Best Water Separator for Air Compressor 2020-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Water Separator for Air Compressor

Are you searching for the best water separator for air compressor?If the answer is yes, then, you have come to the right place. Let’s face it. 

This is very unpleasant because dirt and moisture can cause the malfunctioning of your compressor.Also, these elements can make the internal parts of the equipment to get rust which could shorten the life of the air machine.Is there any solution to stop water from gaining entrance into your air compressor?

Of course, yes. And the solution is to make use of a water separator.Installing a separator keeps water at bay and this measure helps to extend the life of the air compressor.But choosing a quality and durable water separator can be a big challenge. You don’t have to worry.This article is written to help you make an informed choice.

Read on as we make a review of the best 10 list of water separator. Our choices are based on the quality, durability, functionality and performance of these products.

10 Best Water Separator for Air Compressor

1/2" Particulate Water Separator

Extend the life of your compressor with the 1/2″ Particulate Water Separator.This product is ideal for single-stage compressor for the effective removal of moisture from the airlines of your compressor.

Details About filter:

This filter is made from a combination of polymer and metal to drastically reduce moisture from single compressor airlines.The unit has 5 microns filter to bring down the level of moisture and debris up to 95%.When it comes to the design of the filter, it has a simple and compact design.The ease of use and installation is stress-free. It comes with a semi-automatic drain. It also has a ½-inch filter to remove moisture with ease.

You can use it to drain moisture overnight.

This equipment does not only remove moisture, but it also does a good job in the removal of debris, oil, dust and water that could get trapped inside the compressor and cause harm to it.The bowl serves as the container that holds the moisture contents adequately.

The functionality and performance of the unit are impressive. This filter functions at 145 max output pressure and 175 PSI max input pressure. It has a 106 CFM flow rate. When some pressure is applied on the bowl, the moisture content will be held by the drain until it is manually discharged by the user. When there is no pressure applied to the bowl, the drain opens up automatically so that the moisture content can be released.For optimal performance, allow for the vertical climbing of forced air while gravity helps to force down the liquid moisture.    


Multifunctional system:This equipment is multifunctional. It traps and filters water excellently. When there is pressure on the air hose, the drains the water automatically.

Breezy installation:You don’t have to be an expert to install the equipment. The installation is a breeze. Just follow the installation manual that comes with the package.

Durable and sturdy:The filter is heavy-duty making it sturdy. It is made from metal and polymer for durability and long-lasting use. The filter is replaceable. 


  •  It is low-cost and budget-friendly
  • Easy to install and use without issue
  • Helps to increase the level of airflow
  • Performs the exceptional auto-drain function


  • Plastic drain valve may leak
  • The filter can only be replaced; not cleaned.
3/8” Compressed Air In-Line Filter Desiccant Filter

Moisture is harmful if it finds its way into compressed air. Water can damage a compressed air tool in many ways. All of these will result in increased maintenance, higher operating costs and lower productivity.

The solution to these problems is the 3/8” compressed air and desiccant filter. This unit does an incredible job removing humidity, oil and water from compressed air. With this equipment, you can greatly minimize the harm wet compressed air can cause your air tools by drying it adequately.Once this unit is connected to the air system, there is very little drop in the airflow. It comes with desiccant beads that turn light pink from blue to indicate it is time they are changed after saturation.

 The construction of the unit is of high quality. It is well built, easy to use and with no leaks. This unit has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. For the ease of maintenance, there is a quick-release bowl.The bowl is very transparent with metal guards allowing for the easy viewing of trapped contents and also guide against the impact on the unit. It is highly recommended for sandblasting, plasma cutters and paint. 


Versatile :This is a versatile and multifunctional unit. It prevents humidity, oil and water from causing damage to your air tool by keeping the air dry.

Ease of use :The equipment is easy and convenient to use. The quick-release bowl makes maintenance stress-free. Contents in the bowl can be viewed and there is a metal guard to protect the bowl against damage.

Desiccant filter beads :When the filter beads are saturated the colour will turn from blue to light pink to indicate they should be changed for better performance.


