Pittsburgh Tools Review-Harbor Freight Tools That You Need[Updated 2020]

If you are a person that wants good quality products in a low range, then Pittsburgh brand tools are perfect for you.

Pittsburgh has been a part of Harbor Freight since 1984. As you know that Harbor Freight is a popular brand that provides high-quality products, that’s why you will be sure of the quality and good features of the products.

Besides, Pittsburgh offers several kinds of tools like wrenches, pliers, calipers, sockets, screwdrivers, hammers, and lots more. There are also different features you can find in Pittsburgh tools.

The tools of Pittsburgh are considered as the best tools of all. To know the reason for calling the toolsbest, let’s dive right into the descriptions and see our  Pittsburgh Tools Review.

Pittsburgh Tools Review

TOP 9 Pittsburgh Tools Review 2020

There are several types of Pittsburgh tools that you can find. But which one will be appropriate for you? We are going to describe some of the best Pittsburgh products. Let’s see the explanations without any further delay.

The Professional Mechanic’s Tool Kit includes lots of tools that all you will need. This is a good product for many reasons. The construction is quite good. It’s made of high-quality materials. There are several kinds of ratchets and sockets that make the product versatile.

Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty. That will make it a trustworthy product. So, overall, it’s not bad even though it’s a good one to purchase.

Construction– This kit is made in the USA. The construction is of rugged chrome vanadium. And that’s why it works without any damage. Overall, the construction is pretty good.     

Additional equipment– This professional Tool Kit has different equipment. And those are breakers bars, ratchets, universal joint adapters and extensions. All the things make it more easy to use.

Material– The tools are made of high-quality material that ensures its durability. And it’s made of chrome vanadium steel. That’s why it works effectively.

Sockets– the sockets are SAE, star, square, spark, and metric sockets. This feature can ensure versatility of the tools. That’s why you can work easily.   

Amount– There are several tools including 16 pieces of short arm hex key set and 26 pieces of long arm hex key. Both are SAE or Metric type of power. There are also 16 pieces of screwdriver set that are included with this kit.


  • Wrench pliers are adjustable and that’s why you will get the works done without taking much trouble 
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty and that’s the reason you can totally rely on this product    
  • Has amazing section of tools and for having this feature, you can find tools easily and understand what kind of tools you will need to do the works      
  • It’s a great kit according to the price and that’s why it will be suitable for those who are looking for a budget-friendly product    


  • Not all the tools have the same good quality and that’s the reason you need to be more careful    

This is another good product from Pittsburgh. It’s made of high-quality material that assures you that you will get the perfect results from it. This lasts up to 9,000 strikes,  and that is the most exciting part of this set.

Moreover, it has some letter stamps that are included on every tool. There are 26 letters that are from A to Z and sign. There are also some numerals that are from 0 to 8. All the information makes it a readable tool set that helps you to give the exact guide.

Besides, all tools are kept in a protective case. That’s a plus point of it. You can store it in that box that you can get with the set. Besides, the tools won’t get damaged and it can extend the durability of the products. So, overall it has some flaws but it’s a quite good one.

Material– The tools of this set is made of high-carbon steel that ensures super durability. And that’s why you can completely count on it. So, get this metal stamping set without any doubt.

Manufacturer– Pittsburgh manufactures this product that’s why you can consider this set as the high-quality one that includes lots of useful tools. And because of having this feature, you will easily do any kind of work without facing much problem.

Weight– This set has a weight of 7.13 pounds. We must say that’s quite a perfect size of a set that you can have. So, if you are getting tensed about the weight of this entire set, you don’t have to do that.     


  • Though protective case is included, all the tools can be stored safely
  • Lasts up to 9,000 strikes, and that’s why you can understand how versatile and useful this tool set is    
  • Made of heavy-duty material that ensures strong construction and powerful working capability     
  • Great price according to the quality, and that’s why you can easily get this product with an affordable rate   


  • Have to practice a bit to get the right force on the hammer
  • Seems pretty hard to use so that it might be a difficult task for some people   

The star bit drivers have many types of features that will be helpful for you. There are the oversized-fluted handles that can assure you better comfort. Besides, that kind of feature also gives you better control and you can work fluently.

