Best Power Window Conversion Kit 2021-Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for the best power window conversion kit, then this is the right place for you.

We will present you with up to 7 of the most exciting models in the market today. Besides, this article also contains a detailed buying guide and everything that you need to know about power window conversion kits.

As you probably know, there are consistent and progressive technological advancements around everything. 

Of course, the improvements are in a bid to make life easier and more convenient.The automobile industry is one of the sectors with the most notable technological developments. 

Can you imagine what the first vehicle looked like? What about the steps that led to the types of classy cars that we see today?

Everything started with rickety cars that depended on pedaling to move. Then, it evolved to using stick shift gears in place of pedals, before the world marveled at the introduction of automatic cars. But now, with the arrival of computer-driven automobiles, the revolution around cars is phenomenal.And car parts are part of this evolution. So, you have a chance to upgrade from the uninteresting conventional car windows with any of the following modern power window conversion kits!

7 Best Power Window Conversion Kit

1. AUTOANDART Universal Electric Power Window Regulator Conversion Kit

AUTOANDART Universal Electric Power Window Conversion Kit

Do you want to make the significant upgrade from a troublesome manual car window to something more modern and automatic? Well, if that’s what brings you here, then the AUTOANDART Universal Electric Power Window Regulator Conversion Kit is all you need.

It is an upgraded and automatic motor kit that is ideal for anyone who wants to convert manual windows into highly effective power models. Besides, as the name suggests, it is a universal kit that will work correctly for your pickup truck, van, SUV, or car. It remains one of the most versatile models in its category. And you will like the Japanese technology motor that the manufacturer incorporates into the system.

The following features stand out;

  • Complete Kit

Do you want to buy a power window conversion kit that comes in bits? Indeed, you don’t want to stress yourself with compatibility issues. The system comes complete with all the necessary hardware, including wiring, frames, and switches. Such a feature ensures that you won’t need to purchase any other parts separately. All you need is to acquire this kit, fit it in your car, and you will be good to go. All the fitting instructions are in the provided user manual.

  • 12V DC ±2V

The recommended operating voltage of the AUTOANDART Universal Electric Power Window Regulator Conversion Kit remains 12V DC ±2V. As you will learn, this will give your window sufficient power to open and close without any problems. Apart from reliability, the voltage is pretty convenient, making this conversion kit energy-efficient.

  • Manual Handle

What happens when you lose power? Do you wait for hours as you grapple with low oxygen levels in the vehicle? While losing power in your car in the 21st century is a rare occurrence, it is a calamity that we cannot ignore. Luckily, the manufacturer includes a manual handle to help you open or close the windows, in case you are out of power. Isn’t that pretty convenient and safe?

  • Ideal For 2-Door Cars

What types of cars is this conversion system ideal for? Interestingly, this is a perfect kit for all 2-door vehicles. These include pickup trucks, vans, cars, and SUVs, to mention a few. Irrespective of the make, model, or year of manufacture of your automobile, this system perfectly fits as long as the vehicle window glasses of not more than 6.5 pounds.


  • It is a complete system that comes with everything you need.
  • The conversion system features moderate pricing.
  • The system fits perfectly in all 2-door cars of any make or model.
  • It boasts of a high-quality construction that will serve you reliably.


  • The installation instructions aren’t very straightforward, but you can quickly figure out everything.

2. Universal Electric Power Window Kit

Electric Power Window Regulator Conversion Kit

The clamor to upgrade car windows from the cranky manual system to the modern electric power systems is on the rise. Of course, this is for all the right reasons. Everyone wants a system that can quickly operate with unprecedented ease and convenience. And if you are still reading this, then that’s what you are looking for, too.

But while it is in the public domain that you can easily find a viable model for your type of automobile, it is unbelievable to find a top-quality kit at less than $100. That’s what the Universal Electric Power Window offers prospective buyers. At such an affordable price, this fantastic product guarantees reliability, productivity, and efficiency in an incomparable manner.

