Mevotech Vs Moog Comparison-That May Change Your Perspective

When you hear some silly screeching noise as you turn the wheel of your car, it means it is high time you replaced the suspension system. The suspension system comprises the control arm, ball joints and tie rod ends.The control arm is the connection between the car frame and the wheel. It is responsible for the stability of the vehicle.

The ball joints or the wheel bearings are another important part of the suspension system. It consists of a ball and sockets which makes it similar to the hip joint of the human body.The ball joint of your vehicle’s front suspension helps to provide stable, pivoting movement between the control arms and the steering knuckles to ensure a smooth and safe ride and allows you to properly control your car.Another critical part of the suspension system is the tie rod ends.

The job of the tie rod ends is to connect the wheel to the steering rack and easily help the car to turn anytime you turn the steering wheel. There is one on each side of the tyre.

Do I Choose Moog or Mevotech?

The Mevotech Vs MOOG comparison has lingered for a long time. This is why many car owners are always at a crossroad whenever they intend to change their suspension system.

There is confusion about choosing an OEM or aftermarket parts. The two well-known aftermarket brands are Mevotech and MOOG. The question has always been which one is better out of these two brands. Our article is made to help you make an informed choice that will enhance the life of your car. Read on as we breakdown the Mevotech Vs MOOG comparison. 

Detailed comparison of  Mevotech Vs Moog

Control Arms 

Buying a control arm especially for the first time can be a pretty difficult task. But we have passed through this road before and we are sure we can guide you properly with better insights. We have used control arms from these both Mevotech and MOOG. So we can tell the difference.

Mevotech Control Arm is made to withstand tough and difficult roads. This makes it apt for different types of driving. The control arm is made from polyurethane bushings for durability and sturdiness. It is resistant to corrosion and degradation that are usually caused by oils and mud.

Mevotech Control Arm comes with quality ball joints and polyurethane bushings that suit different terrains and vehicles. The control arm is easy to grease for improved ball joint performance. It is made to improve the lifespan and durability of the wheel frames. Mevotech is a wise choice when you are thinking of restoring any of your suspension components to its original state.

But many car owners prefer the MOOG R-Series Control Arm because it is made from aluminium or steel. It is engineered in such a way that wear and friction is reduced to the barest minimum. The design is strong and rugged to meet up with the daily demands of your vehicle.

The MOOG Control Arm includes the bushings and ball joints which guarantees better performance. It is easy to install. The control arm is durable and long-lasting.

The MOOG Control Arm is made with M2 technology to improve your steering performance and better its responsiveness making driving your vehicle a worthwhile experience

Mevotech control arm comes with bushings and ball joints while MOOG control arm has ball joints only. This means you will have to spend more money buying extra bushings if you choose to buy MOOG control arm

Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly 

As we both tested the control arms of Mevotech and MOOG, we also tested the wheel bearing and hub assembly of the two brands.

Choosing the wrong bearing can easily damage your vehicle which is usually caused by increased friction.

The Mevotech Wheel Bearing is made to OEM specifications. It has passed through different testing to provide optimum performance.

With the Mevotech Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly, you can get the right wheel positioning of your vehicle for a safe and smooth ride.

They have been well lubricated from the factory to reduce friction and wear.

If you are uncomfortable with the noise you hear each time you drive, it is high time you used the MOOG Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly to save yourself a lot of stress.

MOOG Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly have been heat-treated to achieve maximum load capacity. They have been designed to give your wheels long-lasting endurance, great functionality, safety and reduced contaminations.

The components are solidly built to deliver reliability, comfort and excellent performance.

The superior quality of the wheel bearing and hub assembly guarantee quiet operation, properly functioning ABS and a smooth driving.

The wheel bearing and hub assemblies of both brands are pretty good. They both served well.

Tie Rod Ends 

The MOOG tie rod ends are very impressive. With them, you can drive your vehicle for more than 500 miles without any issue. The great thing about the MOOG tie rod ends is that it comes with zerk fitting that helps to push more grease into the ball joints.

MOOG tie rod ends are perfect for people who do not fancy OEM but prefer aftermarket. Its maintenance is easy because re-greasing the tie rod ends is hassle-free.

The MOOG tie rod ends are a great problem solver. They are not only durable but also reliable and dependable.  Mevotech tie rod ends not as durable as MOOG.

So when it comes to tie rod ends, do not make any mistakes. Just go for MOOG tie rod ends.

1. Moog K80026 Ball Joint 

Moog Ball Joint

If you are looking for stress-free ball joints that can deliver reliability and top performance, the MOOG ball joints are your sure bet. The installation is not only easy but also fast.

Its design is greasable making lubrication services quite easier to prolong the life of the component. These ball joints are made from hardened steel stud ball for sturdiness and durability.

The ball joints have a full 360 degrees range of movement which allows for consistent stud articulation all the life of the component.

Ball joints are a critical part of your vehicle’s suspension system. This makes MOOG ball joints the right and long-lasting choice for you. It is better to go for the best replacement with the MOOG’s Ball Joints for comfort and ease. It gives you peace of mind with a lifetime warranty. The innovative design maximizes the durability and performance of your suspension.

The MOOG’s ball joints are problem-solving components that make your chassis look like a new one.


Greasable socket design – With the design of the greasable socket, there is a reduction in wear and corrosion helping in the flushing of contaminants from the assembly.

