Best Welding Helmets with Built-in Respirator

Our Top Picks For Welding Helmets with Built-in Respirator:

What you want first as a welder? Obviously, safety! It is because safety comes first! And as a welder, it is a must. And the amazing fact is the welding helmets with built-in respirator system ensure much safety of yours.

Now, you may have some questions rolling on your mind. How is the built-in respirator system work? How long it can be used?

How to select a welding respirator? How can I use this?

 There are a lot of questions you might have. But the most basic question is “what is a welding respirator?”

Best Welding Helmets with Built-in Respirator

Well, a welding respirator helmet can weld accurately and also ensures much comfort and safety. It is basically a respirator that protects welder from fumes and other particles. It is designed to fit perfectly and gives you much portability.        

There are lots of welding respirators available in the market as powered air-purifying respirators, disposal respirators, supplied-air respirators, and half-mask respirators.

These are used according to the need. And that’s why you should know your need first and then choose the preferable one.        

And for that reason, we are here to help you out for your accurate selection of helmet. Check the welding respirator reviews and then make the final decision.

Best Welding Helmets with Built-in Respirator Reviews

The 3M product is a lightweight product of just one pound. It has several modes which are also a beneficial one for you. The product has grinding as well as tacking mode.

It has a wonderful stability and durability. The 3M has face protection feature. It also has easy adjustable feature which can give you super comfort.

This is one of the best respirator welding helmets you can ever have. Though it is a lightweight product, it can give you much comfort.

 It has an adjustable personal fit which also is a plus point you can have with this product. It is basically an auto purifying respirator. And that’s why you can get a breath-free respirator.

Note:This 3M Power Air Respirators has recently been discontinued With the 3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator.You can View details about 3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator on

Overall, it is a complete package of a respirator welding helmet. It simply filters the air and can give you high mobility and enhanced respiratory protection.

It is such a versatile welding helmet that can give you sensitivity adjustments. It is that much comfortable one which you can surely have it for your safety. It is super safe. If you want your safety, you should be with this product for sure. By observing all the features of it, we highly recommend the product because of these amazing features.  


  • Product weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 21.6 x 12.6 x 11.1 inches
  • Grinding and tack modes: yes
  • Manufacturer: 3M Industrial Market Center
  • Adjustable personal fit: yes
  • Face protection: yes
  • PROS

    • Easy adjustment
    • Has stability
    • Lightweight
    • Gives you much comfort


    • Not eligible for international shipping
    • High price tag

    The product from Breathecool is a lightweight product. It has several features. It doesn’t heat up the breathing air. It has tangential discharge air turbines feature in it. It has high capacity system.

    It helps to keep your head cool. That’s why you can cool down yourself while doing any work by using this one.

    The product has five lens cover and it has wonderful durability. The breathecool has a warrant if one year.

    You can definitely rely on this product as this is the most popular brand of all. This product also has dual filters feature and for that, you can get a wonderful helmet than ever.      


  • Capacity: high
  • tangential discharge air turbine: yes
  • Dual filters: yes
  • Lens: 5 lens cover
  • Facemask: made of silicone
  • Durability: yes
  • PROS

    • Doesn’t heat up the breathing air
    • Light in weight
    • Has a year of warranty
    • Helps to keep your head cool


    • No included batteries

    The other one from Breathe-cool contains high capacity and dual filter facility. It has turbine dial which allows controlling the airflow of it.

    This is also that one that won’t heat the breathing air inside it. This product has a cover that fits in all sizes.

    The dual filter is featured in this helmet and that one for breathing air and other is for motor cooling air. 

    You can choose this one as it has a lot of features in it. This product also has UV protection as well as IR protection. Ratchet headband is also included in it.

    The lithium battery is used in it and it has a warranty for a year. Viewing window and flow meter are also available in this product. So, overall, you can get the perfect welding good respirator if you choose this one. Get the reviews done and try this out for at least once to get the experience of it.            


