Best Glue for Eva Foam 2021-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

You need to keep a bottle of glue in your storeroom always, trust us! From shoes to costumes, for outdoor works to indoor DIYs, who doesn’t love to have some quick fixes?

Conversely, EVA foam has got famous for cosplay costumes, water toys, flotation belts, and a lot more jobs these days.And if you have ever worked with it, you know that to join it, you need the best glue for EVA foam!

But thankfully, there are substitutes of the tops glues for this foam! And we are here to tell you about the most worth foam glues today. Here, we will discuss the top seven EVA foam glue that is going to change the game for your DIY!

Top 4 Pick Glue Comparison Table For EVA Foam





Barge All Purpose Cement


Dimensions : 6.7 x 6.4 x 6.3 inches;


Gorilla Original Glue


Dimensions :7 x 2 x 2 inches

Weight:10.4 ounces

3M Super 77 Multipurpose Glue


Dimensions :9.45 x 2.65 x 2.6 inches

Weight:1.09 Pounds(Packages)

Dap 18008 Kwik Seal Caulk


Dimensions :1.5 x 2.38 x 9.75 inches

Weight:6.4 ounces

Top 7 Glues for Eva Foam

Here, the best adhesives for EVA foam are mentioned. Now, you don’t need to work hard for the hot glues anymore!You can buy it, store it and use it anytime! Have a look at the products that topped the market!

In search of a professional cement, you will always come back to Barge.

This cement by this brand professional-grade adhesive. And you can easily use this on leather along with rubber. Also, you can try this on vinyl!


One of the most interesting facts about this glue for EVA foam is you can also get work done by this if you are working with rubber boots.For resole leather shoes and boots, this can be the best bet for you. Even if you are dealing with plastic, paper, or plaster, try this one and see the difference between this and the regular glows.

Drying Ability

When you apply the glue, all you need to do is wait for some minutes and it will dry. You do not need to settle for extra heat.You can easily leave it for a few minutes because the glue dries quickly. After drying the glue, you can move your hands on the surface. The most amazing thing is you will get a smooth and natural surface.


This all-purpose glue comes in a box of 32 oz. Along with the glue an added brush is there. The brush is attached to the lid. You can make use of the brush for applying the glue without ruining your hands!


This glue is great in terms of all your works including the EVA foam applications. From performance to protection and drying ability, it is the best one on the list. And so, it is considered as the best Cement for Eva foam among the users.

  • Has a smooth natural finish.
  • Gives the ultimate flexibility.
  • Requires a small amount only.
  • Can be used for various works.
  • Not too thick for spreading.
  • Doesn’t work the best on vinyl.

This waterproof Gorilla Orginal glue by Gorilla can be an amazing glue for Eva foam.

This is basically a Polyurethane glue and comes in a large bottle. This glue is versatile and you can use this for multi-purpose work!

On the contrary, if you are worried about the strength then let us tell you, this one is exceptionally strong in terms of the bond. 

So, you don’t need to worry about the glue wearing off any more once you apply it!


This glue is made for multi-purpose. So, in most cases, you can try this on so many materials. However, if you want the best use of it, try this on for tough repairs! No matter you are using this on the dissimilar surfaces or the similar ones, you can get the bond you have always wanted!

Along with EVA foam and other foam, you can try this product on the glass and concrete. Also, attaching wood and stone is also easy. Get this into work by attaching metal and ceramics!


When it comes to the strength of the glue, we can only tell that this glue is incredibly strong. For creating a strong bond, this glue has the capability of expanding 3 times into the workpieces! It can hold the material well. Also, when it comes to cures, it is very durable.

Water Resistance

Another fact that makes this glue perfect is the water-resistant feature. No matter if you use this glue on foams or rubbers, you will get the waterproof finish. So, even in the water, your glue will not wear off!


The glue comes in a bottle that is large. So, you can store it for a longer period. This glue is easy to work with. The cap of the glue is designed properly. For the cap, no air can get into to dry out the glue.

  • Can be used for various works.
  • Dries down faster.
  • Not very sticky for the hands.
  • Waterproof facility available
  • Requires a small amount of application.
  • Foams up a bit.
  • Can be used in visible places.

3. Dap Kwik Seal Caulk

If you are in search of a glue for EVA foam that has excellent adhesion along with flexibility, you can get your hands on this one.

Manufactured in the USA, this Dap Kwik Seal Caulk glue has incredible adhesion power. Also, the durability of this glue is stupefying.

If durability is what you want the most from a glue, you will love it!

 However, it will not be the quick-drying glues for you. From applying to cleaning, the process is highly easy for anyone!


You can use this for EVA foam. But along with that work, you can also use this glue for indoor, outdoor, and even for bathroom tubs and sinks (without the places where the water reaches.) This is a great product as a bathroom and kitchen adhesive.


This glue is very easy to work with. While working, you don’t need to be too careful about the application. Also, you can easily go on and clean it with a splash of water!

The smell of this glue is not too harsh. It takes a little time to dry but when it is tried completely, you will not be able to detach the materials you have attached!


