Best Lathe Mill Combo 2021-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you are here to get a lathe mill combo, we can bet that you have a small workspace or a small budget.

Do you think it is not possible to get the perfect lathe mill combo at this rate?

Your money deserves something great.And we are here to take you through the best lathe mill combo so that you never regret buying a machine!

We have come up with the top 7 lathe and mill combos for you. All the products have been through the field for proving their potential.And we bet that you will love using them!

If you want something that worth your money, get a combo lathe mill set for you!

7 Best Lathe Mill Combo Reviews-2021

When it comes to versatility, you can never ignore the appeal that the Baileigh brand can afford you. As this is a combo pack, you can use it for your entire lathe and millwork.

This affords you a digital readout feature. So, you are also capable of going for the accurate cutting speed! On the other hand, robust construction makes the machines sturdy.



In this kit of Lathe Mill Combo, you get three of their best machines in a package. Now, as a user, you can easily mill, drill, and go through any of the lathe operations!

This 3-in-1 machine can serve you years of service. This MLD is small in stature however; the performance of the three machines together will never disappoint you.

Motor Details

The most interesting part about this mill drill lathe combo is the motor. This kit includes a different motor for the lathe and the mill.

Yes, you heard right, you are getting one motor for the mill and another motor for the lathe. These motors of this combo are of 1HP 110V motors. So, you will be able to use this in any standard outlet without any confusion!

Chucks and Plates  

When it comes to the Baileigh MLD-1030 Mill Drill Lathe, the chucks and plates are significant. Along with this, the Rest is also very vital.

This combo of mill and lathe comes with three-jaw chuck and dour jaw chuck. Along with this, the steady-rest and the follow-rest options are added as standard features in this case.


The range of metric threads of this combo is 04.3.5ml. On the contrary, the range of longitudinal feed for every revolution is0.003-0.008inches.

The simple bore is 1.1 inches and it has 8-56 TPI variable speed. This combo comes with a spindle stroke of 2 inches and the top slide travel is of 2inches.

Just like this, the 2inch tailstock quill travel and the 9-3/4 swing over bed makes this lathe mill combo of its kind.

In all of these, the most important this is this combo features 50-2000 adjustable RPM! The distance between centers is measured to 29-1/2inches.

  • Milling, drilling and all lathe work
  • Includes adjustable RPM
  • Features digital readout
  • Different motor for lathe and mill
  • Robust and durable motor
  • Spindle stroke of 2-inches
  • Only for experienced users
  • No useful manuals

2.Proxxon 34104 Mill-Affordable Budget

If you want a complete machine center, all you need to do is combine the Proxxon kits. Go through this reviews and you will know how much the users love it!

This comes with the mounting bracket and bolts added. Check the bolts before you buy them. The flexibility along with the RMP makes it one of the best in the market.



This kit is another example of versatility.  You can use the lathe as your compound table.

 Use the top slide of your lathe and replace it with the table! If you want to turn the Proxxon sets into your machine center, add the Proxxon PF 230 onto the Proxxon 34004 lathe! You are done! The X-Y table has is crosswise. It is also longitudinal.

Speeds and RMP

The interesting speeds that this lathe and mill combo machine features are amazing. This mill runs in 110-120v, 140w, and 60Hz. It speeds 280-550-870-1200-1500. On the other hand, this combo features 2000 RMP.


This kit is available in three different sizes. You can get these available in 15/64 inches. Also, you will get the combo in 5/16 and 25/64 sizes. This makes the product versatile for every situation.


The price range of Proxxon 34104 Mill can surprise you. This product can save your wallet giving you the ultimate easy lathe work! The price is reasonable.

  • Can be turned into machine center
  • Available in different sized
  • Different speeds added
  • Versatile and
  • Features 2000 RMP
  • Affordable in price
  • No universal drill chuck added
  • Bolts are a little short

Mini Lathes are fascinating, don’t you agree? On the other hand, the name says about the construction of the product. Yes, metal-made Lathes are usually sturdy and long-lasting. All you can expect is an amazing lathe-job with this combo!



The construction of this lathe is done with metal. To be précised, it has aluminum alloy construction. ABS is also added to the manufacture. This is available in two different colors. You can get it is red color and black color.


This best mini Lathe Mill Combo can afford you more functionalities than the higher prices combos of the market. From drilling to sanding, it does it all. It does the work of turning lathe and milling. It is capable of sawing and woodturning lathe.