  • Powerful

You neither need an unreliable device or one that will fail you when you need it the most. And interestingly, at the top of the list of the fantastic features of this power conversion mechanism is the powerful built. It boasts of a remarkable voltage of 12V DC ±2V, which can deliver any automobile window movements whenever you expect it to do so.

  • Japanese Motor Technology

With a motor that is 20% more powerful than ordinary conversion kits, the system delivers more efficiency and reliability that most of its competitors. It features a new design that ensures less friction and silent operation. Moreover, it takes pride in a long lifespan, making it a kit that will serve you for several years. This not only saves you from purchasing a new replacement kit but also saves you from frequent repairs and maintenance costs.

  • Easy To Install

You don’t want a conversion kit that you will fumble with for hours to install in your car, do you? It is exciting that the Universal Electric Power Window is a product that will not take you several hours to install. Besides, it is a Spal type system that comes with all the installation hardware that you need. These include a wire harness, three illuminated switches, and frames.


  • The strong Japanese technology motor delivers smooth, silent, and reliable movements.
  • A manual handle saves the situation in case of a power breakdown.
  • It is a universal system for all 2-door vehicles, irrespective of the make or model.
  • It comes with all the installation hardware.


  • Time consuming

3. Flat Power Window Kit

Flat Power Window Kit

Are you looking for a system that can convert flat glass vehicle windows into modern and efficient power window systems? If your answer is yes, then this Flat Power Window Kit meets and surpasses your needs. It features a revolutionary super glide system that guarantees easy installation.

And beyond the installation features, the device comes with an exciting range of functional capabilities. It will work pretty well for older cars that do not have modern window systems. Even more, you will like the fact that it features some of the most premium characteristics of car conversion kits, despite not being exorbitantly priced like many premium models.

  • Adjustable Window Base

Do all cars come with the same shape and size of window bases? We will be wrong if we say that way. That means that conversion kits that do not have adjustable window bases may often fail to fit. But luckily enough, this product features an adjustable window base to help you fit it in any car window as long as the glasses are flat.

  • Reinforced Guide Track

Interestingly, the AutoLoc Flat Power Window Kit features a reinforced guide track to keep the system secure and stable. Thus, this is a kit that will serve you for several years without any issues. The mounting base features holes that are 0.25 inches apart. Likewise, the regulator also features holes that are 25 inches apart. These features further help in securing the system in any flat window.

  • Bosch Motors

Have you heard about Bosch? And, what comes to your mind when you hear about Bosch? The company is about quality, reliability, and performance. And now that the AutoLoc Flat Power Window Kit comes with a gear-driven Bosch motor, we wouldn’t be wrong to say that the entire system is of high-quality, reliable, and productive. Of course, the motor determines the performance of a power window conversion kit.

  • Quieter Operation

While convenience tops the list on why people are making the transition from manual car doors to power conversion kits, the transformation is also a sure way to minimize the sounds that come with cranking vehicular doors. Interestingly, the AutoLoc U-wire kit works smoothly and cancels any noise, thanks to the powerful motor system.


  • You can choose from a variety of installation kits.
  • It works fine with a variety of vehicle models.
  • It doesn’t have any plastic parts making it durable.
  • You can easily upgrade this kit into a remote-controlled system.


  • It doesn’t come with wires and switches, but you can easily get these.

4. XYZCTEM Power Central Lock Kit

XYZCTEM Power Central Lock Kit

There is a general belief that power window conversion kits are exorbitantly priced. Well, that’s just that, a misconception. The truth is that you can now own a high-quality conversion kit without breaking the bank. The XYZCTEM Power Central Lock Kit is a perfect example. It allows you to control your door using a remote fob.

First off, the company is a reputable name in the car components manufacturing industry. It offers high-quality window conversion kits that will transform your automobile crank up windows to automatic options that deliver smooth and reliable action. You just can’t ignore the experience that comes with that.

