Best Engine Support Bar 2020-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Our Top Pick Engine Support Bar

Best Engine Support Bar

If you are new in the art of replacing or repairing the front-wheel drive, then you understand how challenging this can be. Fortunately, companies have been on the front line to make work easier for you hence the invention of engine support bars.

This machine supports the front-wheel-drive from above, making the process as easy as ABC.  The problem is that while there are numerous engine support bars in the market, the affordable ones, which do not compromise on quality, are difficult to get. In recognition of this, we sampled and reviewed five of the best engine support bars as detailed below:

Best Engine Support Bar reviews For 2020

Boasting 95% of positive consumer feedback; this is one of those engine support bars you want to buy when working on a budget.

It has a bearable weight of 700 lbs, and this is not all. The machine is equally effective when dealing with clearances that occur during repair work.

This does not come as a surprise because aiding in its ease during clearance is the machine’s outstanding features key of which are well listed and explained as follows:

Fully adjustable width

There is no doubt that this machine works pretty much similar to the standard engine support bar. Its only advantage and distinguishing factor are that its width is designed with extra convenience. Primarily, this device has a width of thirty-four and a half inches with the capacity of extending to a maximum of sixty-one inches.

Flexible hook screws

The width is not the only thing that is adjustable on this machine. The hook screws are equally adjustable. They come as a pair with each comprising fourteen inches. Their adjustable or rather flexible nature influences easier installation that ensures high stability of the engine rock steady, especially when you are working with the transaxle or other repairs.

Quality material

The ATD Tools Arm Support is manufactured using high-quality premium materials. As a result, it will serve you for the longest time without appearing rusty or wearing out. You can, therefore, buy it and expect long term service.


Some of the engine support bars are designed to operate on specific vehicles. Luckily, this is not the case for the ATD Tools Arms Support. This is because our experience on the machine reveals that this engine support bar will operate on various vehicles, thus highly suitable for those working in a garage or those that have multiple cars.


  • Easy to carry around
  • Highly durable
  • Flexible width and hook screws
  • Applicable on most cars
  • Cons

    Uses braided steel cables of 1/8 inches by 38 inches instead of chains which may not be appealing

    OTC is one of the companies known for producing excellent engine support bar.

    But if you want a cheap engine support bar from OTC, you want to go for the OTC 4324. This device has a whopping load capacity of 1100 pounds.

    This means that the device cannot only handle car repairs from small cars but large cars alike. Also, this capacity load allows it to work well with the existing as well as the new car modes in the market. Here some additional features that makes OTC 4324 the best cheap engine support bar.

    Adjustable width

    The first incredible feature of this device is its width. Unlike the standard engine support bar, this machine has an adjustable width of 57 inches by 27 inches. This means that you can easily alter the width during repair, depending on your needs or the nature of your car.

    Dual hook assemblies

    This engine support bar also comprises not one but two hook assemblies. As a result, one will not struggle with the installation process. This is because the main role of the hook assembly is to ensure that the installation process is very easy.

    Rubber padded support legs

    Complementing the two hook assemblies are the legs of this support engine. They feature rubber pads, which help to keep the machine stable when you engage in repair work. These are not the only features responsible for the stability of this engine support bar but the two 36 inch chain assemblies as well.

    Tubular steel construction

    The machine is designed to last. This is because it is made using tubular steel construction. Ideally, devices made using high-quality tubular steel material are durable and unlikely to become affected by wearing out or other issues. Therefore, besides buying this support engine bar at a low price, you will also have it for the longest time.


  • Durable construction
  • Highly stable
  • Simple installation process
  • Versatile use
  • Cons

    • Slightly expensive compared to other cheap support engine bars

    Are you looking for an engine support bar that will give you some extra support but is still priced at an economical rate? 

    Why not go for the Astro 5820 Engine Transverse bar with the support arm. Unique to the others, this device makes the repair or rather the removal of the transaxle simple.

    This is because it supports the engine of the front-wheel-drive of a vehicle in a very simple manner. Here are some other features you will love about this engine support bar with a carrying capacity of 700 pounds:

    Third arm support

    This machine comes with an additional third arm. The arm is responsible for providing additional support, which helps in balancing the center of the load. While its absence does not cause any alarm, the presence of this third arm helps in giving some extra bit of safety during your repairs. It is also this third support arm that helps in the off-center loads, which is a huge plus.

    Adjustable width

    Like the other reviewed engine support bars, the Astro 5820 has a width which you can alter according to your needs. Mainly, the minimum stretch of its width is 31 inches. However, you can stretch it to a maximum of 64 inches, depending on the nature of your repair work. This flexibility makes it applicable to most of the cars in the market.

    Steel cables and adjustable hooks

    Along with the width, the hooks of this machine, which are 14 inches, are equally adjustable. This helps to keep the installation process easy. You will also not spend time buying cables as the device, with its low price, includes a 1/8 inch braided steel cables.


  • Simple to use
  • Provides additional support
  • Compatible with numerous cars
  • Highly durable
  • Cons

    • May not work well for the big cars

    Although it comes last in our list, this is one of the best support engine bars that is affordable.

    Not only will it support both the small, big, existing, and new cars in the market due to its huge capacity load of 1100, it equally has some unique features.

    Therefore, if none of the already reviewed machines caught your eye, you can trust that this will work out for you.Take a look at some of its features that make it a top pick:

    Adjustable Screw Hangers

    First and foremost, this Dragway tools comes fitted with 14-inch screw hangers that adjustable. It is well complemented with the long dual twenty eight inch chains. As a result, this makes it easy for one to use the channel near the fender for engine support purposes.

    Load leveling adjustable Screws

    Along with the adjustable screw, hangers are the adjustable screws which are better described as load leveling screws. This means that they are designed in a manner that helps in preventing lags.  Hence, you will not struggle with leveling your various loads.

    Adjustable steel feet with rubber pads

    The feet of this machine are one to dies for as they are made of steel, which means long service. They are also adjustable, making it easy to serve your varying needs, and the best part is that they come fitted with rubber pads. Therefore, there are close to zero cases of the support engine bar wobbling as the rubber padding safeguards the feet keeping them stable.


    • Simple to use
    • Highly stable
    • Prevents lags
    • Heavy-duty construction


    • Comprises only two support legs which some people may find as an issue

    The Sunex International 5207 Engine Transverse Bar with Arm Support is the best choice for all brand’s cars.

    It is made by high-quality chinesium alloy that’s why very suitable for professional use. weight capacity is more sufficient compare to different cars and it has 700lb or 317.5 kgs weight capacity.

    The 5207 is specially designed to safely removal of the transaxle in front-wheel drive vehicles.It is also very popular for its expanding capacity of 34.6 to up to a full 61.

    Major Feature:

    • It holds up to 700 lb
    • It has one adjustable transvers bar and 14 inch 2 hook screws
    • It has braided steel cables(⅛”) 
    • Expandibility High(34 up to a full 61)

    How To Install An Engine Support Bar(Vedio Guide)


    Compared to the prices of engine support bars, you can trust that these five machines are the ones that are priced affordably and still give excellent services. 

    However, affordability means different to different people. With this said, that means some people may find the prices of the five reviewed support engine bars still slightly high.

    In that case, there is no need to worry as you can rent them at a relatively reduced price, especially when you need it for a quick once in a while fix. Nonetheless, the five remain the cheapest and quality support bar engine you can select for your projects.

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