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When it’s about the best brake caliper grease, taking the proper decision is important. It is because if you won’t apply appropriate grease to brakes then it won’t work well for sure. But how to choose the best grease for brakes?

You might have this kind of question in your head. And to figure out your confusion is the most important of all.

Basically, brakes are very important thing in any vehicle and that’s why it needs to be lubricated properly. It is because it can help to work in a correct way and thus protect your vehicle.

And if you can get the best caliper grease for your brake, it can help to extend the lifespan of the brake pads. And as we know that a well-lubricated brake will reduce noise and also extra vibration problems, the brakes must be greased well.

So, to get perfect non-noisy and smooth-textured brakes, must use the best grease for brake calipers. And to know the details of it and about which will be the best for all the time, let us go through the descriptions below.

Best Grease for Brakes: Reviewed in Details

Above thousands of products, there are some that are more effective and easy to use on brakes.

As having smooth brakes is necessary for comfortable and swift driving, choosing the best one is important. But there will be a question whether this product is good or not so good for the vehicle.

It’s also important to know the details and quality of every product. To know more clearly, check the details of the best grease above all.

If you are someone who is looking for something which is thick, and something which is synthetic silicon, you should definitely try this Mission Automotive Dialectic Grease.

Its super long-lasting and waterproof grease you can ever have. There are also different features. And let’s see what they are.

Formula– this product has a silicone based formula that will give you a nice texture on the brakes. It has also non-melting and stable consistency. This grease has a thick texture and waterproof formula that gives you long-lasting effects on the parts you are using it.

Protection– as it has a silicone synthetic and waterproof thick texture; you can surely have that protection that you might want. It can remove oxidation, corrosion and seals out some things like dirt and salt. The stable and non-melting formula can also give you quite protective facility.

Temperature range– this product from the brand Mission has a range of temperature and that is from -55°F to 570°F.

Different uses– this greasing product can be used for different parts of the vehicle and for different purposes. The silicone based grease is appropriate for some variety of automotive electrical and also for marine uses. It is also compatible with the different kinds of materials such as plastic, metal, rubber and so on. It also reduces any kind of voltage leaks that could occur through any electrical connections.

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Non-melting formula
  • Attached extra applicator brush for easy using
  • Additional brush is slightly messy

If you are someone who is looking for the long-term protection, you must try this amazing Clear Silicone Paste from 3M.

There are several features including water resistant, non-hardening, environmental-friendly and many other things also.

Let’s get more information about it and see the descriptions below.

Protective policy– this greasing product is amazing and quite protective also. It can give you the long-term protection of harsh conditions of different calamities and other environmental problems. It has a water-resistant, non-hardening quality that gives the vehicle complete protection.

Applications– it can be used on different kinds of materials like plastics and metals also. It also can be applied as the thin film for better protection.

Multi-purpose applications– this is basically a silicone based lubricant that is super safe for using. It helps to protect large amount of areas. This is suitable for use on the plastic-to-plastic, plastic-to-rubber, plastic-to-metal, and rubber-to-metal and also rubber-to-rubber.

  • Protective
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Water-resistant
  • Safe
  • Long-term performance
  • The brush is not appropriate to use

If you are looking for the best caliper pin grease, then you can select the Permatex 24110 Ultra Disc Brake Caliper Lube.

It is environmental friendly, synthetic lubricant that has non-silicone, non-petroleum and non-melting formula.

It has another several features and those are:

Eco-friendly- this product is environmental friendly, non-melting and green. It assures authenticity of the critical pins, back side of brake pads and hardware and other sort of things and make it sure that these things remain well-lubricated.

Formulation– this product has non-petroleum and non-silicone based formula that gives you fully satisfied texture of greasing. It is formulated to lubricate when it has the most adverse brake conditions. It also prevents the seizing and sticking to the disc brake problems. 

Temperature range– this product has a certain range of temperature and that is from -40°F to 400°F and from -40°C to 204°C.

Metal-to-metal contact– there are some areas that have sort of metal-to-metal contact. This product ensures that these areas are remained lubricated according to the pads life.

Suggested application– the back side of brake pads, caliper pins and hardware are the ones that you can apply the grease to make a difference.

Reliability– it has a protective facility that ensures reliability and solves several problems. From all the dressings, job specific lubricants and other protactants to all the heavy duty needs, this product ensures the total reliability and also ensures the extended life of it.

  • Corrosion protective
  • Non-silicone
  • Reliable
  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% synthetic lubricant
  • A little bit watery

When it’s about looking for the sil-glyde lubricating compound, you must try this Napa 7651346 SIL Glyde Silicone Lubricating Compound.

