Can You Wear A Welding Helmet to Look At The Eclipse?

Can You Wear A Welding Helmet to Look At The Eclipse

A solar eclipse is an attractive event that is rarely shown. People generally get very excited to see when it happens. Though watching the eclipse is risky but people can’t help doing it by using eclipse glasses, filters, and many other things.

But when it’s about using a welding mask, it will create lots of questions in the mind. People start thinking about many things if this is a proper way or not. Do they start thinking like Can I use a welding mask to view eclipse? Is it safe to use a welding mask? What should I do for viewing the eclipse?

There are lots of questions about it on your mind too. But the answer is one. Let dive right into the description to clear your confusion and find you out a solution so that you can get relieved about it.

Can you wear a welding helmet to view an eclipse?

When it’s about watching a solar eclipse, you need to wear something. The reason is, watching it with bare eyes can harm you. That’s why you have to wear something to protect your eyes. And if you are planning to wear a welding helmet, you need to follow some instructions.

It’s because everything has its technique, and if you won’t follow that technique then you cannot be able to adjust with it.

And for that exact reason, you must follow the rules of wearing a welding helmet while watching it. So, the answer is yes, you can watch the solar eclipse with a welding helmet.

And to wear it in the right way, you need to know some of those things. First, you should be careful if the shading is appropriate or not. You have to make sure your welding helmet has the right shading. It can help to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Generally, the shade 12 or 13 will be perfect for this purpose. But make sure the shade is not 14 or more than that, because it will be too dark for it.

But if you have no idea about the shade then what will you do? At that point, you have to avoid using it. If you have any auto-darkening welding helmet, then you can use it by adjusting the filter level. Using a welding helmet to view the eclipse is not a bad option if you use it properly. You just have to maintain the system and that’s it.

Moreover, you also should follow the right method of using a welding mask. This is very important as it’s about the safety of your eyes. Make sure you won’t see the eclipse before wearing the helmet.

First, put on the helmet then look at the sun. Also, you must not take the helmet off while seeing the eclipse. Only take it off when you are not looking at the sun.

On the other hand, you also should be very careful about the coverage. Though you are taking the risk of watching the eclipse, you must be very careful of whatever you are doing. And if you are wearing a helmet, you have to wear it perfectly.

The entire face should properly be covered. Further, make sure the viewing area is not that small. It will be annoying if you cannot see things properly. It has to give you full coverage as well as the appropriate viewing area. And if you can maintain all these things then yes, you can use a welding helmet for watching the solar eclipse.

Can you look at the sun with a welding helmet?

There are a lot of confusions that are rolling on the mind. People confuse if they can watch the solar eclipse with a welding helmet or not. And if they can do then what procedures they should follow. There are thousands of questions about using the helmet. That’s why knowing the appropriate thing is important.

People are thinking if the welding helmet can give them proper eye protection or not. That is the main concern of it. Well, the answer is yes, you can look at the eclipse by wearing a welding helmet.

You just have to make sure if you are wearing it properly or not. There are some things that you should maintain while using a welding helmet. Not all the helmet can give you protection.

The reason is, not all the helmet is created in the same way. Certain welding helmets can give you compete for protection to look at the sun. All you need is to use the right welding helmet and use it properly.

As we mentioned before, the shade of the helmet should be a minimum of 12. You can also get one shade higher but 14 will be much darker. If you can maintain these things, you can easily protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Can you stare at the sun without a welding helmet?

Many of us might hear a thing from the very beginning of our childhood. They say, if we stare at the sun for a long time, we can go blind. Well, it makes sense.

The reason is if you stare at the sun for a long time, it will irritate your eyes, and even make injuries. It doesn’t mean you will surely go blind for doing so. But it can make lots of discomforts if you stare at the sun without any protection.

You might have thought can I view a solar eclipse with a welding mask? Well, let’s go deeper into this conversation.

The sun has three types of light. The first one is called visible light, the second one is known as infrared light, and the third one is Ultraviolet or UV light. This third one is the most dangerous to the eye. It creates sunburn to the eyes that can cause different injuries to the eye.

Moreover, your retina becomes over stimulated when you continuously look at the sun. It damages the tissue of the eye when you are non-stop staring at the sun without protection. So, the answer is absolute no. You cannot stare at the sun with bare eyes as it creates damages in many ways.

