Best Cheap CNC Machine For 2020-Reviews By An Expert

Are you looking for a heavy machine to cut wood, and other kinds of materials? Then the CNC machines will be the best option for you. And if you are looking for the best cheap CNC machine, then you have come to the right place.

CNC machines are suitable for cutting plastic, wood, acrylic, soft metals, and many other kinds of materials. These machines work through CNC routers and software. Routers can do some work that 3D printers can’t even do. And the best part is, you can also find it at a reasonable price.

The CNC machines offer more facilities and techniques of doing the best carving of all. There are several kinds of CNC machines you can find. But we are going to describe the best of all in an affordable price range. So, let’s get started and have a look on what the best list are.

Best Cheap CNC Machine: Reviewed in Details

There are lots of CNC machines out there. But there are some machines that will work more effectively. Let’s see what those machines are and how they work.

This Mcwdoit CNC 3018 pro Router is suitable for cutting soft metals and other kinds of materials too. The reason is, it’s made of different strong materials.

Moreover, it is easy to install. You can also get an installation instruction with it. That’s why it will be easier to understand and install the entire thing.

It can carve several types of materials like wood, plastic, PVC, PCB, acrylic, and some soft metal like aluminum and copper. But it’s not suitable for cutting hard metals.

There are also a control board, frame, power supply, stepper motors, and lots of things that are included to assemble the router nicely.

Last but not the least, this product has a 12-month warranty. That’s why if you find anything wrong or this product gets damaged by any chance, then you can exchange it. So, overall, it is a good one to buy.

Weight– This router has a weight of 15.67 pounds. Though it includes several kinds of things, and the material of it is a bit heavy, this weight is quite suitable.

Software– The software that is being used in this router is the GRBL control system. And for that system, you will experience extraordinary features. And those features help a lot to do the work properly.

Applications– This router can be used for several applications. Such as, it’s suitable for carving wood, plastic, acrylic, PCB, PVC, copper, aluminum, and materials like these. That’s why it can be called a versatile machine.

Including items– In this entire product, the items that are being included are 4 pieces of clamp, a full set of engraving machines, an offline controller, an extension rod with ER collet and 20 pieces of 3.75mm bits.

Warranty– And this product also has a warranty facility. They are using the code “BUY NO RISK” and made this entire product with care. It offers you a 12 month warranty, and that’s a good feature.

  • Easy to assemble so that you can install it quickly
  • Has a beginner-friendly facility so that even newbie can also use it
  • Comes with an installation instruction manual
  • It’s suitable for cutting soft metal
  • Not damageable at all
  • Not suitable for carving hard metal so you should avoid cutting hard ones

The Evolution 3 CNC has different types of features that make it a unique one. There is a rigid laser cut frame, ACME TR8 on the Z axis, SG20U supported rail system, GT2 belt drive on X and Y axis, and lots more features like this.

This product is made of multiple materials. The pattern of it is laser cut Baltic birch. Further, the color of it is Birch 5-ply plywood. This comes with the Makita RT0701C router and Arduino based microprocessor. It helps to connect through a communications port and a USB connection.

There are three types of axes such as X, Y, Z. The X axis is of 18″, the Y axis is 16″, and the Z axis is about 3.3″. Different sizes of axes like this help to get the work done easily and effectively. There is also a NEMA 17 motor that is also a useful thing.

Moreover, there is also a Tr8 ACME Rod mounted with an Acetal But on the Z axis. All the things make this router unique than any other router of the other brands.

Weight– This product comes with a weight of 32 pounds. It’s a bit heavy, but it’s okay because lots of materials are used to make it. And those materials make it a heavyweight product.

Material– There is no single material that is being used to make it. There are several types of materials or you can say, multiple materials used for making this product. That’s why the weight of this machine is a bit high.

Assembled footprint– The sizes of this product are different. Such as, if we talk about the length, then it will be 26″ or 660 mm. Further, the height of it is 21″ or 530 mm. And the width is 31″ or 787 mm.

Systems– There are lots of facilities like SG20U supported rail system, NEMA 17 Stepper Motors, self-squaring Gentry and lots more. There is also a range of repeatability from 0.002″ to 0.004″. It is designed to use GRBL firmware on the Arduino Uno.