  • Capacity: high
  • Dual filters: yes
  • Electric air turbine: yes
  • Adjustable nylon web belt: yes
  • Light state: Din 4
  • Dark state: Din 12
  • Power system: solar-powered auto-darkening
  • PROS

    • Lightweight
    • Has flame retardant good
    • Has backup battery
    • Is UV protective
    • IHas one year of manufacturer warranty


    • Hood is not sped glass
    • No included batteries

    This product has some features that will give you better comfort and amazing experience.It has a weight of 8.9 pounds which is not that bad at all.

    This Jackson welding helmet has powered air-purifying respirators which allows passing the air easily.Nothing can be found as the negative side of the product. 

    The amazing part of this one is it can be found with a storage bag. 

    So, you can have this one and can get the bag as well. You should definitely purchase this one which has a BH3 airhead top. You can have it and experienced the feature of it.        


  • Product dimensions: 16.2 x 14.2 x 10.5 inches
  • Product weight: 8.9 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 9.3 pounds
  • Powered Air Purifying Respirator: yes
  • PROS

    • Has extra storage bag
    • Has BH3 airhead top


    • Nothing

    If you want to buy a welding respirator, you must see the ArcOne respirator. It has that quality that can purify the small particles so that you can get clean air. The other important thing is the protective feature.

    It can protect your lungs which are caused because of gases. The product is also a durable one. And it is a fresh air hood for welding you can ever have.       

    The product has some special features that can work even in tough situations. You can consider this product as a lightweight one. 

    Further, it is budget-friendly. The settings of it are also very easy to learn and execute. You can easily adjust the setting according to your needs. Moreover, it can continue the work in just a single charge.

    It can get the work done and also save much charge and time. So overall, it will be a wise decision if you choose this product from ArcOne. Try it out for at least once.  


  • Power source: battery power
  • Color: blue
  • Protections: face and head
  • Extra item: handy duffle bag
  • Combined: yes
  • Light state: 4
  • Dark state: 9-13
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion (rechargeable)
  • PROS

    • Meets all ANSI, OSHA standards
    • Protective
    • Is grind safe
    • Has flip-down welding visor


    • Nothing can appear

    Buying Guide for Best Welding Helmets with Built-in Respirator

    When you are buying a welding helmet and when it’s built-in respirator feature, you should know some of the things first. There are some things which you should know about, think about and then purchase the final selected product.

    You must be thinking why this is important. Well, this is important because if you buy a product without knowing the good and bad qualities of it, you probably won’t be able to get the perfect product according to your choices.

    By following this buying guide, you can ensure the product is in your preferable list. So, before buying any kind of product, you must know the details first. Let’s see the perfect yet preferable suggestions for your smooth purchase.        


    When you are in a welding process, keep your attention if the ventilation of the welding helmet works well or not. This is an important issue to be careful of because it ensures the safety of the welder. That’s why, for the sake of your safety, you must ensure the ventilation fact of the welding helmet.               

    Ventilation is a feature that can prevent the atmosphere from becoming oxygen-rich or deficient. It is preventing this, especially where it needs. On the other hand, flammable gases and vapors can be prevented by this ventilation. So overall, it is that much important to be concerned about when you are to buy a welding helmet with respirator.

    Working environment

    The other important thing is to notice the environment where you are working or will be working. It is important because what kind of welding respirator you buy is depending on the environment of the working place. Keep concerned about the environmental fact is that you must know the details of the environment. You should think of the area is well-ventilated or not, the place is capable of this kind of work or not. These things are important before you are going to buy any kind of welding helmet.

    And if you won’t get enough knowledge about the environmental facts, you can’t get the perfect one for yourself. So, at first, get cleared about the fact and then choose a product according to the environment you are going to work.                  


    Both face and welding is such an important thing to be careful of. It is because it ensures safety of you. Welding helmets and especially welding helmet with built-in respirators has this kind of feature in it. So, when you buy a respirator, you should know the type of it. You should know whether the product has the shields or not.      

    With this feature, you can use with simple respirators. But the protection is limited for the eyes and the face. So, be aware of that thing and purchase after getting clear about it.        