  • There are no leaks at all
  • It provides directional flow
  • Well constructed for durability and increased functionality
  • Comes with desiccant bead dryer


  • There are no mounting brackets or holes
  • It is very small and expensive too
DeVilbiss 1300525 QC3 Air Filter & Dryer

The DeVilbiss QC3 Air Filter and Dryer is the cost-effective option for any shop that is into painting. It comes with a quick-change desiccant filter that is easy to maintain and includes the removal tool. 

This system works in three stages. It traps and contains water, humidity and oil making it a perfect solution for any compressor. It has an excellent shut-off valve, pressure gauge and regulator.The equipment lets you know when it is time to change the desiccant filter. Its design is sturdy and easy to install.Using the DeVilbiss QC3 means you are going to have nice, dry and clean air coming from your compressor to give you an exceptional user-friendly experience.

The filtration system provides superior performance with just 2 PSI drop in pressure. The unit allows for complete air control to give you a better coating thickness and colour match to deliver excellent results all the time.


Through filtration:The three-stage filtration system comes with 0.1-micron rating to deliver clean oil and humidity-free air resulting in an impressive job with excellent finishes.

Easy to change cartridge:The filter cartridge is extremely easy to change and maintain. It comes with a bowl tool for ease of removal. The filter is large enough to contain 16x desiccants.

Light and compact:This tool is light and compact making it ideal for shops, hobbyists and restoration shops. It drops only 2 PSI of pressure and still delivers great filtration.


  • It is well-built for long-lasting use
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Sturdily constructed to deliver outstanding performance
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • It is a bit expensive
  • The filter requires periodic replacement
Air Oil Water Separator Trap Filter Separator

If you are on a budget and looking for an effective oil and water separator,this product is highly recommended. It is extremely affordable and durable since the separator is made from zinc alloy and 100 mesh copper core filter. This tool will separate water and oil to prevent corrosion and rust from affecting your compressor.

Details About  filter:

This tool is manufactured and designed to filter airborne hard contaminants from the airlines. It is a standard 1/4” thread that makes a perfect fit for most airlines and spray guns. It is designed to prevent water from the compressor or airline from contaminating your paintwork.

The oil/water separator is very handy and works at the rate of 90 PSI to eliminate condensation that could damage your air system making your tool function optimally. It is incredibly easy to use. To eject waste out of the equipment, you just have to press the valve release.There is minimal cleaning required. The operating temperature is between the range of 23 and 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

The unit can be directly connected to a spray gun for the thorough filtration of dust and oil in the air. It functions well alongside a condensation exhaust valve that comes with the package.

To achieve high efficiency, this product does a good job filtering moisture and impurity thereby helping your air tools to function at high performance. 

This unit is of great value to small projects. The filter has a clear bowl that allows you to see the buildup of moisture so you know when to empty it.   


Suitable applications:This tool is not only compatible with air compressors, but can also be connected to paint airbrush, hose and other pneumatic applications.

Easy to monitor:The system comes with a clear polycarbonate housing that makes it easy for you to monitor the amount of debris and dirt captured by the tool.

Dependable and reliable filtration:You can trust the separator to do a thorough job when it comes to the filtration of different elements such as water and oil to extend the life of your tool


  • It is ultra-lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Fits securely without leakages
  • Great functionality and performance


  • It is very small in size
  • May leak after sometime
Heavy-Duty Particulate Filter

This is another nice water separator from THB. You can’t beat the performance of this equipment. At a high pressure of 175 PSI, this system performs wonderfully to elongate the life of your compressors. 

It helps to remove water vapour from air tools preventing rust and keeping your tool safe. Apart from preventing water vapour, this the equipment also eliminates oil, dirt and dust.

 There is an auto-drain system that drains out moisture and debris automatically from the metal bowl.

The metal bowl comes with a wall mounting bracket and it is also mounted with a sight glass to see the level of trapped moisture at any point in time. Installation instructions are included in the package. This is a heavy-duty filter that works perfectly whether in low or high pressure.

The best part of it is that the equipment comes with a 1-year warranty. This is peace of mind for any buyer or user. It requires little or no maintenance.


