Best Metal File 2020-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Metal File

Do you face problems while sharpening materials? Or you face problems with purchasing the right file? If I were you, I might have the same problems too. It’s normal to get into the dilemma as there are lots of varieties available in the market. But you should be very careful while you are purchasing a file. And you have to be more careful when you are going to choose a metal file for doing your job.

Though metal files are amazing tools to shape, cut, or sharpening things. I use them for different purposes like sharpening knives, cutting steels, and also to smooth materials easily. You can find several types and shapes of metal files, but you need to buy that one that will make things easier for you, and suits your job well.

And to purchase the right one, you need to know the need first. And for that reason, you need to get right into the section and know what the best metal file are.

Best Metal File: Reviewed in Details

Lots of metal files are available out there, and lots of varieties you can find. But you must choose that product that will suit your job most. So, let’s get jump right into the section of the best products, and see why they are the best.

This product from KSEIBI is amazing for stock removal, and it has a variety of applications. This product has a heat-impact handle and heat-treated high carbon steel.

It also has several shapes like flat, round, and half-round files that will do different types of works.

This metal file set is suitable for metalwork, sharpening, mounting, and also finishing. When it’s about getting a smooth texture, this product will do the best.

 Moreover, it suits better for both right and left-hand people.

There is also a rectangular-shaped flat file that will make things easier. And the rounded and half-rounded file will make the entire set much effective to use.

Multi-purpose– This product of KSEIBI is used for several uses like metalwork, finishing, mounting, sharpening, and lots of other works. You can use these tools for several purposes.

Set items– This set of KSEIBI has different varieties, and shapes that a steel flat file has. Such as, round, and half-round files are included in it.

Amount of files– This set includes three different types of files that can do different works easily. That’s why you won’t face any trouble while using it.


  • Has different shapes to work for several purposes
  • Handles are comfortable and work well
  • Inexpensive according to money but you can get amazing qualities at this price too


  • The annoying thing is the mono-directional cutting surface

The product from Nicholson is a complete set one could have in his collection. It has a set of five pieces of files that are sharp, manageable, and easy to use.

The set includes a half-rounded bastard file, some mill bastard files, mill smooth file, and slim taper file. It has an American pattern that makes it easier to work with.

This set also has attached rubber-coated ergonomic handles that are amazing for grip. The additional fact is that it comes in a plastic compact pouch, and for that reason, you can manage all tools easily. Overall, it’s surely a great deal that you should try.

Set items– This set is of five pieces of files in several kinds and varieties of shapes that can be worked well for different purposes. This set includes a half-round bastard file, two types of mills bastard file, mill smooth file, and slim taper file.

Storage facility– It comes in a plastic compact pouch. And that will make things easier than before. 

Pattern– This product is an American pattern file that is for non-precision material removal. And with this type of pattern, you can easily move it, and work with it.


  • Has a great and straight edge and has a very comfortable handle for easy using
  • Comes in a fairly decent pouch that keeps all tools in place
  • Take off more material and work smoothly
  • Has a reasonable price, so that everyone can buy


  • These are stamped as Made in the USA but it’s not

3.Needle File Set-Affordable

If you want the best quality metal files, then you must try the Tarvol Needle File Set.

It has different features, and you can use it in several applications. 

This toolset has lots of tools with different shapes such as flat files, half-rounded, half, square, and triangular.

The soft rubberized handles, the crafted alloy steel, and the high carbon steel will make the entire product effective and durable.

It also has that quality that is perfect for numerous uses including shaping wood, plastic, and soft metal. Overall, it will be a great deal if you purchase.

Shapes– This product has different types and shapes like rounded, half-rounded, square, triangular, flat, and many more. These shapes allow you to make a different kind of shapes by filing it.

Handles– You can have comfortable non-slip rubber grips, and a soft rubberized handle. This will keep a firm hold even it has a wet condition.

Set items– It has half-round file, round file, flat warding file, square file, triangular file, and glare file. That’s how you can get totally different kinds of files in a single set.

Material– This file set has high carbon steel that ensures longevity and strength. Every file is crafted from alloy steel, and that’s why it will be easy to work with it.


  • 100% money-back guarantee to do that you can surely get this one for your job
  • Has several application facilities that will ensure good work
  • It can do lots of works with varieties of materials like shaping wood, plastic, and soft metal. That’s why it will be beneficial for you


  • Though they are needle files they are not as durable on steel as the other products are

MulWark has an amazing deal of a total of nine pieces of file set made of high carbon steel.

The handles are sturdy that can easily remove materials and do the work easily.

It has amazing impact resistance, a comfortable and easy grip for better uses.

It has excellent versatility, and that’s why it can do several types of works in a short time. We recommend you because this tool can ensure great performance. It also has a lifetime warranty. In a sense, it’s a good deal.

Handles– The handles of this product are ergonomic, and made of sturdy and soft rubber with a contoured design. This feature will make this toolset resistant, and comfortable to use.

