Best Ryobi 18V Battery: Reviews on Ryobi 18V Battery

Are you searching for a Ryobi battery? If you are then you are into the right place. We are going to describe some of the best Ryobi 18V battery that will change your life.

Ryobi batteries are a great investment if you are into batteries. It can be used for a long time and you can find them in an affordable price too.

But there are different types of batteries you can find. And when it’s about 18V battery, you need to know something before buying any of them. Have a look at the best Ryobi batteries and see everything about it.

7 Best Ryobi 18V Battery

There are several Ryobi batteries that are exist. But we are going to show you some of the best of all. Let’s see what the batteries and what the things are that made them unique.

If you want a compact starter kit, then you will need this Ryobi 18V ONE+ Lithium Battery.

It has almost everything with a tool bag so that you will be travel with it from one place to another.

Besides, it has a long-lasting battery with a reasonable price. Also, it has a 3-year warranty that is a great benefit. So, overall, you can purchase it and use as much as you want.

Weight– The Ryobi 18V ONE+ Lithium battery comes with a certain weight. And the weight of this one is about 1.65 pounds. It’s a compact size battery that can be controlled easily. But it won’t be suitable for you if you don’t want an extra and bigger battery, because that will increase the weight. 

Battery– In this product, there are premium battery cells. And those cells help to improve battery power and make it a long-lasting one.

Battery Amount– There are 2 Lithium-Ion batteries included. That is a good part of this product. And that’s why you can get this one if you want a double Lithium-Ion batteries in your collection.

Product Items– This product includes two Lithium-Ion batteries, a charger to charge anytime you want, and a tool bag to store everything in it.

Warranty– The ONE+ Lithium battery has a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years. That is the advantage of buying this product.


  • It has a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • It has a tool bag to carry everything and take it from one place to another
  • This product comes with an excellent battery life
  • The carrying bag is big enough to store lots of things in it
  • It has a great price comparing to the quality of it


  • The bag is large but there’s no need of that much space to store only one battery and a charger
  • You might need to charge the batteries quite often

Fhybat Ryobi 18V Battery has several features that attract the buyer, especially the features do the job and it also looks good when you place it somewhere.

This product has a ease of using and you can set it up in a right place too. Moreover, it can be used for a long time so that you can say, it’s a long-lasting one.

The high compatibility and the safety is the main reason why you should choose it over anything. It can be installed in an easy way. You just need to plug in and then it will be set.

Besides, it provides much durability so that you can have a overcharge protection. Overall, it will be a good decision if you want a small type of a battery. It can be a good replacement of other failed Ryobi batteries.

Weight– The weight of this product is about 1.68 pounds. It’s not too heavy and has a compact size. So, if you have want a lightweight battery, you can definitely choose this attractive one.

Technical Details–  The type of the battery is Ni-MH and the voltage is 18V. It’s made with high quality cell that provides the long-time physical work capacity. The capacity is  3000mAh. All the things bring the tools into tight spaces.

Certification– The product comes with CE/FCC/ROHS certification. And that ensures the ultimate safety of using it. That’s why you will be safe as it prevents short circuit, over-discharge and also overload.


  • It has an easy-to-install facility
  • This product is made with an amazing design and thus makes a lightweight battery
  • It’s easy to remove
  • This is completely safe as it doesn’t let the battery to become over-discharged and overloaded


  • The fitting of this one is a bit tight

If you are looking for a durable Lithium-ion battery that doesn’t take much time to charge, then this will be perfect for you.

The 18V voltage and a capacity of 2500mAh will enhance the battery life and you will be completely safe with it.

Also, it comes with a certification that assures the better performance and safety guarantee. In a sense, it will be a good one if you want a good Lithium-ion battery.

Weight– The Powilling Lithium Battery has a weight of 2.1 pounds. It’s a bit heavy comparing to the previous two batteries. But it won’t too heavy so that you face any difficulty while moving it from one place to another.

Battery Type– The type of this battery is Li-ion. The capacity is 2500mAh and the voltage is 18V. So, you can get a replacement of your old Ryobi battery if you purchase this Powilling one. Moreover, this battery is effective for using in cold condition. That’s why, it will be a great choice.

Charging Stations– Almost all Ryobi batteries have a certain type of charging system. And the chargers are Ryobi P117, P118, P118B and lots of other ones like that.

Guarantee– If you purchase it then you can have a 30-day money back guarantee with it. Also, it has a 12-month warranty to give you full assurance.


  • It can be charged easily
  • The packaging is also appreciable as it comes with two batteries to use it for a longer time
  • It has an amazing durability
  • It comes with a CE-/FCC-/RoHS certification
  • It has a power indicator included


  • It sometimes get stuck to the charger

With a compact size, this Ryobi P102 provides lots of features to you. It is a lightweight product that ensures easy handling.

Moreover, it prevents user fatigue. It has a fade-free power service that protects the battery from getting weak.

Further, it can store charge four times longer than the other Ryobi batteries. This is basically a cost-effective product.

Overall, it’s a small one and can be used easily as it is easy to handle.

