Best Welding Blanket For Smoker 2020-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

It is a distinct task for everyone to look for protection in regard to short term exposure to flame from smoker.

If you are someone who wants to get an excellent flameproof welding blanket for your smoker to cook without any difficulties even under very low temparature, then we suggest you choose the best welding blanket for smoker.

There are a ton of welding blanket available on the market.Therefore, the decision is yours, but which one can you buy that is the most effective for you?

All welding blankets protect you from grinding sparks. If you want to buy a welding blanket, it is essential to know that it made of leather and heat resistant fibres.

If you don’t have a reliable welding blanket for your smoker, we are going to help you get the desired Blanket for your  Smoker.

We are going to look at seven best and highest performing welding blankets that are perfect for smoker.

They also supply the safety, security and finally the protection against sparks, severe heat and light beams for outdoor camping.

Top 7 Best Welding Blanket For Smoker 2020





Traeger BAC344 22 Series BBQ Grill Insulation Blanket

Brand name: Traeger Grills

  • Assembly not required
  • Heat resistant & thermal insulated surface
  • Brass Grommets:No

ABN Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Fire Retardant Blanket


Dimensions : 16.5 x 12.5 x 2 inches

Weight: 3.26 pounds

Brass Grommets:Yes

Waylander Welding Blanket


Dimensions :13.2 x 12.5 x 2.3 inches

Weight: 4.69 pounds

Brass Grommets:Yes

Tillman Heavy Duty Welding Blanket


Dimensions :3 x 2 x 1 inches

Weight: 1.6 ounces

Brass Grommets:Yes

Neiko 10908A Fiberglass Welding Blanket

Manufacture:Ridgerock Tools Inc.

Dimensions : 12.2 x 12 x 1 inches

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Brass Grommets:Yes

If you are searching for a robust blanket cover, then “Heavy Duty Fiberglass” is the most recommended one that will satisfy you.

This welding blanket stops accidents, injuries, and stuff from damage caused by sparks and flares.This welding blanket cover has  protection from arrest sparks and short-term exposure to a flame that are used as insulates from heat.

It has a Fahrenheit working temperature of 1000 degrees constructed from a fiberglass blanket.

It has a tight weaving pattern that keeps it bound together and lessens the changes of it wearing out, plus it is more durable against tears. This welding blanket also comes with 3/8-inch brass grommets that are used to protect it as well as acts as an informal way of hanging p the blanket cover.

It has the capacity of the size, which allows pure storage, it is easy to transport, and offers effortless organization.

Key Features

Durability:Constructed from 19.8/yd2 fiberglass. The compact size helps make it easy to transport and it’s also convenient to store for quick organizations. It also is built to last, as is made from fiberglass.

Implementation:You will need to look for the thermal protection capability first before your procedure. A good blanket will need to guard your equipment, flooring, wood railings, as well as protect your body physically from sparks,embers, molten metal, and high temperature that arise from welders,smokers,grids and more.

Protective:The product’s measures will prevent you from injuries and accidents that may arise. The 4 x 6ft fire-retardant blanket protects you from problems due to arrest sparks and the short-term exposure to flame as it has fireproof insulation for smoker.

Lightweight:It reduces wear and tear for the ultimate durability. It is reinforced with 3/8 inches inside diameter brass grommets to secure it for easy hanging. Those brass grommets it ensures the prolonged and secure hanging. The composition of the fiberglass blanket material enables it to be protected, so it has reduced wear and tears.

Safety:The tailor and flame-retardant fabric it apt to withstand the high temperature and it protects you from any kind of the accident that may occur.

  • You can use your welding blanket to protect furniture, wood railings, and flooring.
  • It can also protect you from spurs, molten metal, and heat that is approaching from welders as well as grills and heavy smokers.
  • It can keep you and your stuff safe.
  • Its cheap compared to others.
  • Easy to store.
  • The blanket can be heavy to carry or transport.

This is another excellent welding blanket on our list. The “Waylander Welding Blanket Premium 6 x 6 1400 degree” is  available if you are searching for one.This blanket creates an excellent protection against welding or grinding sparks and splatter.

Because a Waylander welding blanket is made of the premium fiberglass woven fabric that is standard, it is treated on both sides.

It has a 100% Flame Retardant that allows reliable protection against heat, spatters, and sparks used for the horizontal surface.It has a 100% flame retardant that helps to defend in contrast to heat, sparkle, and spatters for both vertical and flat exteriors.

This Kevlar blanket also comes with a dimension starting from six by six or 183 cm x 183 cm with a thickness of 0.03/0.75 mm. It helps for the heavy brass grommets that secure it during hanging.