Auto-drain system – You don’t have to manually do anything because the equipment drains moisture and debris automatically making it ideal for any air compressors.

Stress-free installation – The installation of this equipment is a breeze. It comes with a wall mounting bracket and needs to be screwed up to the wall.

Excellent performance – The system doesn’t disappoint when it comes to functionality and performance. With 175 PSI, this equipment provides superior performance in both low and high pressure.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Drains water effectively
  • It is maintenance-free
  • Wall mounting bracket included


  • There may be leakages after a short time
  • There is no pressure adjustment
Campbell Hausfeld 38” Air Filter

Air impurities and other elements can cause unsatisfactory performance when you are working with your compressors. 

The Campbell Hausfeld Air Filter provides accuracy and speed to deliver superior finishes. This product stands out from the crowd because it comes with an oil-removal filter.

It performs an excellent job removing condensed water and dirt thereby prolonging the life of your air tool. The equipment can trap impurities that are as little as 5 microns with the sinister brass element to provide a thorough filtration.

The main function of this unit is to safeguard your tools and equipment by removing contaminants that may damage your air tools and air compressors. Some of the contaminants that this equipment can remove include water, rust, oil, dirt, dust and pipe scale. It features quick-release bowl and quarter-turn drain.

The bowl is well protected with a metal guard. You can view the level of the content in the bowl since it is transparent. The quarter-turn drain makes maintenance hassle-free.  


2-way function:This unit works in two ways to adequately provide purified air for your compressors and tools. The filter removes 99% oil aerosols while the desiccant system does the job of eliminating water vapours.

Ultimate protection:This unit provides ultimate protection for your air tools and compressors. It comes with an outlet screen that stops desiccant particles from gaining entrance into the purified airstream thereby safeguarding and extending the life of your air tools.

Great performance:The equipment performs greatly with a self-relieving pressure regulator that easily adjusts the outlet pressure from 0 to 150 PSI. 


  • Eliminates oil and water vapours
  • Provides purified air for the optimal performance of your air equipment
  • Works and fit perfectly
  • Easy to install, use and maintain


  • Made with a flimsy drain valve
  • The plastic bowl may crack after sometime 
Lematec AI-303-2 Air Compressor Filter & Water Separator

Ensure you finish your projects easier and faster with Lematec AI-303 Water Separator. This is a small but mighty multifunctional tool that filters and separates elements that are harmful to your air tools. It is easy to use across applications.Connection and disconnection are stress-free whether it is used on hoses, compressor fittings, paint guns or other applications. It is easy to install and clean.

The filter is made from quality material for durability and sturdiness. It is made from aluminium including the push-button drain valve. With push-button drain valve, cleaning is hassle-free thereby requiring no change to blocked filter.

Using this product eliminates the fear of water or oil whenever you want to paint any projects. The equipment comes with a large discharge button for the easy discharge of moisture. This filter is shock-proof and functions effectively in different temperatures.

Made to deliver outstanding performance, this air dryer for filters away dirt, oil and water in one powerful single unit to make your air tools work excellently. It is ideal for both personal and professional use.

The compatibility of this filter and separator with different models of air tools and compressors make it a perfect ubiquitous tool.


Versatile and reliable filter:This tool is not just versatile and reliable but also dependable. It operates at an impressive pressure of 90 PSI and compatible with different models of air tools.

Push-button drain valve:The equipment comes with a push-button drain valve making it easy to clean and user-friendly. This feature makes this unit easy to use.

Cost-saving:Apart from the fact that this separator is cost-effective, it is also cost-saving. It comes with a Teflon tape for easy installation.


  • The unit is lightweight and well-built
  • The filter is washable thereby requiring no replacement
  • Easy to use and install
  • It is cost-effective and versatile


  • Female fitting may crack
  • Replaceable parts may be difficult to find.
In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer

Finish your projects like a pro with the In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer. The equipment removes moisture/condensate from compressed air for the extension of the life of your pneumatic tools and equipment. 