The reason is the long-lasting and high film strength is there. It is suitable for different kinds of materials like rubber, glass, metal, wood and lots more.

It’s one of the best silicone grease for brakes you can ever have. To see more features of it, let’s look at the descriptions below.

Formula– this product has a high strength, long-lasting and water repellant feature that will endure the satisfactory results and improve the condition of the brake.

Applications– it can be used in different types of parts of a vehicle. Such as, calipes, rubber boots, v-belts, brake pads, weather stripping, bumpers, trunk seals and lots more.

Temperature range– it has a range of temperature that is quite certain. And the range is from -20°F to 500°F.

Texture– it is basically a thick texture of silicone based grease that works very well and also helps to extend the life. This product also helps to protect rubber seals and the doors seal tighter. It is totally a good one for repairing the vehicle nicely.

Good price– the product also has a very good and reasonable price that you can ever have. Comparing to the other products, this is something which you can afford and with this product you can get the absolute good results. So, you must try it at least for once.


  • Can be used on several materials
  • Prevents oxidation
  • Long-lasting
  • Heat and cold-friendly
  • Waterproof


  • Not that much slippery as other basic silicone grease

The Parmatex 24125 Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts lubricant is a 100% synthetic formulated lubricant that can give you long-lasting effects on brakes.

As a synthetic grease, there are other features also. Let’s see what they are.

Formula– this product is a complete synthetic lubricant. It is associated with real ceramic solids that gives you long-lasting effects on the parts you are using the lubricant. It maintains the lubricating integrity under the most extreme situations. It prevents corrosion and also contaminants.

Temperature range– as every product has a certain range of temperature; this product also has a certain range. And that is from -50°F to 3000°F. And if we see it in Celsius, it will be from -46°C to 1649°C.

Performance– this product has several qualities including corrosion resistance, moisture resistant, reduces brake noises and lots more. It is a job-specific lubricant that protects the rigors of heavy-duty needs. You can definitely count on this product as it is reliable and can extend the life of the vehicle.


  • Long-lasting
  • Prevents unpleasant sounds of brakes
  • Won’t wash out
  • Reliable
  • Corrosion and moisture resistant


  • Gets very dry after a while

Buyer’s Guide

When it’s about purchasing the best grease for your brakes, it’s very important to look at some of the features and every description that is needed to know.

It is because if you don’t know the total descriptions of it then it will be difficult to judge and get the suitable one for your job. Different people have different reasons for buying the grease.

Some people might buy it to repair some parts of their vehicles. Others purchase it because they have other parts to repair.

That’s how; you also might have different reason to buy any grease. So, for getting the preferable and suitable one for the job, you must check what product will suit the best for your job.

So, let’s dive into the section and then decide what you should buy according to your job.


No matter what product you use, it must have the best performance to that part which you are going to use it on. Basically, have a good performance is a must.

And if it is unable to give the best performance, at least the product should be appropriate for that part. Otherwise, it will be a disaster for sure.

When it’s the matter of selecting grease, the entire product is almost the same and creates the same effect when it’s used on brakes. But you should know what product is preferable for which part.

There are different kinds of lubricants also. Such as, synthetic lubricants, silicone based lubricants, dialectic one and lots more. It’s compulsory to have a good performance by using any grease to the parts of brakes. There are many kinds of grease that might suit for your job and the parts of your brake.

So, you must need to check the lists first and choose according to it.

Water resistant

The water resistant fact is very important when it’s about the grease. The reason is if the grease won’t be water resistant then it won’t be able to give you that result that you want. Also, if it won’t be water resistant then the greasing product might damage that part.

So, that’s why it is important to look at the details of every product if it is waterproof or not. After then, you should select.

Moreover, there’s another reason to select water resistant grease. And that is the rusting problem. When any kind of vehicle is exposed to saline water, it will get corrode.

And that will be disaster for your vehicle for sure. And if you grease the part of your vehicle and it doesn’t even change the thing and keep rusting then it’s no reason to buy that kind of a product. So, search about this thing before you purchase.


Well, protection and safety is more important than anything else. And when it’s a greasing product for brakes, it must be safe especially for the parts.

It is because safety is a MUST. And if a product cannot give safety and the parts security then you should not but that kind of s product at all.

Besides, if the grease isn’t able to protect the parts the way it should be, then it should not be used on brakes. It can be harmful as well. So, for the security of yours, you must think whether it’s capable of doing things correctly or not. And then purchase the preferable one.