Key Features

Protective:Thus, makes the blanket heat resistant until 1400 / 750 degrees. It can be used for heavyweight welding or cutting individual guard.

Skin-friendly:Since it made of the vermiculite impregnated fiberglass, it makes it skin-friendly while you keep the heat resident features. It provides minimum skin and stress compared to other welding blankets. 

Flame Retardant:The welding blanket is considered as the most dependable protection in contradiction of heat, sparks, and spatter when used on the vertical and horizontal surfaces. 

Thickness:It has a dimension size of 0.03″/ 0.75 mm respectively 

Lightweight:It’s lightweight and a great blanket for convenient and safe handling. It has brass grommets to secure it for easy hanging.

  • It helps to protect grass from damage from a bonfire.
  • It has a temperature resistance of 1000 degrees
  •  The colour of the Waylander is white, which help to reflect light
  • It acts as an insulator during the cold weather for smokers
  • It’s challenging to reach a temperature above 360 degree

Are you searching for the welding blanket that can withstand heavy weight? If your answer is yes, then “The Heavy Duty Welding Blanket ” is must  for you.

The great thing about using this welding blanket is it is temperature resistant. Its black, which also helps to absorb heat during the day. 

It also designed in such an away that it can withstand heavy-duty welding when in use. This blanket is also available in a different size if you are looking for the best size that fits you.

It includes a thickness of 0.06. Another advantage with Tillman is that you can use the blanket on a smoker when the weather is cold or windy. The weight of the “Tillman Heavy Duty” is excellent, and it can stand heavy things when used.

Key Features 

Resistance:It has a vermiculite coating that offers improved resistance to direct flame; heat travels across the fabric, not through it. Finished blankets include grommets at every 36″ on all sides.

Safety:Your Tillman Heavy Duty protects you from heavy sparks from up to a1200-degree temperature on a flat surface.

Excellent:Collins provides quality repair to the client when it happens to your Tillman. The blanket work just fine for its application except for it smells very badly.

Transport:Welding fabrics that have the F.M. Agreement label go through demanding performance-based challenges that duplicate real-world hot work circumstances. However, when using temperature battle as the only presentation criterion by yourself, you must consider the risk.

  • It’s a high-quality product
  • Known as excellent for auto body shop
  • It’s also superior and flexible
  • Lots of satisfied customer reviews
  • Good investment for the long-term
  • A thermal barrier is expensive

The “HANWAY Welding heat blanket” is another welding blanket that has some heat sensing blanket material that makes it best for its price.

The HANWAY welding heat blanket is an excellent and efficient blanket for heating and cooling. It also has many sizes and thicknesses to choose from, at 6mm, 21oz.

This fiber blanket is used for covering apparatus or floor surfaces in the welding parts or as a vertical safeguard. The Hanway welding heat blanket is made of wear-resistant carbon fiber. This is an excellent welding blanket to use for the tricky jobs and you will surely get a unique experience.

Key Features

Temperature resistance:Fahrenheit is a unit measurement for temperature that Traeger grill uses to raise the maximum temperature. Therefore, its nicely finished blanket and is not hot to the touch when you  remove it from a hot restaurant when it has just been used.

Draping:Therefore, it can be used either as a vertical (hanging) or as a horizontal(flat) application. The thinner materials recommends vertical, and heavier elements are recommended as horizontal or with the higher temperature rating. The material used is a fiberglass blanket with a kind of coating.

Lightweight:The blanket is lightweight, soft, and flexible yet withstands heat, flame, and molten material. It withstands temperature to 3000 deg./ f. It also provides superior protection for overhead welding applications.

Excellent efficiency in heating and cooling:When you replace your old boiler and cooling gear with the new one, the energy-efficient representations are the greater start. Therefore, to be sure you get the best concert, the new equipment must fit appropriately.

  • Used to protect as a vertical shield from sparks, spatter and slag
  • It has a good brand reputation
  • The temperature resistance is up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It’s perfect for making a feast stove
  •  It’s cheaper to buy You can use in on the smoker to keep it insulated in cold weather
  •  Another important thing is you can cut it down in size
  • Carbon fiber is more expensive than the traditional fiberglass fabric

Neiko 10908A Welding Blanket is made of 100% fire-retardant material. The top-quality fiberglass product is built to ensure that you have a great experience.

It is also known for the durability and it’s usable for general purposes. It also made from a stylish design that makes it versatile.

When you use it, you can protect your properties from damages from splatters and sparks. It’s also heavy because it involves of 19.8 oz/sq. yards of fiberglass.