This is an excellent air dryer in-line that protects air tools from corrosion. It is well-made to work for the painting of small projects. The air dryer comes with two bags of desiccant beads making it the best air compressor water separator. Anytime the beads turn pink it means it is time for a change. It is recommended you use a standard oven to dry out desiccant beads up three 3 times. The air dryer has 3/8” NPT female outlet and inlet. It has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI.This filter has a bowl that is made of aluminium metal and polycarbonate. The see-through bowl helps you to view the moisture in the bowl.


Excellent performance :This air dryer performs a great job by prolonging the life of your air tools. It dries moisture thoroughly to prevent the internal rust of your equipment.

Easy to use:The beads notify you it is time to change them turning from blue to pink. There is also a visible clear glass that shows the level of moisture trap making the equipment very user-friendly.

Affordable:The equipment is pocket-friendly if you are on a budget. This makes it cost-effective for helping you to save some money. 


  • Ideal for the painting of small projects
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Performs well-drying air function to enhance the performance of air tools
  • The unit is portable and lightweight


  • It removes only moisture
  • Comes without mounting brackets
Lematec ZN-312-C1 Air Compressor Filter

Let out compressed air and let in purified air with the Lematec ZN-312-C1 Air Compressor Filter. Compressed air flow, uneven spray coatings and bad air tools are some of the crazy things you may encounter if you don’t have nice compressed air equipment.You don’t have to worry because the Lematec ZN-312-C1 is an excellent solution.

What you need to know about the manufacturing and designing of the filter

The designing and manufacturing of this unit are made in such a way that it can filter both water and oil separately and simultaneously too. It is an compressor dryer that comes with a drain valve. Its design makes the filter compatible with air tools, airlines and plasma cutters.

The quality of the compressed air improves as the unit filters both water and oil separately. This unit works like magic. It is made from zinc with reliable and dependable steel push-button valve to remove trapped contents. The design is compact and minimalistic. After the filtration, the components are emptied into a drain valve using a push-button.

Know more about the functions of this air filter

This is a multifunctional air filter that drains oil and water at the same time. The filter is a safety partner that reduces the risk of pressure buildup and clogging. Its function eliminates filth and moisture.

This product  provides a stress-free air cleaning making it easy to use.

It is suitable for different settings such as industrial, automotive, commercial and mechanical. It produces a max maximum pressure of 90 PSI. This is cost-effective equipment for your air tool. It doesn’t obstruct air.

This product  filter is great as a plasma cutter filter, spray gun filter and airline filter no matter the air tools. The package comes with a roll of Teflon tape for quick and easy installation. There is also a storage box for a compact and secure installation anywhere you go. 

3-in-1 function

The versatility of this tool is incredible. It eliminates oil, water and dirt residue to give you the driest and cleanest air to make your air tool function effectively.

Push-button drain valve

To empty trapped water, oil and dirt, the equipment comes with push-button drain. There is no need to breakdown the filter before you eliminate blocked particles.

Unparallel compatibility:The Lematec ZN-312-C1has compatibility with different air tools and compressors.


  • Requires no desiccant dryer to function
  • Comes with glass to see trapped moisture
  • Easy installation and cleaning for improved performance
  • The unit performs optimally and impressively


  • May cause the restriction of airflow
  • It might break after a while
PneumaticPlus PPC3C-N02G Air Drying System

If you are not looking for just an average air drying system, it makes sense to go for the PneumaticPlus Air Drying System due to its well functional and excellent job.

Though, it is expensive. This is one of the best, accurate and precise filters you can find in the market. It works in three stages to ensure that the air is thoroughly scrutinized to make your air tools functional and exceptional. 

The filter systems come in three parts. There are two regular filters and a pressure regulator. The first filter takes care of rust, dirt and moisture particles from the air. If there are still micro-sized particles after the first filtration, the second filter handles that.

 Once the air has been thoroughly cleaned, it is sent to the regulator to give you the right pressure that you need to deliver on your projects. It works perfectly both with air tools and spray guns. Made from die-cast aluminium, the unit is built to last. The polyethylene filters are easy to clean.


Superior filtration – The equipment captures the minutest particles with its 3-stage process. There is a first filtration followed by a second one to ensure the air is well purified.