If you want to process objects like plastics, wood, or any metal, you can rely on this product. In the case of copper, aluminum, gold, or silver; keep faith in this one!

Machine Assembly

This combo kit is capable if assembling jigsaw and grinder. Also, it can assemble metal lathe, miller, a wood lathe, and driller.

The maximum cutting saw the depth of hardwood is 4 mm and softwood is 18m. The slide stroke is 30-50mm and the clamping size of the Vice Clamp is 0.35mm.

  • Constructed of aluminum alloy
  • Available colors
  • 6-in-1 functions
  • Can process metal
  • 20000 RPM motor speed
  • Only great for small objects
  • Complicated instructions

If you want to do all the drilling and milling work but you don’t want to invest in separate lathes, you can try this one. Paying for several products is expensive. It is better to go for a versatile product like this Roeam mini lathe in this case.



As the name says, this is a package of several lathe tools. This is a 6-in-1 lathe machine. It is capable of sawing, grinding, and drilling. On the other hand, it can do metal lathe, wood lathe and milling works too!


This kit is constructed with advanced aluminum alloy. To keep the sturdiness, the construction is made carefully. It is non-deformable for usage and also very long-lasting.

Installation and Usage

When it comes to the installation of other lathe mill combos, it gets tough. However, the installation process of this combo pack is incredibly easy. The operation is effortless too. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you will simply love this kit. For crafts and small parts processing, you can easily use this lathe.

Gears and Motor

The package includes a long machine bed with an abrasive disc and driller rocker arm. Also, plain vice, big slider, and the motor are added. With the kit, there are 3 jaw chucks. You will also get a sawing machine base and bracket.

The motor speed is of 20000RPM. It has 100-240V 50/6-Hz. It is capable of processing soft metal, plastic, and wood.

  • 6-in-1 lathe machine
  • Constructed with aluminum alloy
  • 20000RPM motor speed
  • Non-deformable usage
  • Easy installation and operation
  • 3 jaw-chucks added
  • Relatively small
  • Complicated guidelines

If you want a product that affords you a warranty for the quality, you should grab that one. From 12 months warranty to high motor speed, this machine will be the best combo of lathe and milling. Doing lathe work with milling is easier when you are dealing with this kit.



You can use this mini lathe mill combo fro wood along with plastic. When it comes to soft metals like gold, aluminum, and copper, you can try this one on them too. No matter you are working with softwood or hardwood, have this kit for your help!


This lathe mill combo includes an amazing transformer. This transformer has over-current protection. On the other, it can protect the machine from any sort of over-voltage. Also, you do not need to worry about the temperature because it can keep the machine protected from the additional temperatures.

Accessories and Measurements

With this kit of lathe mill, you will get 3 jaw chucks. You can also collect clamping the workpiece if you need it. The measurement for this is 1-6mm. On the contrary, you get center gongs high 25mm. The distance of the center is 135mm. The motor speed is 20000RPM.

  • Motor speed 20000 RPM
  • Protection from over-temperature and voltage
  • Goes with plastic and soft metals
  • Works for softwood and hardwood
  • Three jaw chucks
  • Comes with cutting tools
  • Affordable in price
  • Slowing motor is tough
  • No boring bar added

From the construction to the performance, this Hardware Factory Slide Mill in the mini version is worth your money. No matter you are milling for the first time or you are PRO in this sector, you are going to love working with this. All you need is your 2 fingers and you can handle this baby like a professional!



This high-tech lathe mill combo is great as this includes a jaw. The jaw is wide. For security, it also includes required bolt-down slots.

Also, there are 2 swivel crank handles added. The work of these crank handles is to adjust vise left to right and front to back. There are also cold-rolled steel screws included.


The construction of this combo is done with cast iron. The durable cast-iron makes the lathe long-lasting. Besides, serrated steel jaws are added for improved performance. The steel jaws are very powerful.


The throat opening of this mill is about 3.5 inches. It is 4.5 inches cross travel and 5 inches longitudinal. The measurement of the jaw included in this machine is 4 inches in width.


The work of this milling kit affords you précised performance. It can easily machine wood. Along with this, it can take hold of the metals parts.

It has precise moving slides to provide high precision quality. If you want, you can add this tool to lathe or any other tools for better performance.