Temperature tolerance

Like the other entire ideal greasing product, it should be temperature friendly. Different grease has different amount of temperature tolerance. And though the fact of temperature is necessary in this case, you should be very careful about it.

The whole greasing process of brakes can be a disaster if you won’t be able to know and identify the need-able temperature of grease for your brake.

Furthermore, if you are having a big load of vehicle and high speed problems then you must be concerned about the temperature fact of the grease.

In that case, you will highly need a temperature tolerance grease to balance it. Thus, you have to be careful of that thing.

Long lasting

Most of the good featured grease has a long-lasting quality in it. The reason is if the grease can’t give you the long-lasting result, it will simply not work at all.

When the brakes are not working well, it is need to be repaired as soon as possible. And if you don’t take the product that has a long-lasting quality in it and choose a random guy, then it might a harmful for the vehicle.

Though there are different kinds of grease like silicone based grease, synthetic grease and many other kinds of it, things are different inside it.

The feature might be different. So, for getting the best results for your brake, first you have to know if the grease has the long-lasting feature or not. And if it does, you can definitely get that product and try it on the brakes.

Moreover, choosing the best one for repairing the brakes is very important. Grease must have the long-lasting feature in it because the parts have to be repaired nicely.

No one have the interest to repair it several times. And if you don’t get any long-lasting grease for repairing the brakes, you will then have to do that repairing process quite often. That’s why, having this kind of a quality in any grease is important and you should also check the quality when you are about to buy any grease.

Easy of application

Every product has to be a quality and that is the easy process of apply that thing. It is because if the product is unable to do that, it will be nothing but useless.

There are some things that you should check before buying any lubricating product. You should check if the product comes with a grease gun or any kind of applicator or not.

It is important because if there is no applicator then you might face difficulties using it. So, having an applicator is important for the buyers.

Some products also include indicator. You must have a look for this point. You have to notice there is any indicator on the lube to finish the process or not. It will also have the instructions to insert the grease in the gun. So, having the indicators is necessary.

You might find it weird but the color of the grease is also very important. The reason is the brighter the color of the grease is, the easier it will be to see and it will also be easier to catch where and how to put it and how much it should be put to the vehicle.

So, you should be very careful of those things. And after that, you should collect the suitable product which you want.

FAQ Section

1.What Grease to Use on Brakes?

Different parts of a vehicle need different kind of grease. It is because if you use just one kind of grease on different parts of the vehicle then it might not be appropriate for it. So, choosing the best brake grease is important.

And when it's about the brakes, you need to know about the details of different kinds of grease and after knowing all the things then you should decide what will be proper.

To choose in a proper way, first you need to know the details of the best products above all. There are different kinds of grease such as silicone based grease, Dialectric grease, simple lubricant based grease and so on.

There are also some different features of all grease. Some specialist says that it's effective to use silicon grease on the brakes. But you might have confusions in your mind whether it will really suit on the brakes or not.

The reason is silicon grease is rubbery. So it will be a matter of thinking if the product will be appropriate on the brakes or not.  

The answer is you can totally use this product. A generous amount of that grease will help that part to be nicely-coated. You must know that rubber expansion boot and whole wall is needed to do so.

Make sure you will coat the whole part well and hold it in place. The effective part of using this is it won't dissolve in water and also it won't swell the rubber.

 So, you can definitely have any kind of silicone grease and use it on the brakes. There are some of the best silicon grease which we describe earlier like Napa 7651346 SIL Glyde Silicone Lubricating Compound Tube and 3M 08946 Clear Silicone Paste. Try any of these products and see how it works.

There is also some grease based lubricant that you can have for your brakes. You can simply use it on all parts of the brakes because it is super greasy and thus effective. You should use it on the parts of the brake pads that generally touch the caliper.

Make sure you coat the parts evenly even it will be a thin-coating. Coat the end of the pads of the brake and also the back side of the parts that are connected to the piston and the piston is connected to the pads.

There are some researchers who advised that a thin coating is more useful for getting the better results. The reason is it helps the pads to move easily. And thus it can reduce noise. So, you can also apply in this way to get the better result of it.

There is another thing that must be followed. And that is you must get that product which has a high temperature tolerant formula. There are lots of varieties available out there. But you must take that preferable one after knowing all the facts about it.

Brake grease is basically a special synthetic high temperature lube for the parts of the brakes. So, before taking any grease for brakes, you should check if it is high temperature lube or not.