Nice regulator – It comes with a regulator to give you the right pressure for your projects. Maximum working pressure is 250 PSI while the minimum operating pressure is 140 PSI.

Excellent performance – This tool performs so well to prevent moisture, dirt and rust. It includes an embedded pressure gauge and carbonated bowl with guard for exceptional performance.  


  • Easy to install and keeps the air dry
  • Polyethylene filters are easily cleanable
  • Provides a 3-stage perfect filtration
  • Comes with a pressure regulator


  • It is very expensive
  • May leak after sometime

Buyer’s guide: Best Water Separator for Air Compressor

There is no doubt a water separator is a piece of important equipment for air compressors and air tools. But purchasing one is not like picking books off the shelf. You must also understand that not all water separators fullfill your demand.As such, you must look for a perfect fit for your equipment.

This is why it is important to do some basic research before making any purchase. We have drawn up this buyer’s guide to help you make an informed choice.Following this guide will help you choose a unit that is functional, durable, reliable and versatile. 

Here are things you must consider before purchasing the right water separator.

Flow rate

Choosing the right water separator or air filter will depend on the maximum capacity of the air compression system. Capacity is usually calculated in CFM at 100 PSI.


Operating pressure

 For every water separator, there is a minimum and maximum operating pressure of the unit. Water separators are measured are rated at 100 PSIG. Whenever there is an increase from 100 PSIG, there is a reduction in capacity. When pressure increases, the moisture load reduces thereby eliminating any strains on your compression system.


Ambient temperature

You have to determine the minimum and maximum operating ambient air temperature of the unit. Choose between high or low-temperature water separators.Any ambient temperature that is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit may go beyond the maximum inlet temperature of the water separator. 


Quality of bowl

Every water separator comes with a bowl to contain contaminants that cause harm to the air compressor. The quality of the bowl is of utmost importance.Poor quality bowls may crack after a few times. Replacement bowls can also be difficult to get. As such, whenever you want to buy a water separator, ensure the bowl is either made from metal or polycarbonate.


Drain system

Drain is a very critical part of the unit. You have to decide if you are going for a separator with an automatic drain or manual drain.Fidgeting with your separator now and then can cause damage to the unit each time you want to manually drain the equipment. We advise you to go for a unit with an automatic drain system.


Metal Guard

The glass must have a metal guard to protect the transparent glass from impact. A glass without protection can get damaged with a light impact.


Transparent Glass

Choosing a right separator with a transparent glass allows you to see the trapped content level. This is ideal since it will help you to know when to empty the container.


Filter beads

Some of the product come with filter beads. The purpose of the filter beads is to indicate when to change the bowl.The filter beads will turn will from blue to pink so you can get the bowl changed.


Pressure load capacity

You must endeavour to check for the separator loading capacity to find out if it can cope with your compressor load.Also, check the output and input port to ensure they have the right fit for your Product.


Durability and sturdiness

Ensure that material used in making the product is a high standard to guarantee durability and sturdiness.Units made from flimsy materials may break apart after some time. Look for something made from aluminium.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to change a fuel water separator filter?

Having a fuel water separator eliminates more than 95% contaminants that make injectors and fuel pumps to fail. When this tool is well installed, it minimizes exhaust emissions, repairs of injector or fuel pumps and reduces costly downtime. Contaminants and water affect the performance of air tools and engines.

If they are not properly removed, they cause the poor performance of your equipment. Constant inspection and maintenance can reduce such issues.In case you have a worn-out fuel separator filter, below are the steps to follow to replace it.

Step 1 – Release Pressure

First thing you have to do is to remove the relay of the fuel pump. It is found right inside the relay box. Unscrew the gas cap to let you remove the remaining tank pressure.Next is to turn on the engine and allow it to run for some minutes.

Let the engine run till it stops. To completely remove the gas tank pressure, you will need to crank the engine several times until it is empty.Now, you can re-attach the fuel pump relay.


Step 2 – Disconnect the Hoses

Put a rag under the fuel filter to drain leftover fuel in the filter. Be very careful when working with fuel. Avoid smoking and don’t use inflammable materials.