  • Reasonable in price so that it’s suitable for those who want a budget-friendly product
  • Has assembly manual that’s why it will be easier to install all the parts
  • It’s easy to understand that’s why it’s also a good product for those who are new
  • Has AC powering system to get the things done quickly
  • Laser cut Baltic birch pattern helps to give several types of new designs
  • Not suitable to cut harder material with this machine

If you want a CNC machine that can do almost all of it, then you must check this MYSWEETY Upgraded Version Mini CNC 1610.

There are lots of good features in it. There is GRBL software that will help you to control the machine. The machine can be used for several applications. You can use it for carving plastic, soft metal, wood, PCB, PVC, copper, aluminum, bamboo, paper, leather, stainless steel, jewelry, iron, metal, glass, and lots of materials like this.

There are three axes such as X, Y, Z. The body of it is plastic. This is a lightweight product with a large size. That’s why you won’t feel trouble for the large size of it. Even this large size of that machine ensures to get the work done quickly. Overall, it’s a nice machine for getting the effectiveness and getting your work done in an easy way.

Applications– This CNC machine can be used for various reasons. It is able to engrave wood, plastic, acrylic, PVC, PCB, and some kinds of soft metals. That’s why it’s called a versatile machine.

Software– This machine includes GRBL software that will help you to control the machine easily. It also has several operating systems that will make the work even easier.

Weight– The weight of this machine is 15.12 pounds. This is not so heavy according to the other CNC machines. Even you can call it a lightweight product that will be easy to handle.

Material– the MYSWEETY mini CNC machine is made of aluminum. That’s why it works effectively and easily. Besides, you won’t face any trouble by using this machine.

Size– It comes in a large size. That’s the reason the price is so high. Further, you will also do tough work easily because of the large size of it. It’s lightweight and large. So overall, handling will be easier.

  • It’s a beginner-friendly product that’s why it will be easy for newbie too
  • Partly assembled quality ensures the easy-to-use facility
  • Comes with a small DIY kit
  • It’s completely versatile and a durable machine
  • It has wonderful accuracy to carve ever design perfectly
  • Instructions are limited that’s why you might face difficulties while using it
  • Expensive in price that’s why it’s not suitable for those people who want a reasonable price

If you don’t like the large size of a router and want a small and handy one, then this Genmitsu will be perfect for you. You can do several things with this machine. It can give you comfortable working experience you can ever have.

This machine has many features. It is used for several applications. It is able to engrave the plastics, woods, aluminum, copper, PCB, PVC, and many types of soft materials. Moreover, the product is not costly. That’s another positive thing about this product.

This can be a preferable one for those who want a good CNC machine without spending lots of money on it. Though you already know that it can do multi-purpose work and it’s suitable for soft materials. But you also should know that it is not suitable for carving any kind of hard materials. That’s why you need to know what materials are suitable to be carved through this machine.

The other facility is that you don’t need to depend on the software to control this machine properly. You can control it anyway. The entire process is also easy. Even the assembly process is easy too. It won’t take more than 15 minutes to set all the parts. So, overall, this is a high-quality machine, and it is suitable for the people who are looking for the best products at a reasonable price.

Software– The Genmitsu CNC Router has open-source software that provides high performance. Further, you can also control the movement on Arduino. All the things make the entire process easy.

Weight– Genmitsu comes with 15.66 pounds weight. This is a lightweight machine one could ever have. And for the weight, it will be much easier to handle the machine.

Applications– The router is used for several purposes. It is capable of cutting aluminum, plastic, wood, PVC, PCB, acrylic and other soft metals.

Power adapter– This machine comes with CE/FCC/UL approval. It is also effective for those who want to get long-usage performance. All the things are great for heavy-duty work.

  • The versatility of this machine is amazing
  • Easy-to-assemble system makes all the things easier
  • Comes with an understanding assembly instructions to understand things properly
  • It has offline using facility to use it even without power supply
  • Instructions are confusing that’s why you might face difficulty

5. Yofuly DIY CNC Router Machine

The Yofuly router is incredible because of its own qualities. There is a laser module that has high precision. And that high laser engraving power is long-lasting.

This machine can be used for several kinds of materials. It engraves plastic, wood, soft metals, CCL, PCB, acrylic, paper, and many other things.

The other thing is that it comes with protective goggles to protect the eyes while using the machine. Moreover, it’s durable and long-lasting. That’s why you can use it for a long time without having trouble. 

There is also a volume of 400mm×330mm×240mm that will work very effectively. There is a GRBL software that has three axes. The X, Y, Z axis uses this software so that it can do its job properly and you won’t face any problems while using it.