  • Cast iron construction
  • Includes cold rolled steel screws a
  • Throat opening of 3.5 inches
  • Bolt down slots added
  • Comes with swivel crank handles
  • Précised performance 
  • Wiggles a little
  • Not a good packaging

In a world of larger working tables, when you are going through the mini tools, you require a mini working table. If you want a mini drill along with the bracket series, you can completely have faith in this one. Not only this, but you can also use this for other machines too!


Construction and Design

The craftsmanship of this working table is carefully made with alloys. The alloy composition made is stronger and sturdier. In the construction, different dovetail slot-aluminum alloy is added.

The best part of this kit is you can work with this in a very congested place. Even if you have minimum space, you can make it work!


You will see 3 different T-shaped groove when this kit arrives. The standard size of the groove of this table is 15x8x6mm. The X-axis travel is about 200mm and the Y-axis travel is about 50mm.

There is a required distance kept between the grooved.

The grooves are 34mm away from each other. The size of the working table is 310x90mm. The height is about 80mm. Here, we have measured the height including the two working clamps.


The installation seems pretty easy. You will get 3 sets of screws for each cross-slide gib. Along with this, a lock-nut for every set screw is also added.

All you have to do is loosen the nuts so that you can adjust the set screw. Then, tighten it up and you are done. However, the instructions are not clear to do the installation properly. You have to rely on the online instructions and videos.

  • Manufactured with aluminum alloy
  • Size: 310x90mm
  • Height: 80mm
  • Includes 2 working clamp
  • Comes with three T slots
  • Compact in designHas rotatable handwheel
  • Unclear instructions
  • Over tightening might cause damage

Things to Consider Before Buying Lathe Mill Combo 


When you are dealing with a combo of lathe and mill, the size is very important. It depends on you what sized wood or metal you are going to work with.

And depending on that, the size of the machine varies. Go for a portable design so that you can carry it.

Combo packs are not usually bigger. Settle for a mini version and check the size. On the other hand, the more compact the set it, the more space it will save.


Drilling speed always is necessary when you are settling for a lathe mill combo. If you invest so much money on a combo of mill and lathe and then see that it takes too much time to do your work, what’s the use of such a machine?

The work of the machine is to make life easier and faster. And so, pick up a machine that has high drilling speed.

Also, the RMP rate should be higher. The RPM rate denotes the speed of the motor of your device. The higher the motor speed, the better the performance.

You will get low and fast options available in the market. Go for the one that suits you better.

Construction and Durability

The construction and durability of a machine are related to each other. If the construction is done is a proper way, you will find a highly durable machine. In terms of the mill lathe combo, you can never settle for plastic or low-grade construction.

Choose the machine that has a metal construction. Metal construction allows your machine to stay in service for a longer period.

On the other hand, aluminum alloy can be the best metal for these sorts of machine combos. Those will serve you for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lathe Machine?

When you are working with a workpiece and you need to cut or sand or drill it, you will need a lathe machine. The work of the lathe machine is to rotate a workpiece an axis. It helps to perform cut, knurl, sand, drill or deform, etc.

To be clearer, we can say that a lathe machine is a machine that is used for removing metal or wood or stuff like this and afford it the desired shape.

What things should be considered for Lathe Mill Combo?

For buying a lathe mill combo, first of all, you have to go through the shape of the machine. In most cases, if you want a compact-sized lathe mill combo, you have to go for the mini versions. Also, the speed of the motor is a very important factor.

You have to emphasize the construction material and the drilling speed too. Moreover, the tools added with the kit along with the installment process are also important.

What are the Mechanical Function & cleaning process of lathe mill combo?

Maintaining lathe mill combos is a little tough. In most cases, so many tools or accessories are added with the kit. On the other hand, if you want premium performance, you have to maintain and clean it perfectly. Use the machine is a clean working place where there is no chance of damage.

Store the machine is a cool dry place. Keep to safe from children and do not put any other elements on top of it. After the working process, you have to clean the metal chips to keep it just like before. If you are working with cast iron, wood, or plastics, you have to clean the dust afterward.

How to Properly cleaning lathe machine(Vedio Guide)

Final Verdict

Now that you know details about  the lathe mill combo of the market, you can easily choose one from the above. Before picking up one from the list, wait, and make a list of your requirements. Go through the buying guide so that it can help you choose the ideal one!

In this complicated world of advertisement, there are only a few good quality products. And we are here to gift you the best one from the crowd. Choose one, use it and let us know about your opinion in our comment box.

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