Further, the most dangerous thing of staring at the sun for a long period is the irreparable damage. You might end up with blinding your eyes. There is a history of a patient who continuously stared at the sun for 30 minutes and thus suffered from solar retinopathy.

You can indeed go blind if you stare at the sun for a long time without having protection with you. That’s why you must not attempt this risky thing and must follow the rules before staring at the sun.

Is it safe to use a welding mask to look at the sun?

It is a matter of thought if the welding helmet for viewing a solar eclipse is safe or not. We discussed before and figured out that we can use a welding helmet for watching the eclipse. But most of you are anxious about the safety of it.

Well, as we all know, we can use a welding mask for viewing the eclipse, and it won’t create any damage. All you need is to take this mask in the right way. So, the answer is yes, it is safe. But make sure you use the right one for doing so.

There are lots of welding helmets with lots of varieties. Not all the helmets are safe. That’s why you should figure out first what helmet will be the most suitable one. Some auto-darkening welding helmets are very convenient and safe for use. You can adjust the filter and thus you can use it properly.

Make sure you will adjust the shade of the welding helmet before using it. The shade should be 12-13, not more than that. And if you adjust it properly then it’s ready to use. Besides, you need to be very sure if you will cover your face in the right way with this helmet unless you can’t get the protection that you are looking for. If you can maintain all of these things then using a welding mask can be considered as the safe option for viewing the solar eclipse.

Eclipse glasses or Welding helmet?

When we are talking about using a welding helmet for watching the solar eclipse, we also should know about eclipse glasses. There are lots of solar eclipse glasses available. There are lots of varieties too. You can use those if you want.

It’s not a matter that you should only use eclipse glasses for viewing the eclipse. You can use other options. No matter what you are going to use but make sure it will ensure your safety. Eyes are important to a human being. And you don’t want to lose it. That’s the reason for knowing the safety fact of both of these is very important.

Well, wearing eclipse glasses is safer because the glasses are specially made for this purpose. That’s the reason it will have that feature to protect your eyes in that situation. A good pair of glasses is all you need to watch without any damage. It basically seems like 3D glasses that you wear when you watch movies.

Yes, using eclipse glasses is safe but you have to be very careful of the quality of those glasses. It is because if the glasses won’t be protective enough then it’s no use of getting such a useless glass and harms your eyes.

Besides, make sure the glasses are NASA-approved. If all these things are done, then you can surely use eclipse glasses. It will be more useful than welding helmets for sure.

Recommendations of NASA to view the solar eclipse

While using any welding helmet or any other equipment to watch the solar eclipse, first you need to know if these are NASA-approved or not.Also please check whether it is up to date with ISO 12312-2 Safety standard or not.

It is because NASA ensures FULL SAFETY of this situation, and you can get to know what will be the best for you to protect your eyes. For more info, let’s check the recommendations out.

  •  Make sure you won’t use any glasses that have cracks or scratches. This might be inappropriate for your safety.
  •   You have to be sure if the glasses you are using have the international certification.
  •  If you are planning to use homemade filters then don’t do it because it won’t protect at all.
  • Make sure those glasses you are using is completely certified for watching the eclipse.
  • Avoid using older equipment if possible.
  • Make sure the glasses won’t be a dark one. This might ruin all the protection and also you cannot be able to watch properly.


There is some information you should collect and keep those in mind before wearing any protective equipment. Take a look at those things.

  • Don’t look at the eclipse for a long period
  • Supervise the children around you how they should use filters
  • The shade of the helmet should be 12-13
  • Do not watch eclipse before wearing a helmet
  • Avoid looking at the un-eclipsed or partially eclipsed sun
  • Do not watch the eclipse through your smartphone camera
  • You can wear both glasses and helmet for extra protection
  •  Cover your face well while wearing a helmet


If you find out you have done something bad, and that is, you watched the eclipse for so long without why protection. What will you do now? Well, there are cures for it too. Let’s get right into it.

  •  After viewing the eclipse, try to realize if you are facing any changes to the eyes or not
  • Try to avoid looking at the sun
  •  Seek treatment from an eye specialist

Wrap Up

No matter what process you follow but make sure you will do it safely. It should ensure your safety first. And if you choose a welding mask that is useless for your safety then you should avoid it.

Though looking at the eclipse can damage your eyes, it even can make you blind. That’s why you must use the proper mask and cover it well for complete protection.

Now you know the complete information about the eclipse, and its harmful sides. Make sure you will follow the precautions and then enjoy watching the eclipse with that much excitement that you before.

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