Permatex Vs Loctite-Real Facts Only Experts Know

Which is a better thread locker between Loctite Vs Permatex has been a long-standing debate when it comes to their performance?

The two are some of the best adhesives in the industry. Many people have asked which one is better out of the two either as thread locker or sealant?

It is hard to notice any difference in terms of their strength and performance because they are similar. If you don’t find Loctite, go for Permatex and if you don’t find Permatex, go for Loctite.

Permatex Vs Loctite 

When you talk of Permatex Vs Loctite Threadlockers, these two brands have both thread lockers and sealants. You must know what you want so that the product can meet your needs. 

A threadlocker is an adhesive that helps screws and bolts to stay in place. It also prevents screws and bolts from being exposed to corrosion and leaks. 

A thread sealant is made for the sealing up of two connectors especially pipes and other kinds of metals. Let us review Permatex Threadlocker Vs Loctite in details

Loctite Products

It may be a bit difficult comparing two products from two different brands. But the case is different if you are comparing products from the same brand.

In our comparison of the Loctite products, we are going to compare them based on their colour codes instead of just their colours for ease of identification. Read on as we review Loctite Blue 242, Loctite Blue 243 and Loctite Purple 222.

1. Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242-Heavy Duty Threadlocker

This adhesive is specially formulated for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners.

It cures in the absence of air. The adhesive helps to protect threads from corrosion and rust and prevent loosening which is usually caused by vibration and shock.

Locktite Threadlocker Blue 242 is suitable for different applications such as stainless steel and plated surfaces. The product has a long shelf life.


  • Quick setting – The adhesive sets in 20 minutes and cures in just 24 hours
  • Medium strength – This is a medium-strength adhesive that is easy to remove with a hand tool whenever disassembly is required
  • Versatile – Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242 can be used on small motors, mowers and other kinds of power equipment. It is also recommended for metal fasteners of between 6mm to 19mm in diameters such as bolts and small engines. 
  • Top performance –This is a high-performance adhesive that is exceptionally good. It is long-lasting, durable and sturdy. Bolts and screws do not loosen out after using the adhesive
  • Non-flammable – It is gasoline-friendly and nonflammable. This makes it extremely safe to use.
  • The medium strength Loctite 243 Threadlocker is a general-purpose adhesive made with improved oil tolerance.

    This Threadlocker has a mild scent that is not offensive. It is ideal for fasteners between ¼ and ¾ inches in diameter. Loctite 243 is resistant to brake fluids, acetone, ethanol and leaded petrol. Full cure is achieved in 24 hours at 22 degree Celsius.

    It is perfect for every threaded purpose. Use it to secure screws and bolts in small machines. The bolts and screws can easily be removed whenever you want them removed.

    This Threadlocker needs to be in every toolbox. Loctite 243 is a recommended replacement for Locktite 2440. It is high time you said goodbye to cracking and loosening bolts with the Loctite 243 Threadlocker.

    The Threadlocker is not only good for copper and brass, but it is also ideal for plated surfaces and stainless steel.


  • Vibration-resistant –The perfect way to secure screws, nuts and bolts is by using the Loctite 243 Threadlocker. It keeps everything in place without any form of vibration at all. 
  • Temperature-resistant –It is resistant to temperature. The Threadlocker will keep holding up even at temperatures that are as high as 360 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Oil-resistant –Loctite 243 is tolerant and resistant to oil. Minor oil contamination is tolerated.
  • Medium strength – This is a medium-strength thread locker. It means it can be easily removed with any hand tools whenever the screws, nuts or bolts are longer needed.
  • Easy to use –The Threadlocker is super easy to use. Surface preparation is not required for the hardware to be securely held in place.
  • The Loctite 222 is specially designed for the locking and sealing of fasteners that require disassembly with hand tools.

    This product cures with ease in the absence of air when confined between close-fitting metal surfaces.

    It prevents leakage and loosening caused by shock and vibration.

    Loctite 222 is ideal for low-strength metals such as aluminium and brass which can be fractured during disassembly.

    This is a proven thread locker that is very tolerant of oil. It has a 150-degree Centigrade service temperature. Just degrease the screw with a cleaner or degreaser like acetone. Apply a drop of the thread locker and screw it in place.


