How to Use A Dremel to Cut Wood-By Doing Less

Are you interested in cutting wood? If you are interested or if you are already into this profession then you might know what the Dremel is.

And if you don’t know then we are letting you know that a Dremel is a tool that can do several types of things like cutting, grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing, and many more.

Moreover, you can use this tool on different types of materials like wood, metal, glass, plastic, and lots more. In this article, we are going to describe how to use a Dremel to cut wood. Let’s dive right into the section to see how you can do the cutting processes, and what will be the appropriate procedures of it.

How to Use A Dremel to Cut Wood

Safety Requirements

Before you are going to start the processes with the rotary tool, you need to check the safety factor. The reason is, if you won’t be safe while working with a tool, then using that tool is a wrong decision. And for ensuring your safety, it’s important to wear safety equipment. There are some of those things that we recommend you to wear. And these are:

Face mask

The safety of your face is the first thing you have to do when you are on a cutting job. It is because when you start using a Dremel tool to cut wood, the small particles of it might fly back to your face. And it can hurt your skin, nose, mouth, and the other parts of your face. Besides, you won’t feel free to work with wood if you are not being covered with much safety. That’s the reason you need a face mask before you start using a Dremel.

Hand gloves

As we know that the gloves are used to protect our hands for various reasons. And here in the wood-cutting job, you need hand gloves because, during the process, there will be created friction. And that might hurt your hands. It can even make serious injuries too. Besides, it can also protect your hands from heat. That’s why you have to wear good-quality hand gloves, and then start the process.

Safety glasses

Saving your eyes is important because it’s the most sensitive, and compulsory part of your body. You might lose the vision if your eyes are being hurt for some reason. So, wearing safety glasses is necessary. It can protect your eyes from small fumes, and dust that can go to your eyes easily. Further, you will get that comfort while working because it can give you easy visibility. So, we recommend you to wear these glasses while cutting wood.


When you are doing a cutting job, and especially when you are using the Dremel rotary tool, you have to wear earmuffs. The reason is there will be so much noise that is created by the tool. And to avoid that extreme noise, you need to wear those muffs. It will protect your ear, and you will be able to work calmly.

How to Use A Dremel to Cut Wood: Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Basics for Cutting Wood

They say practice makes a man perfect. And to practice, you need to learn how to do that. Also, in this case, you need to learn the basics first if you don’t know it yet. And for doing that, you can do and check the Dremel’s manufacturer manual.

This will let you know what the procedures of using this tool are. Such as the changing buttons, the control system, on/off buttons, and many other things like this. It’s important to check and read the manual completely that comes with the tool.

Step 2: Preparation of the Tool and Working Area

We recommend you to work in an organized place. It is because the cutting process will be a matter of mess, and if you already start working in a messy area, the entire project will be messier. So, Prepare the Dremel tool, and the workplace before you start using it.

You can also use a marker to mark the area of the wood from where you want to cut. That will create less mess. If you do that then you can also get accuracy while cutting. That’s how you can do perfect cuts with fewer errors.

Step 3: Cutting Process of Wood

As you know, Dremel is a great tool for cutting. It’s also a useful thing for detailing too. Though it is a lightweight product, you can use it with less trouble. You can also do it with Dremel, but you have to set the object first. That will help to hold the material in place, and to cut it easily.

You have to use the proper speed when you are using Dremel. Set the speed using the button of the Dremel rotary tool. You can also see the manual for easy-understanding. While cutting wood, you have to make sure how much wood you want to cut. And if you want to cut a large amount of wood, then you need to set the saw attachment and use it to cut that. And if you are going to cut a smaller area of wood then, you have to use a high-speed cutter.

Moreover, make sure you use the Dremel tool in the same direction of the wood grain. This can give you better finishing. And lastly, you should clean the residues of wood frequently. Keep cleaning the sawdust away for creating less mess.

Step 4: Spot Removing and finalizing

Once you are done with cutting, then you have to take the final step. Start doing sanding for giving the wood a nice finish. Keep doing sanding depending on how smooth the texture you want. You can also finish those areas that you are not satisfied with. Give it a nice polishing and end the finalizing.


  • Avoid using big cuts that are not appropriate for doing with Dremel.
  • Make sure you use this tool at the right speed.
  • Don’t wear loose clothes.
  • Apply low-pressure while cutting wood with Dremel to avoid stressing of the tool.

Wrap Up

We tried to give you some basic information about how you can use Dremel for cutting wood easily. Though wood is a kind of material that is easy to cut, it’s tough because if you won’t do it in the right way, it might hurt you.

To avoid all of these things, make sure you keep yourself safe. And you have to wear safety gear, so that, it can ensure complete safety. Overall, be safe, safely use the Dremel tool, and enhance your creativity with it.

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