The packaging of it is also good. You will get 10 bits with the package. It will help you to experience the long-lasting facility. Further, you can use it in several types of materials. And the price range is also good. In a sense, it will be the suitable one for you if you want a durable CNC machine with lots of good qualities.

Weight– This DIY CNC Router Machine comes with a 16.72 pounds of weight. It’s a bit heavy compared to some previous machines. The reason is the materials that are used to make this strong and powerful machine.

Offline controller– The storage capacity is 1G. There is also a SD card reader included with it. That will help to write into the root directory NC and G-code files. Moreover, you can use it offline. That means you won’t need any connection to the computer to get things started.

Material– The machine is made of aluminum. That’s why it becomes a bit heavy. But it works great because of this kind of construction. Overall it’s a powerful and useful one.

  • It can be used offline so that you can use it without any power and thus saves power
  • It is a wonderful rotary device that can work incredibly
  • Rotary tool is adjustable that’s why you will adjust it just the way you want
  • The best thing is that it works differently than the other machines
  • Doing 3D effect is a bit difficult with this machine

If you want to do the jewelry designing, or any kind of 3D carving quickly, then the Zen Toolworks CNC Carving Machine will be the appropriate one for you.

Zen Toolworks come as a kit. It can be used for several purposes. You can carve out some different types of metals. And you can do these procedures easily and quickly. It will give you less trouble when you are using this product.

Moreover, this machine can easily understand the concept of CAM, and CAD as well. Zen Toolworks can also provide the remote classroom training that’s why it will be much easier to get clearer about the hardware and software setup. It includes an instruction guide that is absolutely perfect for assembling the entire machine.

Some people say that it is also used for some educational purposes. Overall, we will say that the machine is suitable for those people who want fast action.

Motors– The Zen Toolworks carving machine has three axis motor drive. It’s used with the CNC system. The three axis help to manage each of the motors, and also a spindle. That’s why it works differently and so quickly.

Power supply– The power supply of Zen Toolworks CNC machine is different from others. It’s on the DC power supply, and that’s how it works so effortlessly. And all the things make it easier to use.

Travel capability– This machine has a 12″×12″×2″ travel capability. There is also a 0.001″ precision. So, you can consider it a highly-capable machine. And that’s why you can do several types of carving with a little bit of effort.

Construction– This DIY kit is made with care. It comprises a PVC frame with an aluminum gantry along with precision linear bearings and steel guide rods. Overall, the construction of this machine is incredibly good.

  • It comes with a good instruction manual so that you can read and understand what you should with this machine
  • Easy-to-install facility make things easier
  • Quick action feature get the works done quickly
  • Good at 3D carving that’s why it’s perfect for those who are finding a good 3D carving CNC machine
  • Not suitable for newbie as the function is a bit tough

7. JFT CNC 3040 3D

JFT is one of the most famous brands in the CNC world. If you want a good product of a well-known brand, then this one suits you well.

You can find lots of facilities with this product. This product is built under the guidance of a strong manufacturer. It is a high-quality machine that is totally a cost-effective product. The pattern of it is 4 axis+600W. The X, Y, and Z axis is used to ignore the operation process of the trouble.

The material that is used to make this product is 6061 and 6063 aluminum alloy. Further, the machine is well-built. It has a European CE certification that will make you sure that you won’t face any trouble and get the best results always.

The accuracy level is also great. The accuracy is from 0.02 to 0.03 mm. That’s how you can get the proper work just like you want.

Moreover, it has a warranty of a year so that, if you will face any problem with any part of the product or any part is broken by any chance, then you will use that warranty facility to get the exchange. And the amazing fact is that it has a free shipping policy. All the things make it more effective and unique.

Weight– The JFT 3040 CNC Machine has a weight of 110 pounds. It’s quite heavy as you can guess with the weight. The reason for the heavy weight of the machine is the quality of the material. All the things increase the product weight.

Certification– This machine also has a certification that makes it more unique than the others. It has a European CE certification, that’s why it works effectively. And though it has a certification that’s why you can get this product without having any doubt about it.

Accuracy– It also has a certain accuracy to work accurately. And the accuracy is from 0.02 mm to 0.03 mm. This kind of work is suitable for doing work amazingly. And that’s why you can get proper results and accurate carving.

Material– The material that is being used for making this machine is 6061 and 6063 hard aluminum alloy. And for using this material to the construction, you will get a powerful machine for sure. And it will also be helpful for doing the carving properly.

