Chicago Electric Table Saw Review

Are you planning to start a woodwork business? Or is woodwork part of your job description?If your answer to any of the two questions is a yes, then a table saw is arguably the first tool that comes on top of your wish list.

It is indispensable.Call it a table saw, miter saw, or give it any other name, but the device is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that goes beyond ripping wood to perform crosscutting and miter cuts in typical wood workshops.

However, not every brand will do a perfect job. You need a model that not only does the work perfectly but also performs with unbeatably convenience and efficiency.You need a reliable tool. No doubt. That’s why we present you with this detailed Chicago electric table saw .Harbor Freight, the manufacturer of this line of power tools, is a reputable company. Besides, their line of Chicago Electric power tools commands incredible trust from its users.

They are also pretty affordable yet functional and durable. Isn’t this a brand you’d be willing to associate with?Now, brace yourself for a detailed and impartial review of three of the most illustrious Chicago Electric Table Saws. Hopefully, you will get a model that meets your expectations.

You Can consider below Listed Table Saw




DEWALT 10- Inch Table Saw

DEWALT 10- Inch Table Saw
Bosch 4100-10 Table Saw

Bosch 4100-10 Table Saw

Top 3 Chicago Electric Table Saw Review 2020

The Chicago Electric 10 Inch. 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw with Folding Stand is the type of tool that you need for busy working environments. The machine comes with everything that you need to get your jobs underway.

While it ranks as one of the most portable options in the market today, it is perfectly functional and performs beyond your current expectations.

It features spacious onboard storage spaces, which means that you can have all the small working tools, accessories, and equipment in one place.

Just like most compact table saws, the device boasts of functional outfeed support to help keep your wood in place while working.

These features even make investing in the Chicago Electric 10 Inch. 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw review more worthwhile.

Very Portable-One of the most critical factors to consider when shopping for an electric table saw is portability. The SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw scores highly on that. It is pretty compact and weighs a paltry 67 pounds. Such a feature makes the device easy to move around with. Besides, you will marvel at the foldable stand as you can easily bring down everything to fit compactly.

Extendable Table-The machine fits into the category of small electric table saws. So, you don’t expect a table that measures 20 by 26 inches to handle much. The manufacturer makes this device more incredible by making the table extendable. So, you can easily extend the length to an incredible 32 inches to conveniently handle more extended pieces of wood.

Self-Aligning Rip Fence-One of the main reasons why people prefer table saws for crosscutting or miter cuts is the accuracy that they guarantee. However, the SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch table tool beats its competitors when it comes to accuracy, thanks to the self-aligning rip fence that the company includes in the device. It also features a miter gauge, which helps to align workpieces.

  • The impressive size and weight for a range of applications
  • A robust machine that conveniently handles most assignments.
  • It features an extended deck or table for longer workpieces.
  • The tool is incredibly easy to use.
  • The motor bearings are not very durable.
  • It produces significant amounts of smoke while in use.

As you probably know, Chicago Power Tools has an impressive range of electric table saws to choose from.

The Chicago Electric 10 in., 13 Amp Benchtop Table Saw is one of the best models you can choose from in the incredible list of table saws.

It is an industrial-grade benchtop table saw that takes pride in the incredible 13-amp motor.

Interestingly, the device delivers sufficient power to attend to most ripping, crosscutting, and miter cut jobs.

But that’s not all about the Chicago Electric 10 in., 13 Amp Benchtop Table Saw. It also comes with an extra-wide aluminum table that is not only durable but also versatile and convenient for comprehensive ripping jobs.Besides, the following features also make the device an irreplaceable tool;

Powerful 13-Amp motor-The power of an electric benchtop machine lies in the motor rating that it runs on. While the Chicago Electric 10 in., 13 Amp Benchtop Table Saw comes with a motor rating of 13 Amps, you shouldn’t be fooled by the considerably low motor rating. Instead, the device is pretty powerful and delivers a massive 5000 revolutions per minute for any smooth cutting operations. Isn’t that incredible?