  • Applications – Locktite 222 is suitable for different applications such as on carburettor, headlamp, mounting of fasteners or screws and others
  • Low-strength –Its low strength advantage makes it easy to disassembly whenever the need arises. It can simply be removed with hand tools.
  • Ease of use –The noncorrosive formula thread locker is so easy to use. There is no need to mix it with any other substances. Just use it directly.
  • Easy disassembly – Removing the hardware requires just a little heat. This is not a permanent thread locker making it ideal for everyone 
  • Quick fix – It gives you a quick fix on vibrating items such as pumps and stops the screw from loosening
  • Permatex Products

    There are people who prefer Permatex products. These people don’t have anything against Loctite. They just love Permatex. Just like Loctite, our Permatex products review will be based on their colour codes; not their colours. The 3 products for review are Permatex 27100 Red, Permatex 24200 Blue and Permatex 24024 Purple.

    If you are looking for a thread locker that forms into a tough, adhesive bond look no further. The Permatex 27100 is your best bet.

    This high-strength thread locker is a thread locking adhesive that cures between engaged threads without the need for air. After curing, it resists shock, leakage and vibration.

    It is not only chemical-resistant; it is also temperature-resistant from between -50 degree Centigrade to 150-degree Centigrade.

    Suggested applications include using it on headlight screws, eyeglasses screws, bicycle screws, console assemblies, soundproofing, electrical component boxes, plastic knobs.

    Others include dashboard accessories, hose fasteners, suspension fasteners, wheel studs ,shock absorber mounts, exhaust system mounts, bumper fasteners, ring gear bolts, frame bolts, shock bolts and more.

    The thread locker is super easy to remove with heat or special tools. Permatex 27100 seals threads and prevent them from corrosion, leakage and rust. It is time to say goodbye to constant loosening and vibration of threads with this high-strength thread locker and be at peace.


  • 3000 PSI – With 3000 PSI, the thread locker is of high-strength to give you a strong hardware bond.
  • Ease of application – Ensure that you shake the tube before its application. There is no need to mix it with any other substances. Just apply directly on screws, nuts and bolts
  • Chemical resistant –This thread locker is resistant to chemicals making it ideal for different applications where the use of chemicals is inevitable 
  • Temperature resistant – It is capable of resisting temperatures making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses
  • Ease of removal –Simply remove the thread locker anytime you wish by using heat or special tools.
  • Special tools are needed to remove the thread locker
  • The medium-strength all-purpose thread locker is ideal for all nut and bolt applications of ¼ and ¾ inches.

    This thread locker eliminates the need for using expensive lock nuts and washers. It locks and seals hardware in place while preventing the loosening of parts usually caused by vibration.

    The thread locker protects threads against corrosion. For easy disassembly, this thread locker can be easily removed with hand tools. Suggested applications include water pump bolts, carburettor studs, driveshaft bolts, rocker arm adjustment bolts and more.

    It works on different metal parts; not recommended for plastics. The thread locker is simple to use. You need the Permatex Surface Prep activator to clean and dry the surface before applying the thread locker.

    It requires air to work effectively. Permatex 24200 Blue is available in gel and liquid. The gel does not drip which helps to avoid waste.


  • Easy to use –Permatex 24200 Blue is hassle-free. It is extremely easy to use. Shake the tube properly before any use. 
  • Temperature resistant –The product can resist temperature from -65 degree and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it ideal for external and internal uses
  • Easy removal – This is a medium-strength thread locker that is removable anytime you need to disassemble it. Just use a hand tool for disassembly
  • Strong performance –The thread locker performs better than the conventional nylon inserts, lock washers and other mechanical methods that are not durable. This thread locker secures the entire fastener assembly and stops them from loosening due to vibrations.
  • Money saver – It is affordable, cheap and saves you money that you would have been used to buy expensive lock nuts and lock washers.
  • The noncorrosive thread locker is superbly made for fasteners that are under ¼ inches in diameter.

    It is also appropriate for fine threads that need frequent adjustments. This product helps to prevent leaks; eliminate loosening and vibration.

    Its typical application includes fuel injection set screws, choke assembly, throttle body assemblies, carburettors, relay locks, headlamps, fine threads and more.

    This thread locker can bond fasteners in place and prevents corrosion. Permatex thread locker removes air space between the threaded assembly thereby forming a bond that prevents moisture and dirt from finding their way into the air space.