Look for a pan to be placed under the filter. Next is to find a wrench to remove the fuel hose pipes. A flat screwdriver can do the job. Remove the hoses and drain oil that has found its ways into the pipe.


Step 3 – Disconnect the Fuel Filter and Fuel Water Separator

Brackets are holding the fuel filter in place. Disconnect the brackets to remove the fuel filter by lifting it off its mount. Check the fuel water separator for deterioration.

If there is damage done to it, it makes sense to get a replacement. Check the hoses that are connected to the filter. If it is worn out, you should also consider a replacement.


Step 4 – The filter Installation

Position the filter where it needs to be placed. Ensure that the flat side of it is the part facing the engine. Re-attach the brackets to the filter to secure it in place.

Next is to reconnect the hoses to the filters. Use clamps to tighten the hoses for a proper grip.


2. How does water get into air compressors?

Air compressors take in a lot of air. This air comes with plenty of water vapour in them. The water vapour is mixed up with the air. This occurs when there is humidity.

This water vapour begins to get denser after finding its way into the filter. Temperature change is one of the causes of this.

Gradually, the water vapour starts turning into water droplets thereby causing harm to the internal mechanism of the product in different ways.

It is the same process that dust and debris find their way into the air compressor too causing the malfunctioning of the air equipment.

3. How to keep water out of air compressor lines? 

Water and air compressors are never compatible. A compressor with air will also experience condensation. This is usually caused by humidity during the summer.

Moisture will always enter into the air tool. There are different ways to get rid of water from the compressor lines. Some of these methods include frequently draining the air compressor.

This is usually a tough task since it has to be done constantly. Another way is to use the water trap to trap the moisture before it gets into the fliter  lines. But the best way is to use dryer.

Using the air compressor dryer

The best way to get rid of dampness in your air tool is to make use of the  dryer. Many of them come with absorbent little beads. The beads play an important role in the removal of moisture from the airline.

This type of dryer is called the desiccant air dryer. Its functionality is almost like the water trap filter system. But in the case of the desiccant dryer, there are three stages of filtration so you can have the purified air needed for your air tool.

Some of them come with two filters and a regulator. The first filter is the first point of contact for the contaminants. After the first filtration is done, next, is the second filtration in the second filter.

Then, the regulator regulates the air pressure to give your air tool the right pressure for you to perform the task without any problems. The dryer is mostly used in industrial settings.

4. How often to do you change the fuel water separator filter?

Answer: You don’t have to change the air filter often. How often you change the filter will depend on the level of humidity in the area where you reside and how you use the filter.

However, anytime you see a sign of breakage or distortion on the filter is the right time to change it but it is appropriate to change it at least twice in a year.

5. How to remove water from air compressor tanks?

Answer: air compressor maintenance is very vital for the proper functioning of the air tool. It helps to extend the life of the unit. One simple way to prolong the life of the air tool is to drain it of moisture. It does not matter if it is a 5 gallon or 110-gallon product. The process is the same.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to turn off. Make sure it is unplugged from the outlet.

Step 2

Next thing is to reduce the pressure to below 10 psi. Reducing the pressure means you have to pull that ring on the safety valve.

Ensure that you are wearing safety gear like the safety glasses. To deflate the air, shield the valve using one of your hands and pull the ring with the other hand. Continue to pull until you empty the tank.

Step 3

Find the tank drain valve location. You can find it on the underneath of the tank. Then, drain moisture out of the tank by opening the drain valve. Close the tank drain valve when you are sure moisture has been completely drained.

6.  Why is there a need to buy Oil-Water separator?

It is important to buy an oil-water separator to work with your air compressor if you don’t want your product to get damaged by water, oil and moisture. As the process of compression starts, contaminants such as dirt, dust, water, hot oil and vapour all mixed.

This creates a lot of mess that could hamper the proper functioning of your air compressor and affect the process of compression.