Set items– The file set includes three pieces of flat, round, and half-round shapes files that are of 20 cm. Six pieces of needle files are square, equaling, ring, round taper, triangular, and warding in shape.

Warranty– There is a lifetime warranty that you can get. All kinds of MulWark tools have a warranty so that you can return this product without giving any charge, or you can have replacements.


  • Has lots of shapes of files, so that, you can apply these tools on different types of works
  • Can do different applications like sharpening, shaping so that it will be beneficial for several purposes
  • Has superb versatility that’s why it will be easy to use
  • Can grind well to remove fine amounts of material


  • Not suitable for long or heavy use

This set is perfect for different types of sharpening and shaping work.

If you are looking for the best files for metals then you can get this product without any doubt.

This set includes flat, square, triangle, round, half-round and the other types of files also.

Further, it has a lifetime warranty and for that reason, you can get lots of advantage including a refund if the product is not appropriate. Overall, it has the best qualities you can get and thus you can try it out at least for once.

Handles– The wooden handles make it exceptional than others. It ensures better control, excellent impact resistance, and a comfort grip.

Several Applications– This tool can work for different purposes like shaping aluminum, steel, metal, Tim, iron, wood, plastic, copper, and many other materials.  So that, you can do several kinds of applications in just a single tool set.

Set items– The tool has a half-round file, round file, flat file, square file, and triangular file. All types of file that you will need is here.

Warranty– It has a lifetime warranty. That’s why you will get a full refund if there’s any problem you are facing.


  • Made of high carbon steel that ensures high-frequency quenching, longevity, high hardness, and strength
  • Handles are wooden that’s why it becomes handy and easy to use
  • Can use for different purposes, so that, it will be a great deal for you


  • Sometimes handles slip off so, you should be careful about this

6. REXBETI Premium Grade Steel File Set-For Professional

REXBETI has its amazing tools including this one.

It has a service 16 pieces of files that have both large and small pieces of tools, and that will make it very versatile.

You can use it anywhere and for any purpose.

It also has some additional equipment. Such as, you can get a compact carrying case with it, and all the things make it more handy and portable. This toolset is a nice option anyway.

Set items– This set has 16 pieces of files that come with four pieces of large files. There is flat, half-round, round, and triangle files in the set. There are other 12 pieces of the precision needle file.

Additional storage space– All tools are stored in a rugged and compact carrying case. That will make this set a portable one, and it will be handy for you.

Handles– It has long handles made of rubbery materials. This will make it handy and comfortable using.


  • Have a sturdy 16 pieces of file set that will make things easier
  • Can be found in a compact storage bag that will make it a handy one
  • Handles are comfortable so that all the works will be done easily


  • Ridges might be a bit disorganized

The product is from Topec that has several pieces of round, half-round, triangle files, and also some needle files with it.

The rubber is made of high-quality rubber that will make it a portable and handy one.

This product is surely preferable if you are a person who is looking for the best metalworking files. 

Moreover, you can get a multi-purpose function, and that’s why you are going to love it anyhow. Try this out, and then you will see the amazing features of it.

File set items– This set includes 18 pieces of the set that has four pieces of flat, half-round, round, and triangle files. There are another 14 pieces of needle files including with it.

Material– These tools are made of high carbon steel. That’s why you can get the best experience while using it.

Handles– The handles are made of high-quality materials. That’s why it’s tightly connected to the file.

Multi-purpose– It has a quality that can be used on different materials like glass, mirror, metal, leather, ceramic, and for different purposes like cutting and polishing. That’s how you can get a set to use for different purposes.


  • Has multi-functional quality that can be useful during working with it
  • Suitable for daily use, that’s why you can surely get this and do daily work easily
  • Rubbery handles are very comfortable and easy to use so that you will have a portable and comfortable experience working with it
  • Cons

  • The zipper of the case is a bit hard to get started

Buyer’s Guide for Buying Metal Files

When you are planning to buy any metal files, there are some things that you should be careful of. The reason is if you are not capable of purchasing the right and suitable one, there is no reason for buying that thing. Also, you will face difficulties if you get the wrong product.

That’s why you must be careful while purchasing. Let’s get right into the parts that are important and see why things are important.


Though the files are used for cutting, sharpening, shaping, and other purposes, it’s important to choose the right one. There are lots of shapes available in a file set. But choose that set that can help you appropriately.

There are four types of files available, and those are single-cut, double-cut, curved-cut, and rasp-cut files. Though these are completely different from one to another, you must be very careful about your needs. It is because without knowing your need you cannot be able to choose the right one.

There are also some certain shapes a file set can have, such as rounded, half-rounded, square, triangular, and flat. These are the common shapes of files. So, when you are choosing any file set, you must know what types of files you need. At first, know your need fully then decide about the exact file set.

Moreover, there are other numerous shapes available in the market. These can also satisfy you by providing better performance. That’s why you have to be sure about your needs before buying any set. And once you are done with choosing, you can get better performance and better results for sure.


The file is known for its sharpness. When you are going to shape or sharpen any material, you will need a file with good sharpness. And for that reason, you have to be sure if the file set you are going to buy is sharp or not.