The welding blanket has an at work temperature of 537 degrees. Thus, it is gifted with providing a brilliant thermal guard,

This fire-retardant blanket has a top weaving design that measures 30 x 30 per four-sided inch for additional durability. The welding blanket is also planned for long-term work.

The working temperature is up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit or 537 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the product features a strengthened hem of 3/8 I.D. brass grommets every 11 inches for safe and easy hanging.

Key Features 

Secure:Brass grommets every 11″ for safe and easy hanging

Performance:The key here is the temperature, the 1000 degree/537-degree non-stop rating, high filling value, and brilliant personnel protection. Very high temperature and heat resistant fiberglass sleeve and tape product used to protect a wide range of hoses, lines, tubes, wire and cables from high temperatures

Affordable:The material of the fiberglass welding blanket is made of a 100% fire-retardant material. Hard-wearing and general-purpose welding blanket to avoid costs from stimuli and spatter

Heavy size:It consists of 19.8 oz/sq. yards of fiberglass to offer outstanding thermal defense

Durability:This measures 30 x 30 per square inch, giving it additional durability and attitudes up to extended terms of frequent use. It does an excellent job adding extra strength, and it ensures the model lasts throughout multiple usages.

  • It works well when used as a cover for your Camp Chef pellet smoker during the cold weather or during heat
  • It works well for the light, sparks and sticks
  • It can do great work preventing property damage from sparks and spatters.
  • The premium weaving pattern does an excellent job adding extra durability and ensures it lasts for a long time.
  • This welding blanket stops welding and grinding sparks from spreading throughout the workshop.
  • Its difficult to smoke food during the winter because of the wind and cold
  • Fabric can get burn when using in a welding job
  • The stitching isn’t particularly good

This blanket is made up of fire-retardant fiberglass and provides a thermal guard from sparks and spatters. It is also used for a smoker, pellets, and air ducts.

This welding blanket is a suitable limited time deal and has fast and free shipping on most items.

The Agyle Products Welding Blanket Fiberglass Protection Extra Large 8 FT by 8 FT Welding Work Area has gotten different affirmations from different medicinal sheets. It has an immaculate record in regards to consumer loyalty.

In the event that you discover things that aren’t exactly right, you can generally roll out your improvements to them. There are numerous choices while changing the appearance of your goods. You can paint it, include a slipcover or reupholster it to make it a masterpiece.

Key Features

Molten Metal:If you don’t mind ensuring the scatter of your metal when welding is contacting something it won’t harm, similar to this extra-huge welding cover.

WORKSPACE CLEANLINESS:Regardless of whether you are welding in your backyard or carport, keep things simple and clean by utilizing a welding cover to secure your workspace.

FLAME RETARDANT:This welding blanket is made of fire-resistant fiberglass giving warm insurance from flashes and splashes. It can likewise be used for smokers, pellets, air conduits, ventilation work, blinds, entryways, and other smoke control frameworks.

SAFETY:Notwithstanding guarding you, utilizing a welding blanket to shield things from bursting into flames while you weld is one of the more straightforward things you can decide to do.

Versatile:Regardless of whether you are welding a whole suit of defensive coating or the trim on an aquarium – this comprehensive tool makes certain to carry out the responsibility in securing you and your things when welding.

  • It keeps the smoker a constant temperature
  • The blanket is large enough to keep it folded and still cover most smokers
  • It’ is a Heat Resistant, Fiberglass Blanket, Perfect for the Torch Bench, and it is an excellent product size
  • It’s heavyweight

Here is the last welding blanket which is “Hanaway high Temperature 36 x 36 X1/4.”

The model is compact with a size of 36 X 36inches and a thickness of 6mm, 21 oz/ sq. yards.

Because of having high- temperature cotton for your hand, it works nicely and is the cheapest option you will find, although it looks like a fiberglass blanket and can prevent flammable material from catching fire. 

It will also protect your combustible walls from the direct flame of the soldered chopper. It also used for protecting a fancy feast stove.

This welding blanket uses a pellet smoker to keep it insulated in the cold weather, although it’s bigger.

Key features

Simplicity:It works excellent for cooling and heating equipment. Therefore, make sure you get high material for your welding.

Temperature resistance:Maybe you are looking for a high-temperature cotton replacement for your hand warmer. This stuff works tremendously and is the cheapest you will find out of all of them. It works great for maintaining actual heat reading and maintaining accurate temperatures.

Thickness:The thickness of the fabrics varies from other welding blankets. I will recommend this for everyone who is looking for the best thickness for your welding blanket.