7. How does pH affect the separation of oil and water?

pH measurement is about the acidity or alkalinity of water. pH is measured on a scale of 1 to 14 pH units. If the pH is 7, it is said to be neutral. When it is less than 7, it is known to be acidic and if it is greater than 7, it is alkaline. Generally, if the pH level is above 8.5 pH rating, the oil in the wastewater will chemically become a smooth mixture. 

At this point, separation won’t work. One way to correct this is to make sure the pH level is lowered to about 6.8 pH.

8.  Which substances create problems of odour in an oil/water separator?   

Odour issue can arise with your water separator at any time. This is caused by bacteria in the water. The bacteria causing the odour are known as anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria grow without oxygen.

When these bacteria are present, they produce a foul smell like rotten eggs. This is usually noticed when there is no flow. You will need a good disinfectant to make the smell go away.

9. What are the types of dryers you can use to reduce dew points from compressed air?

Air compressors attract ambient air that comes with some water vapour. This can affect the functionality of pneumatic tools. To remove water vapour, compressed air dryers are always recommended.

Using a compressed air dryer prevents moisture and lowers dew points. Air gets drier when dew points are lower. If the aim is to prevent corrosion, the target must be to reduce dew point to -20 degrees Fahrenheit or even less.

There are different types of dryers to lower dew points. These are the types of air compressor dryers:

Desiccant dryers – Desiccant dryers are also known as regenerative dryers. These types of dryers are mainly used in soaking up moisture from non-liquid desiccants such as silica gel, alumina or molecular sieves.

Moist air goes through the desiccant bed of the tower while the second tower dries it. This is important especially if there is a need for an application that needs maximum dew point performance which ranges between -40 and -100 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the low dew point is achieved, it protects against the freezing of the airline, especially in harsh weather conditions. Desiccant dryers are also very useful for applications that require a flow rate of over 100 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM).

Membrane dryers – At a dew point that is between 20 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the membrane dryers make use of the dehumidification membrane in eliminating water vapour in the compressed air.

Membrane dryers are quiet, needs no electricity to function, do not have moving parts, operate continuously and require no maintenance.

These type of dryers are perfect for an application that requires dew points of between 35 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit and flow rate of 600 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM).

•Refrigerated dryers – These are the most commonly used dryers. They function by condensing water in a heat exchanger thereby cooling enough air to draw in and transport moisture and separate it from the air supply.

Not minding the fluctuations in inlet temperature, refrigerated dryers deliver constant dew points between the range of 38 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. What job does coalescing grip do in water separator?

Coalescing grip looks like a honeycomb. It is oil-loving. It pushes water with a lot of force in a back and forth motion and keeps a distance of ½ inch to the tank.

Oil droplets come together on the plastic medium and travel to the top before droplets are removed.

11. What is the meaning of condensation management?

Condensation management simply means the creation of constant production of water from the air compressor which usually involves the proper removal of moisture from the airflow. This stops the damage that could be done to expensive air tools.

12. What are the usually used hygroscopic materials in air compressor dryers?

Some of them are silica, calcium chloride, activated charcoal and calcium sulfate.

13. In what way do air compressors achieve their work?

There is usually denser moisture anytime the dryer provides high pressure into the compressed air. This causes the formation of water droplets which is eliminated by the dryer. Also, the air is purified during the process of releasing the pressure.

14. Does my air compressor need a water separator?

It is a must to use a water separator with your compressor if you want the air tool to work perfectly without any hindrances since moisture can hamper the functionality.

15. How do I mount my water separator on the air compressor?

When mounting your water separator on the air compressor, you must ensure there is a minimum of 20 feet gap between the two units. 

The gap between the two units allows for the dropping and cooling down of moisture. The cooler it gets, the more the condensation will be filtered from the tunnel.

Mounting the two units close to each other makes trapped vapour to get stuck inside the air compressor with no time to drop and cool the vapour to turn to water.


There is no doubt this article is more than enough for you to make up your mind on the best water separator for air compressor.Any of the ten products can effectively save your air tool from impending damage and malfunctioning.

But if you are still confused about the right choice to make, we recommend the PneumaticPlus PPC3C-N02G Air Drying System for its excellent functionality and superior performance.  

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