  • Affordable

Can you imagine that you can own and install a power window kit at under $30? Indeed, one of the reasons why this device stands out is its favorable pricing. While it comes quite cheaply, the gadget doesn’t compromise on any of the essential features of a modern automated window system. In fact, it performs better than most of its competitors.

  • DC 9-15V Working Voltage

Most older cars with rank up windows have a voltage of between 8V to 15V. Interestingly, the XYZCTEM Power Central Lock Kit also features that working voltage making it compatible with a variety of car windows. It also features a working current of 2 amps under optimum temperatures of between -30 to 80 ˚C.

  • Universal System

Unlike most models that only work for 2-door vehicles or trucks, the XYZCTEM Power Central Lock Kit will perfectly fit any automobile. It works well for 2-door cars, 3-door cars, and 4-door cars. Such a feature makes it one of the most versatile options as it can fit any vehicle irrespective of the model or make.

  • Complete Package

You don’t want to purchase incomplete kits only to fumble with getting other components from other sources. It is exciting that this is one of the few models that come with everything you need for a single door. So, this package includes a single door lock module, master wire actuators, slave wire actuators, remote controls, and all the installation hardware.


  • It comes at a very affordable price.
  • The package contains everything that you need to fit a single door.
  • It is a universal system that fits all doors.
  • A heavy-duty motor delivers stronger, stronger, and quiet performance.


  • The instructions don’t come in English, but this shouldn’t be a problem as the installation process is pretty straightforward.

5. Biltek CX-402 Universal conversion Kit

Biltek CX-402 Universal conversion Kit

Another exciting inclusion into this review is the powerful Biltek CX-402 Universal conversion Kit. It is a system that stands out in many ways. But first, the system allows for fast and smooth operation. Again, it remains one of the most reliable systems in the market today.

It is ideal for cars with two window systems. It makes your car window operations very easy, fast, and convenient. Moreover, it is one of the most reliable automatic conversion kits that you can have in the market today.

Worm-Driven Motors

One of the most outstanding features of the Biltek CX-402 Universal conversion Kit is the incorporation of worm-driven motors into the system. Such a feature gives the gadget unbeatable versatility, dependability, and convenience. Besides, worm-driven motors guarantee high torque power, which makes the system pretty ideal for old fashioned cars and trucks.

  • Illuminated Buttons

One of the challenges that come with automated window conversion kits is the difficulty in locating the buttons when darkness falls. You certainly don’t want the inconvenience that comes with fumbling with a power conversion kit when it is supposed to make your life easier. The CX-402 features illuminated lights for perfect visibility, even in dark environments.

  • Keyless Function

The device allows keyless entry or exit by creating a topnotch central locking system of the door. By doing this, it helps to convert your manual door locking mechanism into an automated full-fledged central locking system. Thus, the Biltek CX-402 Universal conversion Kit isn’t just designed for car windows alone but also helps to automate the door system.

  • Compatible with Most Alarm System

The security of your car is another vital aspect to look into because car theft and vandalism are on the rise. Therefore, it would be ideal to consider power window conversion kits that are compatible with popular alarm system mechanisms. The BILTEK CX-402 allows you to connect the system to any alarm system. Such a feature enables you to operate your door and also control your alarms effortlessly.


  • It provides you with an opportunity to have a keyless door control mechanism.
  • You can fit it on any car, van, SUV, or truck.
  • You can conveniently connect it to your car alarm system.
  • The worm-driven motors deliver high-torque power hence dependable.


  • You may need a professional to help you with the detailed installation process.


  • It provides you with an opportunity to have a keyless door control mechanism.
  • You can fit it on any car, van, SUV, or truck.
  • You can conveniently connect it to your car alarm system.
  • The worm-driven motors deliver high-torque power hence dependable.


  • You may need a professional to help you with the detailed installation process.