Warranty– This product has a 1-year machine part free warranty. That’s why if any of the parts of the machine will be broken before that time limit, then you can exchange it and get the new part with free shipping.

  • Has amazing accuracy to do the carving appropriately
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty so that you can return or exchange it if you find wrong product
  • Sturdiness makes better carving
  • It can do long operations so that you can do hard and tough works too
  • Water-cooled machine helps not to get heated
  • Heavyweight as lots of heavy materials are used to make it

If you want a CNC machine with an affordable price, then this could be your choice. The DIY CNC Router Kit has several features that will be effective for you.

It can give you a total idea of engraving. That’s why it is also a good one for the beginners. But assembling everything might be a tricky task for a newbie. Otherwise, it’s a good product to buy.

Moreover, this machine comes with a light weight. That’s why it will be easy to handle the machine, and you can easily work with it.

It can engrave various kinds of material like wood, plastic, PVC, PCB, acrylic, and some soft metals like aluminum and copper. It’s perfect for doing smaller designs that the other machines cannot do. That’s how these facilities make it a unique one.

Further, it has a 30-day money back warranty. It can give you 100% of satisfactory service. What else do you need from this? It’s totally worth the money.

Weight– The weight of this DIY CNC Router Kit is 15.42 pounds. This is a lighter product than the other kits for sure. It will be the preferable one for those who want to have a CNC machine that is light in weight.

Software– The software that is used in this machine is 2418 GRBL. It helps to control the machine in an easy way. So, handling this machine won’t be tough at all. And you won’t face any trouble while doing your work.

Material– There are more than one material that is used for making this CNC machine. And the materials are aluminum, and plastic. Both of the materials help to make a good machine with lots of features.

Applications– With this machine, you can carve plastic, wood, acrylic, soft metal, PVC, PCB, and many other materials. It’s also effective for cutting aluminum and copper. But you should totally avoid cutting hard metals with it.

Warranty– You can have a warranty facility with this machine. It has a 30-day money back warranty and 100% satisfactory service. That’s the reason you don’t have to take any tension of its quality. Moreover, you can also exchange it if you got the wrong or damaged product.

  • Light in weight that’s why it will easier to handle
  • You can operate and make good carving easily
  • Overall a precise one
  • Value for money for sure
  • Laser module is not included
  • It’s not easy to assemble that’s why you might face difficulties when you are going to install all the parts

The 3 axis CNC Router Engraver 3D Machine has some facilities that will help you for doing the carving in an easy way. It has a good weight. We won’t say that it is a lightweight or a heavyweight product. Compared to the other products, it’s kind of neutral.

This machine can be used for carving wood, PVC, PCB, MDF board, acrylic, composite board plywood, and many other materials like this.

It’s flexible and the coupling is used for high torque transmission. This machine can do precise carving quickly, and that’s the effective fact of it.

Further, it has a quality that can do simple and easy installation. That’s why even beginners can do the assembly quickly. Moreover, things can also be operated in an easy way.

Furthermore, the working process can only be controlled by the desktop. You cannot do it with a laptop. But otherwise, it has the good qualities that can impress you, and you can do the entire process without facing much trouble.

Weight– This product comes with a weight and that is 61.6 pounds. It’s not the heaviest machine but it’s also not a lightweight one. The weight of it is just the proper one for ensuring not only the powerful feature and also the easy-handling facility.

Material– When it’s about the material, things are important to know. The machine is made of aluminum alloy. That’s the reason the weight of it is so high. And having this material, it will be perfect for doing different kinds of cutting.

Power source– This three-axes CNC machine has an AC power source. That’s the reason you can work without any interruption. Also, the entire work will be done quickly. So, it’s the best thing that you can have if you purchase this CNC machine.

Applications– This machine can be used for engraving wood, PVC, plastic, MDF board, acrylic, composite board plywood, PCB, aluminum alloy, PVC foaming board, and many other things. It is a versatile machine and that’s why you can use it and make different types of designs in an easy way.

Color– It comes with a silver coating. That’s why it looks amazing and shiny. Besides, it will look good for this silvery shine. Overall, it will give you better results and it will also look good. All the things make this one a suitable product.

  • Simple operation so that it will be a good one for beginners too
  • Has emergency stop button that ensures safety
  • Easy to install that’s why it will save much time
  • It has flexibility that’s why you will be able to work more comfortably
  • Suitable for long time use and it makes it an appropriate one than others
  • The wire of the spindle is a bit loose

With a compact size of a machine, this CNC Piranha XL offers you great features. This product includes rational sensing, and auto edge technology. Having this technology in any CNC machine is important because it can automatically locate the workpiece. That’s why identifying the shape and size will be easy.

