How to Use A Dremel to Cut Metal-Step by Step The Right Way

If you are on the woodworking for a long time, you probably know what a Dremel is. Well, it is a handy rotary tool. It is used for giving you various cutting styles. It can also be used on various materials. But now, we are talking about cutting metals with this tool.

And for that reason, we will focus on the method of cutting metal in the right way. Let us see what the methods are, and how you can do it with ease.

How to Use A Dremel to Cut Metal

What is a Dremel?

A Dremel is a tool that is used for cutting various materials. It is a multi-tool that is capable of doing several cuts in different attachments and accessories. It’s used for metal and woodwork. But you can also use it on glass, plastics, electronics, and many other materials.

This tool can perform in cutting, drilling, carving, and polishing, sharpening, sanding, engraving, routing, and also cleaning. It’s a versatile and also a durable tool. Though it can be used for several purposes, you can count on this tool. You should have a Dremel tool in your collection if you are interested in this profession. Moreover, you can do lots of cutting styles in any kind of material because it’s easy for doing those works with this tool.

Further, it’s also a great tool because it is effective for craft projects and other kinds of arts and small projects too. It is capable of doing that kind of job that no other machine can do well. That’s the reason you should surely get this tool so that you can do lots of cutting styles if you require doing that. Besides, you can do it yourself. But one thing that you have to maintain is safety. This tool can harm you, and that’s why you should be careful while working with it. And to be safe, you just need to learn the steps of using this tool. And once you learn the basics of this, you can easily do any project.

Things you Will need to Cut the Metal(Details Guide)

When you are going to work with a Dremel, and you want to cut metal, then you will need some accessories. It is because having the exact equipment is necessary for cutting metal in the right way. The compulsory equipment:

  • A Dremel rotary tool
  • Tape
  • Dremel attachment
  • Wrench
  • Marker

People are using some safety equipment also. It is because it will ensure the complete safety of you. And thus you can finish the work without having any damage to your body. That’s why you have to check the safety factor first and then start the process. Let’s see what the safety equipment is, and why they are important.

Face mask

Having a mask is compulsory. It can protect your face, mouth, nose, and eyes from having injuries. It has a facility that can keep you safe, and protect you from ground-wood debris, and small particles that fly around the air. That’s why it is a must thing to wear a protective mask.

Hand gloves

Hand gloves are for protecting the hands. When you are doing the cutting process on the metal, the sparks and fumes will surely blow around the place. And though you are doing that process through your hands, that small sparks can hurt your hand if you didn’t wear protective hand gloves. Besides, when there will be too much heat at the time of working. The heat might harm your hands, and that’s why you have to wear safety gloves no matter what happens.


Just like the hands, and face protection, you will also need to protect your ears too. The reason is there will be lots of noises around the area when you are on the cutting process. And especially when you are working with metal, the noise will be loud. At that point, you will need to protect your ears. And that’s why wearing earplugs is compulsory.

Steel-Toes Shoes

Protecting your legs is also an important thing. If you wear Steel-Toes Shoes, harmful heat, and sparks won’t harm your legs. These shoes can protect your legs from burning. If you don’t have these shoes, you can wear other kinds of shoes that are hard.

Safety glasses

As you know, eyes are a sensitive part of the human body. So, protecting your eyes from harmful particles is necessary. Moreover, when you are working with metal, it will be much dangerous to work with it. So, you must wear safety glasses before you start doing the cutting process.

How to Use A Dremel to Cut Metal-Step By Step Guide Line

If you know the processes of cutting metal by Dremel step by step, you will observe, and learn it easily. That’s the reason we prepared some instructions maintaining steps, and we hope that you will accurately get the things. So, let’s check the steps out for getting a clear note.

Step 1: Learn the basics 

At first, you have to choose what Dremel tool you will need to do the process. It is because having the right tool according to your job is necessary. You can also learn it by reading the Dremel tool manual. Read all the features, and procedures well, and then begin with the next steps.

Step 2: Organize the workplace and prepare for cutting  

Wear safety equipment to ensure total safety of your own. Then prepare the workplace where you want to cut metal. Also, take the Dremel tool and prepare it before beginning to the work. You can also organize the cutting area. And for doing that, take a marker and mark the area where you want to cut. You can also use tape to do it. It will reduce the amount of damaging the workplace and also the material.

Step 3: Cutting process

Start cutting the metal. You should practice inserting a bit. Slightly place the bit into the hole in a correct way, and tighten up to the nut. You have to make sure that the bit is being well-secured. Make sure you choose the right bit. Moreover, have a control on your hands, and hold the metal with stability.

Step 4: polishing and finalizing 

After finishing the cutting process, slightly grind the part that you have cut before. After grinding, start sanding. That will make a smooth texture of the metal. Make sure you do this process with less force. That’s how it can help you to give smoother polishing, and to avoid damaging. Polish it well and give it a nice finish.


1. Make sure you practice the inserting process and change the bit only when the Dremel is being unplugged.

2. You have to keep control of your hand to hold the metal with much stability. It will ensure the proper cutting and safety of yours.

3. Make sure you can easily connect and release the tool while working with it.

Use Dremel to Cut Metal(Vedio Guide)

Wrap Up 

As you can see, there are lots of discussions and procedures that we explained to you step by step. Though Dremel is a versatile tool, it can do different types of cuts with different kinds of materials. But as it’s about cutting, you need to get some ideas of safety.

And once you are sure that you can work on maintaining all the safety factors, and then you apply these procedures. Apply these methods, and do the cutting metal process with Dremel in a proper way.

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