360-degrees movement – The ball joints have a full ball metal stud that provides 360 degrees of consistent and smooth rotational movement which results in more responsive handling of the steering.

Metal gusher bearing – The powdered metal gusher bearing design helps to reduce friction and provides unparallel stability and strength by allowing grease to flow through the bearing to the stud

Ease of installation – MOOG Ball Joints is super easy to install. It produces precise installation and steering alignment to give you the right fit for a comfortable ride

Warranty – With a lifetime warranty, your mind can be at rest using a product of top-quality and performance.  

Moog Tie Rod End

This tie rod end is well designed to produce a consistent amount of preload for your vehicle’s proper steering. The MOOG tie rod ends provide long-lasting durability, reliability and superior performance always.

It features problem-solving innovation and great engineering that makes installation pretty easy and simple to prolong the service life of the part.

The greasable socket design helps new lubricant to flush out contaminants with ease from the assembly which helps to reduce corrosion and wear.

With the powdered metal gusher design, grease can flow through the bearing to the stud to ensure there are reduced friction and enhanced strength.

Made from all-metal construction, the tie rod ends are durable, sturdy and less prone to failure. It is better than many of the OEM plastic tie rods.

The MOOG tie rod ends come with a patented cover plate design that properly captures the full ball stud that is between the lower and upper bearings.


Greasable rods – The rods are easy to grease thereby helping in the reduction of friction that could cause damage to the part.

Sturdy construction – Tie rod ends are made from all-metal construction to withstand the rigour of daily usage

Great stud design – The stud design helps to guarantee the ideal stud swing and strength for different applications

Hardened-metal bearing – MOOG tie rod ends make use of hardened-metal bearings to provide a smooth and durable surface that enhances the service life of the rods

Easy lubrication – These tie rod ends to ensure the easy flow of lubrication to the bearing surface        

Moog Control Arm

The MOOG premium control arms are suitable for both domestic and foreign applications.

The control arm is engineered for structural strength and the prevention of corrosion. It is precision-tolerant for quick and easy installation and steering alignment.

With well-optimized bushings, you are sure of quiet operation and resistance to wear and oils. This control arm is heat-treated to perfectly match OE requirements to reduce premature failure.

The coated studs and the steel control arms help to reduce early deterioration. This is a value-driven replacement part to enhance the life of your vehicle. Its installation is a breeze.

The MOOG control arm is suitable for a wide range of vehicles including Cadillac Escalade 2WD-Base Model, 2007 thru 4WD, Chevrolet Cheyenne 2008 thru 2016, GMC Sierra 1500, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD. Each of the R-Series lines of the control arm has Forged Steel, Stamped Steel or Forged Aluminium arms to deliver the best style for your type vehicle.


Powdered metal gusher bearing – With this feature, the control arm is provided with easy and better lubrication

Easy to install – Installing the control arm is simple and easy making it the preferred choice for many professional technicians

Strong construction – The control arm is constructed from cast steel for durability and sturdiness

Greasable – With a greasable control arm, life becomes easier. This helps to reduce friction

Heat-treated – To enhance the structural strength of your vehicle, the control arm has been heat-treated to handle severe impacts  

Mevotech Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

Provide your vehicle with an accurate wheel positioning for a safe and smooth ride.

Making a replacement of your worn out wheel hub and bearings with high quality and sturdy products from Mevotech brings stability to your wheel.

The parts have been pre-fabricated to guarantee minimum friction and wear. These parts have been properly sealed from the factory to protect them from debris and dirt.

Mevotech Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly is the ideal replacement option for your vehicle if you are looking for durability and reliability. It helps to consistently keep your wheel in alignment making it turn easily and smoothly.

It comes with integrated flanges that help in the reduction of shaking and the preservation of the integrity of the inner bearing. Its heavy-duty integral raceway reduces vibration while increasing stiffness.

With the oversized ball bearing, the hub can carry extra load thereby improving its lifespan. All components fit seamlessly. It fits 2005 Dodge Durango perfectly


Oversized ball bearings – The oversized ball bearing is extremely strong and able to increase load capacity and lifespan

ABS sensor and plug – With the ABS sensor all mounted internally in the hub assembly, proper signal and connection are enhanced.

Pre-lubricated bearings – For minimal friction and wear, bearings have been properly pre-lubricated with high-temperature and high-pressure grease

Heavy-duty integral raceway – There is increased stiffness and reduced friction with the heavy-duty integral raceway for improved performance

Maintenance-free – The wheel bearing and hub assembly is free of maintenance thereby saving you money in the long run


Does MOOG Suspension Parts Come with a Warranty?

Answer – Yes, it comes with a warranty

Does Mevotech Suspension Parts Come with a Warranty?

Answer – Yes, it does

What is MOOG’s Products Lifespan?

Answer – The lifespan is between 85,000 to 100,000 miles

How Long Does it Take to Fix a Wheel Bearing?

Answer – It takes up to 30 minutes

When Should I Replace My Suspension System?

Answer – They should be replaced after every 100,000 miles


In our 48 hours of research comparing Mevotech and MOOG suspension system, we can conclude that MOOG products are better than Mevotech in many ways. Though Mevotech products are less expensive MOOG does better when it comes to performance and functionality.

This is why we recommend the MOOG suspension system. We hope the controversy about Mevotech Vs MOOG comparison has been well-treated in this our article to many you a more informed car owner.

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