It is because if it won't be that, it will be disaster for the brakes and it will also hamper the safety of yours. Though using the right grease for brakes is tough because you should be picky about choosing the right grease for the brakes. And if it won't be proper, the things won't go well.

In that case, the Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant from Permatex can be the blessing for you. It is made by pure synthetic formula with real and solid ceramics. It is long lasting and temperature resistant that can ensure you complete safety. So, you can definitely try this one for getting the better result.

Moreover, the non-melting formula can help you to do the greasing procedure more easily. It is also helpful to prevent long bolt and sleeve seizing.

It is being super good on rolling and sliding surfaces operating both in wet and dry situations. Overall, it will be better than other greases and that's why we are recommending you this product. Use it to the brakes for getting better results.

In a sense, there are different kinds of products that you can have for your brakes of your vehicle.

But you must choose the suitable one that can ensure to do things properly and also ensures better safety. So, keep those things in your mind and then choose the right one.

2.Where to Apply Brake Grease?

Choosing the right product for your brakes is difficult. But to know the place where you are going to apply is more important. It is because if you won't know the place to apply it, then it will be totally a useless decision to purchase a product.

That's why; you should know the details of it and also the appropriate place where you should apply after purchasing it. And if you don't know the details about it and does something wrong, it will be dangerous for sure.

There are also different parts of every parts of a vehicle. Keeping your brakes lubricated is tough but no matter what you do, make sure it will work properly. It is because if it won't work then it's no reason to take that product or do any experiment of it.

For that reason, you must know about every product and after that buy that one which you consider after knowing all of it. Also, it's very important to apply it in the correct part of the brake.

If you won't be able to do it and apply it in the wrong place, then it might stop working at all and it will be a disaster for the vehicle also.

That's the reason why you must take care of these things. Basically, it should be applied to every point in the brake system and the parts which can slide and move.

The greasing points are basically caliper slides, bushings, pins and every contact points that have pads and it slide within the caliper housing.

You can also apply it on the self-adjuster mechanisms that are on rear disc brakes associated with locking calipers, linkages and also parking brake cables.

So, basically you should grease some of the parts. You must apply lubricant to the raised brake pads on backing plate of it.  Also, apply lubricant to the drum brake also.

It has a different way of applying it. Moreover, apply lubricant to the shoe anchor. Take those parts correctly and then try to do the application in a right way.

Further, to do the greasing process on a drum brake, the procedures are also different. It is used for the disc brake pads and caliper pistons. And it used to dampen the vibrations within these two parts.

But it should be noted that the application should not be between the pads and the noise suppression shims.

Apply it properly on the back of the bare pads or you can also apply it between the caliper and the pad shim. Overall, whatever you do and wherever you apply, make sure it should be proper and maintained.

When you are doing any task of brake, you will realize how it works and why it is so tough.

During the work, you can understand the necessity of lubricating several parts of the caliper. And if you are concerned about the places of application, you must know the detailed inform of it.

There are some places where you can apply lubricant easily. And for doing that you should choose the slide pins that are connected from one side of caliper to the other.

Moreover, the bits that are kind of hook-shaped should be used for the greasing process.

But the bits should be connected to either side of the pad that is supposed to sit on the caliper. Moreover, the metal back that is a part of the pad should be lightly connected to the hydraulic piston. Make sure you grease the edges of the piston very well.

Many people also use anti-seize lubricant for the greasing. They grease in between the end of the axle and the rotor. In that way, it will be easier to remove when you need to re-grease the brakes again.

And when it's about brake lubrication, it's about lubricating pads, mount and caliper. You should grease the back side of brake pads and those shims that are located in between the pad and the piston.

Remember that if the pads have aluminum clips then you must grease these clips. It is because if you don't do it then it will create much trouble.

You must also grease the rotor. And make sure you will put a thin layer of lube to grease the opening of the large center of the rotor and also the hub. In that way, it helps to keep the metals from rusting.

The calipers also need to be lubricated. Some calipers are contacted with pins and if it is so then pull them out and clean it. After doing that grease the overall part very well. Make sure there is no binding while you are doing that lubricating process.

Final Verdict

Greasing process is not that tough thing to do. But doing it in a right way is important. There are lots of things we are trying to share with you. Hopefully, you are getting those things and purchase the best grease for brake.

No matter what product you buy and how expensive it is. The matter is to do the greasing process perfectly.

Repairing is important and for your loving vehicle, you should do it perfectly. Just do it in a right way, do it with love and care and make sure those processes ensure the safety of you. 

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