using it.

2.What Materials are Used on a Line Bender?

There are several kinds of materials that can be used on a line bender. Such as PVC, Polycarbonate, steel. For a tube bending work, alloy steel is the best choice. Aluminum is also an amazing material for the bending process.  

3.How to Bend Pipe Without a Pipe Bender

In this guide I will show you how to bend Pipe without a Pipe bender.Just Follow me!

Step one:Need to Pack Pipe

First you have to plug the one end of pipe & use carriage bolt that fit snugly at the pipe end.I prefer beach sand to fill the pipe.The sand which you will use should be nice and compact to ensure tube safety from buckling.

Step two:Bend Pipe

You have to clamp a tube end to bend properly.It will more easier if you try this in your workshop.

Step three:Finish Process

Finally you cut the deformed end off and Clean out the sand.I used string with a rag to get all the sand out.

Tips:You can use a torch to heat up the pipe for softening the metal as well as perfect bend.

4. How Do You Use a Line Bender?

Brake line bending is a technical process that introduces how to bend in an organized order. For using a line bender, you can take a strip heater and melt the thermoplastic sheet. Heat it until it’s being very soft. It helps to bend easily. After bending, hold the plastic and keep it like that until it’s cool. That’s how, it creates shape and after bending, it will remain like that.

Final Verdict

Brake line bender in a sense is a very simple yet unique tool you can ever have to bend materials easily. As the Best Brake Line Bender is to do the bending process easily and though it’s related to the mechanical sites, the safety factor is that much important. If there’s no safety, there’s no reason to take that kind of a tool.

So, be sure of the safety of every product and try to purchase only that one which assures your safety. Shop safe, be safe and do your job in a proper way!

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