    Sealing of the air space within the threaded assembly helps to eliminate the movement of fasteners. The Permatex Threadlocker is the most reliable thread locker to lock and seal fasteners of different shapes and sizes.

    This Permatex thread locker requires no air to cure properly and it is easy to remove with just a hand tool. It has a broad range of application which includes engine assemblies, fuel injection components and heavy-duty transmission.

    Other applications include automotive maintenance and repair, home and hardware use. This is a great thread locker for quick fixes of small and medium-sized screws. It is chemical resistant. There is no dripping or any messes after using the thread locker.


  • Easy disassembly – Disassembling the low-strength thread locker is simple and easy. Use hand tools or a bit of heat to remove the adhesion from the threads
  • High performance – This is a low strength thread locker that has a high performance. It is suitable for different applications such as carburettors, relay locks, eyeglasses screws, etc.
  • Superior quality –The product is of superior quality than using the usual nylon inserts, lock washers and other mechanical devices that loosen up easily when there is a vibration
  • Easy to use – Shake the product before it is used. When you are using the gel or liquid, it does not matter. Just apply it to the thread and tighten it up. The surface may need to be cleaned thoroughly before the application. No mixing with other substances is required
  • OEM-specified – The product is Original Equipment Manufacturer specified making ideal for different applications such as machines and equipment.
  • How to Apply a Thread Locker

    When applying a thread locker adhesive, you must ensure that the thread locker spreads across the length and breadth of the fasteners.

    The proper wetting of the area will depend on the size of the thread. If you are working on a large thread; it makes sense to apply both faces with the thread locker for adequate adhesion.

    When it comes to bolt assemblies, the thread locker should only be applied where the bolt and nut meet to give the assembly a strong adhesion when they are fully tightened.

    For cap screws, the thread locker adhesive should be applied on both the bolt and mating threads. If the thread locker is only applied to the bolt, the air pressure is going to force the thread locker to escape giving an incomplete cure. 

    Anaerobic thread lockers set in a matter of minutes and cures in 24 hours. In the case where primer or activator is used for curing, ensure that the primer is applied to one or both sides before the thread locker is applied. Do not mix the thread locker with the primer.

    Buyer’s guide

    Choosing the right thread locker can be confusing especially for first-time users. Some factors need to be considered before picking a thread locker. Here are what to consider if you want a good thread locker that can meet your needs.

    Removable hardware –Removing your bolts, screws and nuts after using a thread locker is normal. As such, you must look for a thread locker that allows you to easily remove the fasteners anytime you need to do so. Contrary to some certain belief, no thread locker adheres permanently.

    This means that the bolts and nuts can be removed and reused for the same application or another. You just need to apply new thread locker to the old fasteners. 

    Size of fasteners – The sizes of the fasteners directly dictates the thread locker to use. Low-strength thread lockers are usually good for screws that are ¼ inches in diameters such as eyeglasses screws, calibration screws and some bicycle screws.

    Medium-strength ones are ideal for screws that are ¾ inches in diameter. The high-strength thread locker is perfect for one-inch diameter screws.

    Operating conditions – The operating conditions or environments should be another important consideration. The newest types of thread lockers are oil-permissible, weather-resistant, temperature-resistant, and chemical-resistant and can withstand extreme vibrations. These types of thread lockers can perform under any conditions. 

    Types of metal fastenersThe type of metal fasteners determine the adhesion of the thread locker. If any two inactive metals are used out of magnesium, black oxide, zinc, stainless steel, cadmium, anodized aluminium, coated titanium, it means a primer must be used but if one metal is inactive and other is not, then, there will be no need for a primer.


    I must confess that since I love the two products for their effectiveness and efficacy, making their classification can give you a migraine. But if you are looking for a comprehensive cross-reference table for Loctite vs. Permatex, we recommend that you visit the Permatex website at

    It must be noted that there are no permanent thread lockers. Depending on your needs, thread lockers can either be low-strength, medium-strength or high-strength. Low-strength formulations allow for the easy removal of the fasteners; medium-strength thread lockers get easily removed using hand tools while the high-strength thread lockers deliver the highest adhesion but can be removed with standard hand tools. Whether you choose Loctite or Permatex Threadlocker, what you get is a long-lasting performance.

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