6. JDMSPEED New Universal

JDMSPEED Electric Power Window Lift Conversion Kit

If you require something more special for your old school crank-style car, then we present you the JDMSPEED New Universal. It is a device that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Yet, it remains one of the most functional, productive, and durable models on this list. Despite being a perfect fit for 2-door cars, this system goes beyond your ordinary window conversion system.

But firstly, it is essential to note that JDMSPEED is one of the most famous car spares and accessories manufacturers in the market today. It prides itself on some of the most durable and functional units in the industry. And for the JDMSPEED New Universal, its features speak for itself.

  • Complete Package

The truth is that all the essential components are in the package. Doesn’t this create convenience? The package compilation includes two remotes, slave and master actuators, the unit module, a set of wires, switches, and other essential hardware. Thus, this system meets your needs for a power car window without the need to put your money and time on additional components.

  • Door Automation System

While our primary focus is on the power window conversion kit, this system delivers more than that. You will also find it a reliable means to convert your car door from the troublesome manual system to a modern automated system. Doing this ensures that you end up with a door that operates without keys. Besides, you can also establish a connection with your car alarms for effortless alarm activation or deactivation.

  • Universal Kit For 2-Door Cars

The device is an incredible system for any old fashioned 2-door cars. You don’t need to worry about the make, model, or year of manufacture of your vehicle. While it won’t work with cable windows, it helps to convert all manual crank car windows into efficient automated systems. Of course, that helps to save you energy and time.

  • Cosmetic Installation

It is even more exciting that this kit won’t require you to create any external modifications on the door of your car. It fits faultlessly in the back of the door, leaving the interior design of the door with its original design. The JDMSPEED New Universal conversion kit takes pride in a quiet motor operation, which creates an invaluable experience.


  • The universal design is ideal for a variety of automobiles.
  • It also includes a central locking system to help you control your doors without keys.
  • The device comes with all the necessary installation accessories.
  • Investing in this device assures you of a high-quality and durable conversion system.


  • New users will find it a bit complicated to install on the first day.

7. KKmoon Universal kit

KKmoon Universal kit

Do you intend to make a transition from the old versions of the labor-intensive crank up windows to the swift and efficient automatic power window systems? If your answer is yes, then we present you with a gadget that helps you to meet and surpass your objectives. The KKmoon Universal kit is one of its kind.

It is a device that takes pride in an unbeatable versatility, convenience, and durability. While we opted to end the review section of this article, this kit could have no doubt taken the top position.

But why exactly do you need this universal kit? Well, your answer lies in the features highlighted below.

  • Remote Car Lock

One of the most popular features of this kit is that while it acts as a reliable conversion kit, it also doubles up as an incredible car lock system. Therefore, you can integrate it into your car door to gain a keyless entry or exit whenever you need it. Such a feature helps you to ensure a full transformation of your car from a manual door system to a modern system.

  • Flashing Alert

Have you ever packed your car in only to come back and find trouble tracing it? Of course, if you frequent big cities, then this has happened for you, or will soon happen to you. Either many cars parked after you will create some confusion, or you just lose the geography of the parking lot. Whichever the case, the kit features a flashing alert that will lead you to the location of your car.

  • Powerful Remote System

We already said that this device is an automated system that comes with everything that you need. But if we forgot that, then it is essential to take note of it. Interestingly, part of the accessories that come with the system includes two powerful remotes. You will like the power that the remotes boast of as you can easily use them from 50 yards away.

  • High-Quality

Are you looking for a durable system? Indeed, we all want to buy items that will last long since no one wants to spend money on crap. The KKmoon Universal kit remains one of the most durable products in this list. It is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear. So, it is one of the few models that can reliably stand the test of time.


  • You can use it as a conversion kit and a door lock system.
  • The high-quality construction delivers impressive longevity.
  • It is suitable for all 4-door cars but will also fit 2-door models.
  • It is affordably priced for such a premium kit.