Tear-resistant Carbon Fibber:The carbon work great for the stove moreover you need to take care if you are using the stove.

  • It has excellent quality and is perfect for making a fancy feast stove
  • The good thing with this product is that you can cut it into different sizes
  • Used as a thermal blanket for your grill
  • It provides excellent protection from flames and splatter to the wood fixtures
  • Lightweight high-temperature protection
  • Cheap fibreglass blanket
  • Easy to cut
  • Is not flame resistant
  • It  melts and smokes at more than 500-degree temperatures

Today I am adding a great welding blanket which is use as a heat sheild  blanket for any pit boss pellet smoker.You can also use as an insulator blanket for any traeger.To be honest If you want to choose a cheap and effective blanket to protect your smoker from falling ashes or keeping smoker in nominal temperatures then 3' X 3' Tillman Panoxidized Felt Back Welding Blanket is your best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Welding Blanket for Smoker?

Welding blankets are to provide utmost protection to your smoker during adverse weather conditions. Be it raining or snowing or even in extreme chilly winds, a welding blanket guards the smoker and facilitates you to work under any weather condition.

Usually, to cope with the low temperature, you may need extra pallets for your smoker to keep it going. But welding blanket gives proper insulation to keep the temperature consistent of your smoker.

Thus you can save money from buying extra pallets. To intensify its presence it also preserves the efficiency of your smoker and lets you do grilling or smoking even in the toughest weather conditions.

2. What is Welding Blanket for Smoker Made of

Earlier when security was not a big concern, welding blankets were mostly made of woven asbestos material. But with the advancement of the world, everyone started considering the security issue and heat and fire-resistant materials are more preferred these days. Most of the brands have now materials that are highly heat and fire-resistant. Among all of them, fiberglass material is quite popular as it has a different coating of heat resistant materials.

3. Types of Materials of a Welding Blanket You Need to Know:

In early period of time Wesbestos are used for making welding blanket.This process is banned in nineteen century due to lake of safety issues.But now uses more safe material for welding blanket. Types of material are below:

Fiberglass:As fiber glass has become highly trendy, most of the manufacturers use sin fiberglass as a welding blanket material. These fiberglass materials can endure a maximum of 100 degrees F heat. Apart from the heat resistant coating, fiberglass comes with many other coatings considering consumer requirements and needs.

Leather Blanket:These are the expensive ones, being made of leather, these blankets are naturally heavy. It does not require any other coating as the leather itself is fire resistant..

Felt blanket:Over the years manufacturers have invented this special type of material which is built by compressing fibers. It gives way more protection from fire than leather or fiberglass material. But it is less durable and not applicable for the long run.

4. Types of Coating Which Used to Welding Blanket:

Generally, welding blanket materials have different types of heat or fire-resistant coatings. The basic coating materials are:

  • Heat Treated Coating:
  • Silicone
  • Acrylic
  • Vermeculite

5. What are the Different Uses of Welding Blanket?

Welding blankets are multipurpose and consumers can enjoy different uses of them. Check out the common uses of welding blankets:

Protection during Welding

While welding, usually fire sparks emerge and tend to damage the other materials. As welding blankets are both fire and heat resistant, it can protect the surrounding materials from fire spark.

Fire Protection

There is a special lite version of the welding blanket which is mostly known as a fire blanket. This blanket safeguards human lives, principal goods, and valuable things when a fire breaks.

Grill and Smoker Insulation

During harsh or cold weather, a welding blanket comes in handy as it insulates the grill or smoker. It keeps the temperature consistent and saves pallets or fuel.

Wood Deck or Lawn Protection

Welding blankets can protect the grass underneath the bonfire due to its fire-resistant tendency. Again, it guards the surrounding surface the wood deck or lawn from grill or smoker, or fire pit.

There different ways to use welding blankets, you just have to determine your way and get the benefits.

6. Can you Cut Welding Blankets?

To fit the welding blanket according to your smoker or grill, sometimes you may need to cut them. You can cut welding blankets but you are always suggested o cut them as per the instruction guide. Some of the welding blankets tend to wear out due to the cuts thus you must get a proper idea from the manufacturer guide and cut accordingly.

7. Is welding blanket Washable?

Yes, welding blankets are mostly wash proof which means you can wash them but here you need to be careful. While choosing the washing chemical, you have to be proper vigilant so that the chemical does not react against the welding blanket. Many detergents damage the fire-resistant property of the welding blankets thus you have to be watchful.