As sharpness is necessary, you will need to take it seriously. It is because if there is no sharpness in the file then you won’t be able to do with it what you want to. Moreover, it’s the compulsory thing of any file. You need to know what file will do your job correctly. Also, you need to examine if the sharpness is appropriate or not. Taking the over-sharpened file can also be a risky one. One mistake can harm your safety. That’s why you have to be very concerned about the steps you take.


Every metal file has a handle with it. When it’s about a metal file set, it’s important to take care of the handles. Before buying it, you need to check if the handles are made of high material or not. It is because if the handles are not well-attached, you will face difficulties.

Moreover, take care of the construction of handles. If the handles are made of wood, it generally can loosen over time. That’s why take care of this thing, and if it gets loosen then make sure you will repair it in time. Do not use it in a hurry without its handles.


Sharpness and handles are important. But keeping the material fact in mind is also important because if the material of those files is not that good then it will be of no use for purchasing that product.

Every kind of steel is a mixture of carbon and iron. The technique and proportion might be changed but all is the mixture of these two elements. So, it’s super hard, powerful to work with any other hard materials.

There are also some fumes made of high carbon steel. When you are going to fill metal, you will need harder teeth than the material you are cutting into. Using carbon can give you high-quality performance, and better sharpness. The high carbon steel can do all these things.

When you are working with wood or plastic, you should be very careful that you will use those files that have a bastard or rough kind of pattern. The reason is you won’t face any problem as it can shave easily.


Most of the hand files have a lifetime warranty. That’s a plus point of metal files. But otherwise, you have to check the details first before buying any file set. That’s why it will be great if you could check the warranty details before buying it.

Not only the materials, sharpness, and shapes are important. Knowing the warranty details and if it is available or not is the other thing that you should be concerned about. So, it will be better if you check the details first and the purchase.


People generally like to purchase the best product at a reasonable price. There are two options- getting the long-lasting product or getting the branded one. Different people have different choices. Some of you want the product if they are of good brands. Other people want a good quality product at a reasonable rate.

Both thoughts are valid. It all depends on you, and your choices. But first, make sure you will make the right decision. You cannot have both in a single set. You do not even need both qualities in a product. So, you have to be sure about what kind of job you have. And according to that, you will now decide.

If you do not need that particular file set then we recommend you purchase that product that gave good qualities in it. You do not always have to buy the branded and expensive one. Just purchase that product that will suit your job most.

FAQ List 

1.How to Use a Metal File?

Sad but true, most of the people use a metal file in the wrong way. It is because they do not know what the right way is. That’s why it’s very important to be cleared about the techniques of using a file.

Most of the people use it in a sawing motion. But it’s not the right way to file. It’s harmful if you saw in a back-and-forth motion. You need to push forward and lift it off and then again push. In this way, you can file it in a short time, and get better results too.

Moreover, preparing your file is another thing to be concerned about. Before doing the sharpening thing, you need to prepare it first. Also, choose the correct file according to your job. After that, check the quality of the file, and if it’s no longer in a good situation, then clean it well. Make sure, you will file in just in one direction. That will ensure your safety.

Further, you have to know the type of the file first. Every product has different types of files in a set, and you need to take that one particular file that will suit your job most. Do what you want to but just make sure you will be saved during filing the material.

2. Types of Metal file

There are different types of metal files that you can have in the entire set. Generally, the set includes several types of files including flat files rounded, half-rounded file, square, triangular, rectangular file and so on.

You can also get some exceptional files in some sets, and those are Berrette files, needle files, and crossing files. Overall, there are lots of different files that are available in the market. Choose any of those according to your job. It will surely suit your work well.

How to Sharpen Files

Vedio Guide

3. Metal File vs. Wood File

There’s always a question that rolls on your mind, and that is the confusion of what files will be better. There are many types of files available out there, but the most popular files are the metal and the wood file. Both files have different features, and both have advantages and disadvantages. So, it will be a matter of dilemma of choosing a file.

If we start comparing it, we will see some features that make differences from each other. If we see the metal files, it’s usually called mill files. Metal Files are made of high carbon steel that ensures you better safety. It has a good strength that will help you to file easily, and effectively.

On the other hand, wood files are something that has sharp pointed teeth. It’s a hand tool made of steel with a wooden handle. This type of product is also great for regular use. But the only problem is the handles can get loosen by the time. It can be problematic, but otherwise, it works well.

And if we have to compare these two files then we recommend the metal one as it has strong qualities, and has no problems working with the handles. If you can get the preferable set for your job then you must purchase the metal file set. Moreover, you can get proper safety using metal ones. So, there’s nothing to think about. You should buy the metal ones for better performance.

Wrap Up

When I was trying to figure out best metal file, at first I make a list of what kind of files I need for my work. After that, I tried to search for that preferable set that will be suitable for my job. And according to that, I select the appropriate file set for getting a better result.

Just like that, you also need to figure out your needs first. And then you need to purchase the set you like the most. Just keep your safety first and work well.

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