 They might not last too long but it’s a good one according to the price of it. This is a little cheaper but the quality is good if we compare them with others. In a sense, they work great if you use it in a proper way.

Weight– This battery comes with a 12.3 ounces weight that makes it a lightweight product. Comparing to the other Ryobi batteries, it is the most lightweight product you can ever have.

Design– With a fade-free power, it will ensure you the better working experience. The 18V Lithium-Ion Battery has a system that prevents user fatigue. And for its lighter weight, you will feel an ease of handling. So, it’s also a great side of this battery.

Battery– The improved battery has several system that makes it unique. It can hold charge more than a Ni-Cd battery. This battery has a better battery life then the other ones. So, overall, it will be a good choice if the features match your desires.


  • It’s a lightweight battery according to the other batteries
  • It’s totally value for money
  • This product has a good battery life
  • These are cost-effective


  • The charger might not a long-lasting one

With a less weight, this battery ensures much safety and ease of using. If we talk about the features, there are many of it.

Talking about the charging facility, the Ryobi battery provides fast charging. Also, it can keep the charge for a long time. So, if you are planning to store the charge and travel, it will be much easier.

The battery is handy so that you can take it and go anywhere you want. You can cut wood, pump up the tires, saw lumber or even use it as a flashlight.

The only problem is, it cannot be charged with any kind of charger. You need to use the specific one for doing it. Otherwise, it is a good one to buy.

Weight– With a weight of 2.2 pounds, this compact battery has an ease of using facility. And it can be considered as a lightweight product so that you can install and use it without facing much problem.

Material– This 18V battery is made of plastic. That is an advantage of buying this one. It is because if you have it then you won’t face any kind of short circuit or overload because of this material.

Battery cell– This battery is basically a Lithium-Ion battery. The voltage of this is 18V and it can be a good replacement of your old Ryobi battery.


  • It’s not bulky
  • This can work for a longer time
  • It can be installed into the tight spaces
  • The battery can work in cold conditions too
  • You can have a fade-free power


  • The package is not sealed

With this product, you can get 2-pack of Lithium-Ion batteries. This will help the user to run this even more faster than the other one.

Besides, you can use it even in cold weather. And with the compact design, this battery provides an ease-of-carrying facility. It will be handy and you can also install it without facing much problem.

Overall, it’s great for the price. 

With this product, you can get 2-pack of Lithium-Ion batteries. This will help the user to run this even more faster than the other one.

Besides, you can use it even in cold weather. And with the compact design, this battery provides an ease-of-carrying facility. It will be handy and you can also install it without facing much problem.

Overall, it’s great for the price. If you have a certain budget and you want a good battery with a less amount if money, then this will be something that you need. It’s affordable, comfortable to install, has good power retention and great value for money.

Weight– The weight of this one is 15.8 ounces. It is also light in weight. You can get any of that if you are fond of a lighter weight battery for easy attachment. And this will be the perfect one for you.

Battery– This product has 2 Lithium-Ion batteries that is included in it. So, it will be another advantage of this one. And you can get two batteries in it if you get this product.

Battery cell– The type of the battery cell is Lithium-Ion battery. You can use it for different purposes. If you want a Lithium-Ion battery then you can purchase this one for sure. It’s useful for various purposes and bring better results too.


  • This is an inexpensive one
  • It can be a great replacement for old Ryobi batteries
  • It is value for money
  • This product has a good power retention
  • The product comes with 2X more runtime


  • One is weaker than the other

If you want a Ryobi battery with lots of good features in it, then the Energup one will be the suitable one for you.

The reason is, there will be lots of facilities you can have in this battery. Such as, it has a good capacity of 3600mAh. And that will be helpful to give you the long-lasting effect. It will also help to extend the battery life. And that makes the battery more durable.

Moreover, it will protect from getting overcharged. And that’s why it won’t get fused or have a short circuit.

Apart from that, it has a warranty facility of 1 year that will be an advantage of you get this. This battery has several certifications like RoHS that will ensure safety. And you can get all the things in an affordable price. So, it will be a good buy.

Weight– This products includes a 4.79 pounds weight. It can be considered as the lightweight product. And it will be easy to carry too. So, comparing to other batteries, it’s easier to carry.

Design– This product is made of ABS material. It’s basically made of plastic and electric core. And all the things makes it more durable and long-lasting.

Battery call type & Capacity– Ni-cad is the type of battery that is suitable for doing different kinds of stuff. This 18V battery will be the suitable one for easy using. The capacity is 3600mAh. And that will make it more compatible.

Charging options– The replacement of Ryobi battery charger has the voltage of 12-18V. The charger input is AC 100-240V and the output is Li-ion 3A, Ni-CD/Ni-MH 2A. And the charger compatible batteries are P100, P101, P102, P103, P104, P105, P106, P107, and P108. You need to charge the batteries before your first use.


  • It has a wide compatibility
  • You can have it with an affordable price
  • The customer support is friendly enough


  • It will be tough to recharge again

Things to Consider before Buying TOP Ryobi 18V Battery

Several things that you need to consider before buying any Ryobi 18V battery. Though not all things will be appropriate for your purpose, you need to know what the proper battery will be for your work.