    As much as safety is important, comfort is equally important for you when you are looking for a good welding respirator. Imagine, you are wearing an uncomfortable respirator and if you will wear it for a long time, you won’t get a good experience during your work.

    That’s why you should judge what welding respirator is more comfortable for you. And for that, you should read the reviews and product features to get the perfect one. It is because if you won’t find the perfect respirator which can give you much comfort, you will be at risk.

    Having an uncomfortable experience of work can cause damage to your body. Further, you can’t give your best performance if you are already having an uncomfortable situation. It causes great trouble when you are in heavy work. That’s why you must choose a comfortable one is you really want comfort during your working session.

    Protection and safety

    When you are about to buy a welding respirator, you have to be very careful about its safety fact. It is because welding is not an easy task at all. And if you won’t be careful, you might get hurt by any cheap product. So, you should that one which can give you complete protection and better safety.

    Though welding is such a tough work to do, you should be much concerned with your purchase. It is because if the product can’t give you that much safety which you actually want then you shouldn’t buy it. It will be a waste of money. So, taking much care of this fact is necessary before purchasing any welding respirator helmet.


    Check the quality of it is of high-quality material or not. Cheap respirators might have durability issues. And for that reason, you should be careful of that fact. When you are at work, you should be more concerned about your projects. And for your better performance, you need a respirator which is good at their features. And a respirator which is durable can give you better service.

    If you are having a respirator with cheap quality, it can breakdown the whole processing unit. Thus, it will no longer have the ability to work. So, before buying any respirator, you should check if the product is durable or not. Take a look at this feature the buy.        

    Battery power type

    You should be aware of the battery fact of every respirator. It is because if the power of a battery won’t work for long, it does not need to purchase that kind of product. You should check first if the respirator has a long-lasting and powerful battery or not.  

    And to be cleared about all the things, you can check the reviews and do research on those things. Further, you can try it out with your own self. That’s how, you can get the experience of using it and according to this, and you can purchase the suitable one that you actually want. So, get knowledge about battery power and then buy the product.                    

    FAQs on the Best Welding Helmet with Built-in Respirator

    What is a Welding Respirator?

    Welding respirator is basically a respirator that filters small particles and fumes from the air and helps to keep away from those. It can assure you full safety, comfort, and portability. There are several kinds of respirators available.

    There are powered air-purifying respirators, half-mask respirators; supplied-air respirators are available in the market. You can have any kind of these according to the choice yours.

    How to Select a Welding Respirator?

    When it’s time to select a welding respirator, things are different. And you also should think differently. For selecting wisely, all you can do is to research the product first or try it out for a better experience.

    Check the required applications as well. Like, if the product meets all the OSHA, ANSI applications then you can consider that product as a better quality product. So, overall, you should do the things before buying any welding respirator.

    Welding shields – Are they necessary?

    YES! Welding shields are necessary. This is the only thing that actually protects you. It is because it has the protective shields which are important. The welding respirator is not only for the welding work, it is also for the protection.

    If the shields are absent, the protection will also be absent. And if the respirator won’t give you that much protection, it’s no need to be that kind of respirator. So, welding shields are important.

    Welding ventilation – How important is it?

    Ventilation is also an important thing. It helps to remove all the air of human breathing. It also prevents flammable gases or vapors. Further, it removes oxygen-rich or oxygen-deficient atmosphere. So, overall, having ventilation is that important in any kind of a respirator.      

    Otherwise, if ventilation isn’t available in any respirator, it might explode because of flammable gases and vapors. It can’t remove all the human breathing as well. Overall, the protection of you might get hampered. So, it is so important to have ventilation in any welding respirator.      


    No matter what respirator you choose for yourself, make sure it won’t harm you, not a bit. It is because if it hurts you then you shouldn’t buy this kind of product. Moreover, you also should find the right one for you. It is because if you choose the wrong respirator, your work won’t be done properly. So, you should be aware of that thing.     

    Furthermore, you should choose a product but before it, research well about it. After researching and choosing your desired product, then you can purchase and hope to have the perfect one for you.   

    Shop well, buy that one which you actually need, basically, have the best one!

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