What Are The Highest Paying Welding Jobs?

What Are The Highest Paying Welding Jobs

Welding is the highest paying job. For quality full crafting welders need hard working and knowledge. Then you can seek a high position. Working state, working company and skill level determine the welders’ pay. From various types of welding, job select your own choice. Give attention to select some special acts so that you can select a different one.

Alaska, California, Texas, Hawaii, West Virginia are the best states where welders are getting high demand. For working these areas welders may need to leave families for a long time. Maximum time they work in a remote area and they should accept it.

Best Paid Welding Job

Locations, work environment, work responsibilities are the main factors for a high pay scale. Here we display benefits, opportunities, responsibilities, types, working place, hazards, pay range and all other information about this job so that you can take your decision easily.

Pipeline Welder-$36414-$106,348

What Are The Highest Paying Welding Jobs?

For placing or repairing gas, oil, water pipelines need pipeline welder. They have high demand because oil, gas, water are high demanding resources. They work in oil rings and also for refineries. Maximum they work for gas and oil industries.

Besides they also work in shipbuilding, fabrication, aerospace, nuclear energy, and automotive industry. Certain times they are working at high risk. In a difficult working position, they should know the laydown way under high-quality welds.

Underwater Welder-$54,750-$300000

Underwater Welder

Underwater welders’ are paying the highest pay range. Give them special compensation because hazards may come during work under the water. They do work with barometric pressureand it makes them more familiar. Sometimes they enjoy their risk as a challenge.

Wet and dry welding are the two categories of welding. Wet welding is doing under submerged conditions. For this, they use special rods. On the other hand, dry welding is doing in a sealed container. This container encloses with the welder. For removing water from chamber or container push here oxygen, argon or helium gas.

Underwater welders need enough training for doing this job. Skills are developing gradually by gathering knowledge and training. SCUBA diving, underwater welding, top side welding is a must.

Welding Technician

Welding Technician

Welding is an especial job which needs long time practices to be perfect. Welders have to do work in low volume fabrication and difficult places. Though welding is an unpredictable job so sometimes require difficult decision for the future.

All-time they are playing with various metals and for that require experienced diving workers. Many latest new developed technologies have come and remove welders’ sorrow. Just they need the knowledge to apply it. Welders’ are always working on construction sites. Thus, for welding processes sometimes they have to take critical decisions.

For passing job life as a welding technician besides certification also need experience. Experience makes a path for welder technicians.

Military Support Welder

Military support welder is also a high paying job. Maintain military ships, buildings, equipment and repairing are the main job responsibilities. Job risks depend on your working place. The high pay range is ready for you if you want to do work in the violence area.

You have to pass physical and mental test to full fill requirement to enter the Millitary support Welder.If someone get opportunity then there are lots of facility like earn credentials from SMAW,GMAW.Other benefits,one can earn upto $250 per credit to take college classes.

You may work as an army and work with different branches:

Army:Among all the branches, welders are in most dangerous situation who are in the army.For vehicle repairing, build or repairing infrastructure need military support welder.

AirForce: The most sensitive and complex workplace is aircraft working zone.Thats why they recruit highly skilled Airforce welder.Aireforce Welder are responsible for troubleshooting to final fitting to fabricating and welding when need an aircraft.

Marines:They are Most versatile welder in the planet.The real Welder!

Navy:Compare to other above three branches I can say this branch will give you great training.In US, Navy Welder's training place is in the shipyards of Norfolk Virginia.

Salary Range From Other sources:

Average Yearly Salary:$48988 by paysa.com

U.S army welder yearly salary:$41,076 by indeed.com

Average salary of Military Army:$46,919 by  ZipRecruiter.com

Aerospace Welder

You can earn a lucrative pay as an aerospace welder just need a lot of skill or experience. Not require so high skill but still good and perfect.

Aerospace welders do their work in aeroplanes, aerospace equipment, space shuttle or any other advanced technologies.

Which locations are The Best for Welders?

Welders’ pay depends on locations, extensive travel, and dangerous condition. They are often recruiting in Alaska, California, West Virginia, Texas, Hawaii because their welders are getting more pay range.


Texas is known as ‘the welding capital’ and situated in the United States. The average annual wage is $20,000 which is less than Alaska. But one problem facing here that 23-hour darkness during winter and always froze. A huge amount of companies are staying here and hiring a huge amount of welders from a different country.

Beginner and intermediate welders can start their welding job here. Many opportunities are supplying from different industries and a beginner can make their careers from bottom to top. 


Around 27,070 welders are maintaining their lives from doing welding work in California State. Annually $42,970 wage is supplying among the welders. From different states of the United States, California is the second in the position to make welder employ.

Skilled welders are recruiting for water infrastructure and other infrastructures also. Bakersfield is known as the top-paying metropolitan. The average annual wage is $53,260 for welders.


As a newcomer in a welding career, you can get enough opportunity in Alaska. For shipbuilding and repairing always need welders in the shipyard. A fresher welder can earn skill very quickly with the expected salary.

The economic statistics of this state is constantly growing. Among different places in the US, Alaska is a safe place. Here welders also get 30% extra paycheck for hiking during the winter season.

Wilderness in Alaska is dangerous for breathtaking. Here present Artist Bob Rose, happy little trees and mountains. Alaska is a majestic mountain where you can make your tour.

On the north side of Alaska, you feel eternal day or night for a few months. Northern Lights Aurora Borealis can you see from your kitchen place.

West Virginia

West Virginia is a heavenly place. You can familiar with automotive, booming aerospace, energy industries where need skilled welders. The average salary is paying to the welders. For pipe and fitters welders there present gas and oil industries.

Living cost is low here and it a bonus for welders. Autumn and summer are the best time for welding working. At this time there present a huge amount of outdoor works and breathtaking scenery.

Abundant natural resources are present there. This state can cope with advanced technologies. Besides welding, you can set your career in chemicals, aerospace, automotive, biotech or energy.

In West Virginia, a welder can start at around $12.42 per hour or $25,840 per annually. Expert experienced welders can earn around $35.93 per hour or $74,730 per annually.

The salary range is varying with certification, experience, and position. Mid-level welder starts with $18.86 per hour or $39,230 per annually.


Mainly two seasons are showing here. May to October is known as Kau season and November to April is known as hooiloseason. The average temperature is 85°F during the Kau season and 78°F during hooilo season. For outdoor sports, it is the best place but always maintain weather warnings. Volcanic fog may appear anytime.

Seeing this Hawaii state man can fail normal sense. They can try to take a selfie stand in front of lava. This is very dangerous for them.

The average number of oil drilling companies is 16 and all of them are offshore. Include Oahu and HI. all companies are offshore oil drilling companies. These companies are hiring welders every year.

Tropical location and ocean connection make Hawaii State very attractive. Commercial companies are wanted to build up their projects here. OTEC project is one of them.


Welding is a dangerous and challenging job and needs a lot of dedication. A high salary range and traveling opportunity make it more attractive to the young generation. Highly professional welders have a mental ability to take challenges, toughness, and problem-solving ability.

Alaska, California, West Virginia, Texas, Hawaii states give multiple chances to the welders. Allowing this chance they can make their career successful. Think that you get a clear concept of the highest paying jobs of welders. We are hoping that you can make the right decision now.

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