There is a Windows-only design software named Carve Desktop V8 Design. It helps the machine to work properly and makes the projects easy. Moreover, it’s also effective to send them via USB to the CNC router. And after that, the carving process starts.

This is a high-quality machine that has lots of features in it. If you want a versatile CNC machine that works on different kinds of materials then it will be your choice.

Weight– The CNC Piranha XL comes with 75 pounds weight. It’s a heavyweight product that includes lots of good qualities. And for the heavy weight of it, you will be able to do hard projects as well as small projects.

Place of construction– The entire thing of this product is made in the USA. It can give you effective and quick results if you use it properly. And for having this kind of construction, you can get the idea of the power of it. It’s a string and well-built product you could ever have.

Applications– The CNC Piranha XL can do several types of carving like carving the ornament boxes, plagues, and different types of materials like wood, plastics, soft materials like copper, aluminum, and many other things.

Software– The machine comes with Windows-only design software. And the name of the software is Carve Desktop V8 Design. It’s helpful that allows the users to make various kinds of projects. It also helps to send those projects to the CNC by using USB.

  • Can carve several kinds of materials like soft materials, PVC, PCB, plastics and many others
  • Has a compact size so that it will be easy to install and also use
  • Perfect for several kinds of projects that you can do easily with this Machine
  • Made in the USA and it’s built with care
  • Lack of instructions so that getting all the things about it will be tough

Things need to consider before buying CNC machine


When it’s about any machine, accuracy is important. Every electronic machine must have the proper knowledge about the methods. And that’s how it should work.

Imagine, you bought a CNC machine of a well-known brand and started working with it. But as you get to know the techniques of that machine, you will realize that the machine could not do the work accurately. And so that it will be the disaster of all.

Moreover, though it’s about carving materials, and giving it a nice shape, it’s a must to have accuracy. That’s why you have to be careful about the accuracy factor, especially when you are going to purchase a CNC machine.


CNC machines are considered as a computer-based technique that throws instructions and according to that, the entire process will be done.

And to do all the things properly and to give the right instructions on the right time, there is a software that is being used. But not all the machines use just one kind of software. Every machine uses different kinds of software. And they work according to that software.

That’s the reason you should know what kind of software is used in which CNC machine and what kind of work that machine can do.


Different types of CNC machines have different pricing policies. That’s why at first, you need to know your budget. And according to that you need to search the products between your own pricing range.

You can find useful and effective machines with an affordable price. But for that, you just need to search for it. And that’s why you must know the pricing of every product before buying any CNC machine.


The most important thing above all things is safety. When you are using a machine, the machine must maintain the security factor. The reason is, the user has to be secured always.

There are different types of CNC machines you can find that will ensure complete safety. And you can find it at a reasonable price too. So, you must do the research about it and then buy it. That’s how you will be saved while doing your work.

Frequently Asked Questions-Cheap CNC Machine

1. What is a CNC machine and how does it work?

The full form of CNC is Computer Numerical Control. It means the machine that is being controlled by computers. The computer controls all the movement, detects sizes, and shapes of the materials that are being carved through that machine.

There is a software called computer-aided manufacturing (CAD) software that helps the CNC system and guides them to go to the next work. It detects the G code that instructs how the process should be done and what the moves are.

The cutter in the spindle will carve through the material. And that’s how it creates new designs and shapes.

2. What is a CNC machine used for?

A CNC machine has a router. It detects the movements of electromechanical devices. And for the software of it, the machine can give instructions to cut and give the materials a nice shape, and also give instructions for finishing.

With this CNC machine, you can also get the 3D printing facility. It can do all of those methods better than a 3D printer. It works accurately and properly.

Besides, it works faster than any other techniques. You can get all your work done by doing a little work with much concentration. That’s how you will get the perfect finishing and better results.

Final Verdict

There are some cheap CNC machines that we have described before. Generally, almost all CNC machines can be found with a reasonable price. Most of the machines are effective, and easy to use. That’s why the beginners can also use this stuff for learning more things.

Overall, the best cheap CNC machines are good stuff and you can purchase it to avoid the excess trouble. Search the things well and then purchase. And don’t forget to leave your experience of using the amazing machine.

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