The DAP Caulk comes in a 5.5-ounce tube. The cap is designed to protect your glue from the outside air. However, you need to seal the cap carefully after every session.

Also, keep the cap away while working. The watertight seal ensures that the glue gives you service for a long period.

  • Can be used for fabric, wood, metal, foams etc.
  • Easy cleaning facility available.
  • Includes watertight seals with it.
  • Doesn’t smell much.
  • Can last for a longer period.
  • No waterproof facility added.
  • Takes long time to dry.

4. 3M Nitrile

In the list of high-performance adhesives, this one always remains on the top positions because of the quality.

From repairing rubber material to leather, you can attach almost anything with this glue.

It is resistant to most of the materials that can harm the glue. On the other hand, it is highly resistant to the temperature too.

 This is specially designed for specific outboard repairs. And for EVA foam, this can be really long-lasting!


You can use this Nitrile glue for gasket bonding. Also for bonding fuel tanks along with the fuel lines, this can bring you advantages, From foam-like EVA foam and rubber, you can join anything you want.

Even for patching rubber, it works fine. For any sort of leather repairs like your shoes and boots, you can get this thing at work. You can use this on vinyl, butyl, SBR, neoprene, etc too!

Liquid Resistance

We loved the glue because of the incredible resistance it has from specific situations. This glue is water-resistant.

So, if you keep the glues products in the water, it won’t harm it or loosen the bond! This glue is also oil-proof. So, oil or fuel cannot wear out the bond too.

Curable Bond

After applying it for a long period, if you think that the bond is loosening up, you can also strengthen it. You can do this by providing optional heat. It will increase the bond strength and you will get better service!

Temperature and Moisture Resistance

Even at high temperatures, it can provide good resistance. It can give you heat-resistance up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Along with heat-resistance, it is moisture resistant too.

  • Can be used on rubber, foam, vinyl, gasket etc.
  • Dries down quickly.
  • Waterproof and oil-proof in nature.
  • Includes resistance to temperature
  • Glides smoothly while application.
  • Foams up when used in thick layers.
  • Cannot be used in the visible parts.

 5. 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Glue

This 3M Super 77 glue is basically a multi-purpose glue that will not only help you in working with EVA but with all other glue-work that you do.

This glue is highly versatile and has a wide range of applications.

Also, you won’t lack the professional-grade quality if you use it. The industrial strength it affords is unreal.

 Also, the long-lasting nature of the glue makes it just the right deal for the EVA foam. As it comes in a spray form, applying and drying, everything is easier with this one.


You can use this glue on several lightweight materials both indoor and outdoor. From paper and cardboard, you can try this glue on the insulation and plastic too. Also, this goes right with metal and wood.

Foam and felt are also common materials that can be glued with this 3M one. Also, if you want to join EVA foam or you just want to repair your leather boots, spray this glue on it and you don’t need to worry about it anymore!

Drying Time

This glue takes a very short time to create the bond properly. All you need to do is spray this glue on the surface of the workpiece and wait for 20 seconds. However, we recommend you to give it at least 2 minutes to dry. For EVA foam, it dries even faster.

Application Process

The application process is easier than the other bottle or tube form glues. This glue has a nozzle added with the mouth. You do not need to push or press the bottle for applying. It is easier for DIY small projects too. Also, it is easily usable for the kids. However, make sure that you clean the nozzle after you are done with your work.

  • Doesn’t dry inside the bottle.
  • No yellowing for low sock-in formula.
  • Spreads evenly during application.
  • Doesn’t take too much time to dry.
  • Quick spraying method added. 
  • Only perfect for lightweight objects.
  • Requires so many layers.

6. Henkel-Loctite Super Glue

This glue is super fast in terms of application. This is not a basic glue that you usually use.

This is a super glue and has the high-end formula added to it.

From flexibility to durability, this glue is loved by the users for all the good reasons.

It has the super strong bond that you were searching. Also it ensures permanent bonding after applying it for once!


The formula of the glue is rubber-toughened. And so, you don’t need to worry about the flexibility. However, the flexibility doesn’t weaken the bond.

The bond of the glue is very strong. Another thing is this glue has a gel no-drip consistency. So, for all the vertical applications, this one can be the gem for you!


From EVA foam to plastics to leather, you can try this glue on everything. Also, for fabric and cork, you can use this. Ceramic and cardboard lovers can get their hands on it too. If you are playing with chipboard, wood or papers, this can be very beneficial.


You can use this glue everywhere because this is water-resistant. Even in the kitchen and the bathroom, you can work with it. As it is waterproof, water is never going to ruin the bond of the glue.

  • Goes with both vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Works on glass surfaces.
  • Easy application in compact places.
  • No-drip formula available.
  • Sticks to fingers.
  • Comes in a small pack.

7. Amazing Goop All Purpose Adhesive

Just like the name, the glue is also amazing! This comes in a tube and so, it is very easy to use.

 Even in the extreme temperature, the bond of the glue remains strong.

It usually dries clear and so, you can use it on the outer surface as it’s not visible!


This glue is for multi-purpose use. You can use this glue for any bonding work. Prom papers to metals and wood, you can try this one for any material. Also, for the repair work, this goes right.