A Rear Dust Chute-Table saws come with a lot of dust and dirt. Without proper exhaustion mechanism, the environment around your working place will most probably be a big mess. Well, this benchtop saw saves you from that mess, thanks to the inclusion of a rear chute that helps to ensure that your working environment stays cleaner for longer.

Overload Protection-Look, we are always worried about the possibility of a machine blowing on when there are power surges. You don’t need to be worried about that when dealing with the Chicago Electric 10 in., 13 Amp Benchtop Table Saw. It features a reliable overload protection mechanism that helps to extend the life of your motor. In turn, the longevity of your machine increases.

Adjustable Miter Gauge-The reason why many people prefer using Electric table saws over circular saws for crosscutting and miter cut projects is that they are more accurate. However, it is essential to note that accuracy only comes with additional features. Notably, the Chicago Electric 10 in., 13 Amp Benchtop Table Saw necessitates that with the inclusion of an adjustable miter gauge.

  • One of the most reasonably priced electric table saws
  • It features an unbeatable range of safety and operational features.
  • The device is durable and does a remarkable job over time.
  • It is ideal for homeowners and handymen.
  • It doesn’t handle cuts more massive than 2 x 3 inches.

Look, table sawing goes beyond woodwork to cover a range of other materials too. But arriving at the perfect choice for such a machine comes at a price, it can be a hit or a miss.

So, if you are looking for an electric tool that can handle plastics, picture frames, and moldings, then the Chicago Electric Power Tools 4″ Mighty-Mite Table Saw is a perfect bet.

This device comes at incredible pricing. Yet, it is arguably one of the most versatile options that you will find on the market today. It is pretty practical and ideal for people aiming to establish workshops on a budget.

The device guarantees impeccable quality and safety despite the few shortfalls that you will probably observe. The following features will make you decide for or against the electric saw;

Two Blades-The fact that this printer comes with two blades makes it a must-have for startups. It comes with a steel blade that works perfectly well on small wood pieces. Again, the device features a functional diamond blade that comes in handy for people who want to work with plastic, glass, and a variety of molding materials.

Accuracy-You can’t underrate the need for accuracy when it comes to making moldings or picture frames. Interestingly, the Mighty-Mite table saw guarantees that. It features two miter slots that enable precise cutting of angles without any hassle. It also comes with a miter gauge that further enhances accuracy.

Ultimate Protection-Table saws are incredibly dangerous tools, notably if the set of your choice doesn’t include protective features. This particular device comes with exciting safety features. It comes with a blade guard to help protect your hands and fingers. The device also comes with an eye shield to protect your eyes from small objects.

  • The device is pretty small and portable.
  • It is incredibly easy to assemble, adjust, and use.
  • The diamond blade works well without any miscuts.
  • It is ideal for a range of precision and detailed projects.
  • It is comparatively slower than its competitors.
  • The motor isn’t strong enough for heavy-duty assignments.

How To Maintain A Table Saw (With Vedio Guide)

Buying a table saw is a time-consuming process. However, ensuring that your table saw serves you for several years is another daunting task. The following are some of the things you can do to extend the lifespan of your table saw.

Firstly, always check if the blade is securely in place. There shouldn’t be any tilting or raising mechanisms. Adjust the blade accordingly in case of any movements.

Always use a dry lubricant to take care of the bevel gear. Do this as frequently as possible. Besides, take note that all gears are clean and devoid of dust.

Unplug the electric saw and clean the cabinet and the motor regularly.  Polish the table saw after every cleaning process. The best way to polish the machine is by using automotive wax.

Also, regularly clean cutting blades using pitch and gum remover. Finally, check and replace any worn out or damaged power cords.

Final Words

The market has a versatile range of power saws. While this provides buyers with an exciting range of options to choose from, it also makes finding the ideal electric saw pretty tricky.

The devices come in a variety of sizes and functional features. Some models are large and ideal for heavy-duty assignments. On the other hand, you will meet a range of compact, lightweight, and portable models.

This detailed Chicago Electric Table Saw Review helps you to find a table saw that meets your needs. But once you do that, it is essential to ensure proper and regular maintenance to increase the lifespan of the table saw.

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