8. How to Wash Welding Blankets?

Welding blankets are compatible with washing machines but there must be no contamination. That means you must not wash the welding blankets with any other cloth (heat resistant or not resistant). Wash only the welding blanket at a time in the washing machine.

Use Warm Water

Warm water is great for heat-resistant materials and so is the welding blanket. The water should be temperately hot and not more than 104 degrees F. Or in general, the instruction guide mentions the tolerance level of temperature for a particular welding blanket. You can follow that as well.

Bleach free Detergent

Choosing a suitable detergent is vital while washing a welding blanket. Bleach free detergents are highly recommended as bleach tends to mutilate the integrity and bond of the material. Bleach in detergents can shorten the durability of your welding blanket. Before buying any detergent go through the label carefully if any sort of bleach is present. Also, avoid random soaps or any kind of fabric softener, these can hamper the protective layers of the blanket material.

Never Soak the Welding Blanket for a Long Time

Welding blankets have a whole different built material unlike the normal day to day blankets. Thus washing these blankets does not abide by the traditional method of soaking the cloth for long rather you must just dump the welding blanket. Leaving the welding blanket long into the water can lead to damage of the protective layers and can also make it less durable.

Point of Consideration When Buying a Welding Blanket for Smoker

Best Welding Blanket For Smoker

Have you decided to buy the best blanket for smoker? If yes, then it’s essential to choose the perfect one by considering some of these factors.You can select any welding blanket that can work correctly for you.

If you are a beginner, you need to understand the welding blankets that are available. You will also need to know how each performs and the degree of the welding skill that is required. So, before buying a welding blanket, consider some of the essential things. Below are those essential facts.


The most suitable material used in constructing of welding blanket is fiberglass, vinyl, and silica. You need to remember also flexible protective materials such as welding blanket need to consist of various layers. In addition to that, a fiberglass fire blanket will not have to leave any mess after extinguishing the fire. 

However, the furthest coat should be a brand of mineral and fire-resistant blanket. It is preferd that the fibrous material be comprised of 10 to 70 percent of the coating used. If you are successful in using a welding blanket in dangerous situations, then it could be made of a ceramic type of material. Another good thing is if it is made up of the cheaper fibers that can be used for less severe conditions.



The size of  welding blanket has an important role in its capacity to defend resources. Therefore, it’s essential to find a moderately sized fire-retardant blanket that will be easy to hold and carry if you are going far. 

Always keep in mind that the bigger your welding blanket, the more it can cover a bigger area too. Choose the coverage that can help you during the emergency.

It’s essential always to go for the broader blanket. Even though the exact sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.



Welding blanket thickness varies. It will depend on the material it is made from. It would help if you remembered that the thickness of the material plays an important role in great heat resistance.

Therefore, the thickness of the material can help you during the hot or cold weather seasons. The width of the welding blanket often varies from 10 cm to 4cm to 40 inches.



Another important thing you should keep in your mind is the price of each welding blanket. Different welding blankets come with different rates. You will also need to check the cost of the sheet depending on the features of the material.

 It’s your privilege to choose the one that comes with a moderate cost and will still give you the best quality service. Your budget may also determine the type of welding blanket you need to buy.


You need to be careful when selecting coverage, if the bead is accepted to move throughout the blanket, then all the weight you will notice ends on the same side.

This will be solved through stitching pockets into the coverage and distributing the weight evenly in those pockets.



When it comes to the material, it may be not very clear, since each has its benefits. Therefore, it may depend on you to select the one that you prefer. It may be tricky if you are buying the fabric for someone who has sensory issues. You need to choose the type of material that can make their experience best.

Cotton: Some fabric may be made of a soft cotton blanket that can hold up well to repeat washing, making them an excellent choice for those who may suffer from allergies. Some cotton can be lightweight, and you can use a fiberglass blanket or a heavy one for winter warmth.

Wool: You will notice that wool is heavy, warm, and it offers excellent filling while you are permitting moisture to evaporate. It may be a good choice if you are looking for a massive and warm blanket.

Down: Some blankets may be thinner and lighter, or may have a coat of feathery down or synthetic auxiliary material sandwiched in between the thickness of the cloth. Therefore, that blanket is lightweight but still very warm.

How a Welding Blanket Insulates the Traeger Smoker

(Vedio Guide)


Having reviewed some of the best welding blankets that are commonly found on the market, we believe it will help you and make it easy for you to make the best choice.

Welding blankets are easy to use and are ideal for extinguishing small fires in your home, office, garage, or any other places. Hurry to have one, as the above mention are Seven7 welding blankets we have selected for your smoker. I hope this article will be helpful for you to get the welding blanket for smoker.

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