It is great for the EVA foam too. In cases of leather or shoes, you can apply this glue carefully. Add foam to plastic without any complication with this glue!


This glue lasts for a very long period. It is highly sturdy and it looks like silicone.It is not like the regular super glue. You will not find any sort of crack after the bond getting strong. Also, there are no issues regarding breaking. It is flexible too!

Heat Resistant

In most cases, glues are not temperature-resistant but this one is. Even if you go through the extrement temperature, this will remain in its position. Also, this is dryer safe and washer safe. So, using it on fabric gets easier!

Drying Time

It never takes more than 2 minutes to dry. All you need to do is glue in between the objects and hold it tight for a few minutes. After that, you will see the bond of the glue! It dries down fast. But we recommend you to give it 5-7 minutes time after applying the glue.

  • Water-proof feature added.
  • Heat-resistant in nature.
  • Can be cleaned in the washer and dryer.
  • Faster drying down facility added.
  • Not great for tighter places.
  • Only lasts a year.
Best Glue for Eva Foam

Factors to consider when buying the Best Adhesive for EVA Foam


The first thing you need to consider while getting a glue for Eva foam is what are the materials that the glue sticks to. In most cases, the regular glues make bonds with paper, wood metals, etc.

So, you have to think about what metal are you going to add with your EVA foam? Some plastics like Teflon, PTEE etc are also materials that you can stick your foam with. So, make sure that the glue is able to make bonds with the material you are working with.

Formula and Performance

For small kid’s projects, glues don’t need to be long-lasting. However, in terms of the DIY projects for indoor and outdoor, you need glue that lasts for a long time.

Make sure that the glue is easy to dispense. Also, go through the cap quality of the glue otherwise it will dry inside the tube or bottle. Go through the consistency along with the thickness.

Also, inside the bottle, the glue must not dry quickly. There are tubes, bottles, spray and several other formulas also. Make sure you choose the right one!


You might be using the glue for so many jobs. But you have to know where you can use it and where you cannot. Suppose you are selecting a glue that is not waterproof. So, you cannot use it in the bathroom or kitchen where there can be water.

Otherwise, the bond of the glue will be worn out. So, you must go for the glue that is waterproof. Also, don’t forget to check if it is oil-resistant or not.

Another fact is the temperature. Your glue should be temperature-resistant especially from heat and moisture. 

Drying Speed

You need a glue that dries down faster. However, if you are using the glue for a long term bond, you better settle for glues that take time for drying but after it dries, it stays for a long period.

Glue Color

The color of the glue plays an important role while buying glue for EVA foam. If you are using glue on the outer part of a material, you must know that colorful glues should be avoided.

You can use colorful ones if it matches the color of your material. However, you won’t disagree that it is always better to pick up the clear glues (transparent) to stay away from visibility,


After using the glue, you might need to clean up the surrounding area. In this case, some glues are great to go with water.

Splash of water can help you get rid of the residue. However, some glues require plasma treatment, chemical cleaning, or abrasion cleaner for cleaning the area.

The glue should not be too thick to be visible. And then again, it shouldn’t be too thin to have a loose bond. Also, make sure there is a way to strengthen the bond after using it for quite a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with EVA Foam for Beginners

Vedio Guide

How to Make Foam Horns?

For making foam horns, you have to go through a process. Here, we are telling you the process in short.

  1. First of all, you have to select the horns and print them out. Now, you have to use your hands to connect the pages.
  1. Then, with the help of scissors, cut the patterns. Don’t forget the registration marks.
  1. Now, take the shapes you have cut out onto a 5 mm EVA foam. According to the shapes, cut out the foams.
  1. Here, you have to take the glue that you are using for EVA foam and on the edges, you have to use the adhesive. Make sure you are making thin lines of glue.
  1. After this, you have to connect the foams with each other carefully. Here, you have to keep an eye on the registration marks and match with them.
  1. While joining them, you might require some actions. Squeeze, pull, push and try to get the perfect shape. Try to close the horn with your hands.
  1. Provide heat so that you can even out the bumps. Now, for more protection, smear quick seal onto the seams. After this, add some water and you can easily smooth it out. And you are done! 

What is the best glue for Eva foam?

When it comes to the best glue for EVA foam, the users love the hot glue. But in most cases, hot glue is tough to work with. In this situation, superglues can be a life saviors.

The contact adhesive along with the contact cement will be helpful in making sturdy bonds for EVA foam. You can also use rubber cement or double-sided attach sheets.

Why should you get glue for Eva Foam?

EVA foam is mostly used in several DIYs along with the costumes and cosplay costumes. EVA foam is versatile and so, you can paint it and add it with any material. To attach it with several materials and to make the bond of the EVA foam permanent, you will need glue.

Wrap Up

Not all glues are great for all types of work. When it comes to the EVA foam, things can be tougher because you need the right consistency, perfect formula, and ideal durability.

And so, we have come up with the best glue for EVA foam for you. Take a look at the preceding glues that we have mentioned for EVA foam.

Pick up the one that features all that you want. And don’t forget to let us know in the comment box which one you love most and why. 

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