  • The conversion will take you a few hours to install, but it is worth it.

Buying Guide For Best Power Conversion Kits

A time comes when you need to make a transition from manual car window systems to modern options. That’s because rolling a car window up and down is labor-some and not a thing of the 21st century. But when that time comes, one of the mistakes that you don’t want to do is throw your money on a useless device.

And while there are preferential differences from person to person, there are those features that remain the same. Those are the features that we want to explain in this section, albeit briefly.

  • Ease Of Installation

You don’t want to invest in a conversion kit that you cannot install and use. And while every conversion system included in this review is pretty easy to install, the degree of ease of installation differs. Some options do not require professionals to install, while a variety of other options will need professionals to set up. If you can secure a professional technician to help you with the installation processes, then you don’t have to worry.

  • Versatility

What’s the function of a power window conversion kit? Precisely, the primary reason why people invest in this system is to transform old fashioned windows into automatic options. However, some models offer more than window conversion systems and instead go as far as providing a functional mechanism for locking and unlocking the door.

  • Quiet Operation System

Interestingly, the power window conversion kits should be swift and efficient. These devices should also be frictionless to produce no noise. The kind of components that the device comes with determines if the set will be noisy or not noisy. We advise that you go for options that are very quiet because they have tendencies to develop some noise which can be too much with time.

  • Voltage Plan

The truth is that cars and conversion kits have a variety of voltage plans. You need to ensure compatibility by opting for a model that features the same power rating as that of your car. And that will need a lot of vigilance as any small mistake will leave you with a kit that you cannot use. Luckily, all models have a power rating in the user manual or websites.

  • Power Or No Power

This feature may not be critical if you don’t experience any cases of loss of power. But even if you rarely lose power, this remains an essential factor to consider. You can never be sure. A conversion kit that has a handle for operation in case of any loss of power gives you more convenience. Thus, it is something that you will need to look out for to avoid inconvenience or a disaster in case of an emergency.

  • Cost

Another interesting consideration to look out for is the cost of the conversion system. What is your desired budget? Of course, this will vary from person to person, and it depends on the amount of money that you want to put in your car. Interestingly, these kits come in a variety of price tags.

  • Warranty

What happens when your device of choice malfunctions? You see, these systems, like every other electronic system, can fail. Choose a kit with a long warranty because that’s an indication that the company promises to guarantee the reliability of the kit, and, in any case, it fails, they can correct the mishap or do a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to convert manual windows into power windows?

Yes. It is possible to convert roll-up windows in modern cars into more modern power windows. However, the system needs the right kit. It will also require retrofitting your car door, wiring the car, adding the right switches, and powering the door.

Q: Can Any Type of Power Conversion Kit Work for My Car?

No. While most kits are pretty universal, not all of them are compatible with every type of car. You may talk to a representative of the company over the phone to ascertain if your vehicle is compatible with the conversion system in question. You will need to arm yourself with the right make and model of your car when you do so.

Q: My power windows stopped working. What could be the problem?

Power window conversion kits sometimes malfunction because of an array of reasons. Some of the reasons include faulty window regulators, faulty switches, or broken motors. You may need a qualified technician to troubleshoot and identify the source of the problem if you don’t have any technological know-how.

Q: Can I install a conversion kit by myself?

Yes. It is pretty possible to make the installation independently. These kits come with user manuals to help you in the installation process. However, there are a variety of systems that are quite complicated and may require the services of a technician.

Final Words

The old school car window systems are no longer trendy. So, if you think that it is time to upgrade to a more comfortable, trendier, and more time-saving system, you will need a system that is efficient and dependable.

We have reviewed some of the best options in the market because we understand that choosing the best power window conversion kit is an overwhelming task. Besides, we have also provided you with a detailed buying guide to help you make an informed decision. We wish you the best in your mission to jump the wagon and experience the captivating experience of using power windows.

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