So, let’s get into the things that you should know before buying any Ryobi 18V battery.

Size and weight

Size is the thing that you must consider while buying a Ryobi battery. Size is important because weight and size is related to each other. And the weight must be proper to provide the power supply easily.

Besides, you will surely not be satisfied if you carry a heavyweight battery. It will create much problems. That’s why you also need to check if the weight is proper or not. Also, try to purchase a handy and portable one for better using of it.


When it’s about a battery, the capacity of it is important. And that’s why it should be the first thing that you have to check. The reason is, the capacity will ensure the life span of that battery. And that’s mean you will be able to use this battery for a long time if the capacity is high. 

That’s the reason you have to check the capacity of Ryobi battery. The battery that you are going to buy should have a quality of storing energy.

And it will also provide the idea of efficiency of it. If you want a battery with more efficiency then you should go with that Ryobi battery that has a higher capacity. That’s how it will work as the way you want.


The compulsory thing that you have to consider is the quality of the battery. The reason is, if you won’t get the idea of it and buy a wrong kind of battery without knowing much, then you won’t be able to get your desirable tool. And it will be useless.

So, that’s why you need to choose that one that can give you a longer time service. So, before getting into any decision of buying, at first, get the proper idea of that battery and check if you can use it for your own purpose or not. And after being cleared about it, then you can buy and get the better longevity.


Durability is a huge factor that must be considered before buying any Ryobi battery. You have to know that these batteries are not cheap at all. But all you need to do is to select the proper one according to the price.

It is because if you cannot choose the proper one according to your work then you cannot get the total benefit of it. And the durability cannot be shown. That’s why check the details and choose the correct one according to your working purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are All Ryobi 18V Batteries the Same?

Generally, all the Ryobi batteries are almost the same as all the batteries has a same voltage of 18V. The Lithium-Ion batteries are affordable. Although not all the batteries can be charged by Ni-cad chargers, but almost all the other features is the same.

2. What is the Difference in Ryobi Batteries?

The basic difference of Ryobi battery is the amount of energy that the batteries generally deliver. And that is the main thing that creates difference between the Ryobi 18V battery and the others.

3. What Batteries are Compatible with Ryobi?

Ryobi batteries can be worked with several other kinds of batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are compatible with Ryobi. There are some of them, and the names of those brands are Ryobi Lithium+ batteries, Creabest batteries, Flagpower, Eagglew and many other brands have the batteries that are compatible with Ryobi.

4. How Long Does Ryobi Battery Last?

Generally, a Ryobi battery last for about 3-6 years. All you need to do is to take a good care of that. If you store it in a good place, then it will be safe for sure. And it will extend the life of the battery automatically.

5. How Long Should a Ryobi 18V Battery Last?

Ryobi 18V batteries last for about 40 minutes long. Whereas this kind of battery should last more than that. This duration is not enough and the authorization should take a step to extend the lifetime of this battery.

6. What Do you do with old Ryobi Batteries?

When a Ryobi battery is getting old and it doesn’t work anymore, there’s a solution to make it work. If the battery is rechargable then you can fix this. All you need to do is some DIY techniques to make it work. So, the answer is yes, you can fix the old rechargable battery that is not taking charge anymore.

7. Do Ryobi Batteries Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Ryobi batteries have a limited warranty. And the time-limit is for 3 years. But it doesn’t have a lifetime warranty with it.

8. Should I leave my Ryobi Battery in the Charger?

The answer is no, you shouldn’t do that. Though not all chargers have a quality of auto stopping when the charging is complete, that’s why it might get overcharged. So, you should totally avoid leaving the battery in the charger for so long. And make sure you turn off the charger once you are done with charging.

9. Does Ryobi Replace Bad Batteries?

As you know that Ryobi batteries have a warranty facility, that’s why you can get the benefit of it. Generally, it doesn’t come with a bad battery but if it does, then you can use the warranty facility easily.

10. How do you Store Ryobi Batteries?

You can extend the lifetime of the rechargable Ryobi batteries. You just need to take care of it in a proper way. Such as, you should charge the battery for a certain amount of time.

Don’t overcharge it. Take the plug out of the socket when the charging is finished. So that, the battery won’t get overcharged. Besides, keep the battery in a cool place to avoid overload and other problems. Also, keep it dry to extend the life span.

11. How Long Does it Take for a Ryobi Battery to Charge?

A charger of Ryobi 18V is a handy one. Basically, the duration of charging depends on the power type of the battery. It will take at least 50-55 minutes to charge a 1.3Ah battery. And the 5Ah battery will take 3 hours 20 minutes to get fully charged. So, it totally depends on the type of the battery.

Final Verdict

We have showed you the advantages as well as disadvantages of the best Ryobi 18V battery. All you need to do is, check the details properly and then get into any decision.

We hope that, the entire description help you to clear your dilemma and you will be able to select the appropriate one for your purpose. And that’s how you can get what you are actually looking for. Take your decision by knowing every detail of it, and then purchase the ideal one.

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