There are six different kinds of screwdrivers that can help you for doing several jobs. The sizes of the tools are T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, and T30. All six different bit sizes are perfect for doing the tasks in an easy way.

Moreover, the magnetized tip makes the work even better. The only problem is that there is no size indicator and no size marking. That’s why it might be a little bit tough to understand the guidelines. Otherwise, it’s a good one for the great controlling facility.

Tool sizes– This product has 6 pieces of several kinds of screwdrivers. And those are T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, and T30. And all the tools are equally effective for doing their job.   

Versatility– You can have different types of screwdrivers in just one set. All the things make it more versatile than any other tool set. This set includes six different sizes of tools that can do several works.

Facilities– The screwdrivers work great for removing insert set screws. The tools are magnetized, that’s why it gives better outcomes than others. Overall, it can provide several types of features that will help you differently, and make all your work even easier.  


  • Comfortable handle ensures to hold the tools easily and thus do all process effectively
  • Has magnetized tip for extra control and that’s why you will do the work in an easy way
  • Has no slippery texture that’s why it can help you more to have control on the tools


  • Has no size indicator and this might create problems    

If you are looking for a tool case that includes various types of tools, then the Pittsburgh 130 Piece Tool Kit will be the proper one for you.

There are several kinds of tools such as hammer, pliers, cutters, wrench, hex wrench, socket set, driver bits, screwdrivers and many more. All the tools are included in just one kit. You can find almost anything in this tool that you will need.

Moreover, there are several types of tools with different measures.

 That’s why it will be easier to find the exact size that you will need to do that particular work. It’s not that it is the greatest quality of all. But it’s not cheap, and you can surely get this one if you want a full set of tools in one case.

Tools– This kit of 130 pieces of tools comes with different types of tools. Such as wrench, driver bits, hammer, utility knife, pliers, locking pliers, cutters, socket set, hex wrench, precision screwdrivers and many more.

Construction– The kit is made in China and Taiwan. It’s a nice and comprehensive kit that you can try. The construction of this tool is quite good. You can have it if you are looking for a powerful tool kit.      

Additional box– All the tools come with a  blow mold storage case. And the case has a handle on the lid that’s why you can easily carry it out anywhere and anytime. Having a good-quality case with the set is not bad at all.  


  • Comes with a blow mold storage case to protect all the tools
  • Great quality material of the tools so that you can totally rely on its quality  
  • Has versatility for both professional and domestic uses
  • Price is good as the quality of the tools so overall, It’s a great deal  


  • The tools doesn’t fit perfectly in the box, and that’s why you should check well 

If you are a person who is looking for a lightweight hammer, then this will be the one. This hammer comes with a weight of 12.7 ounces, and a length of 6.5 inches. It’s a short-handed hammer that everyone can use without any doubt.

Moreover, the handle also gives you comfort because it’s made of high impact fiberglass soft cushion. It ensures you the ultimate control when you are using it because the handle is non-slippery and has a high impact vibration-absorbing facility in it.

You can use it for doing small works such as craftwork, jewelry work, DIYs and lots more. The important fact is, children can also use this hammer as it is a lightweight one. Though it’s not appropriate to give this hammer directly to the children, you can use it for helping them out in their small projects.

As you know, it’s a lightweight hemmer, and it’s ideal for confined works, it is not suitable for big projects. It can’t do tough work, and that’s why if you use it for big work then it might lose its durability and can harm you. Otherwise, it’s perfect for a newbie and for all the people who want a lightweight hammer for their job.

Weight– This hammer comes with a 12.7 ounces of weight. It’s of course a lighter hammer than any other hammer out there. So, you can say, It will be easier to handle than the other tool sets. And it is also a great product for beginners as they can understand the techniques and use it properly.    

Material– This hammer is made of heat-treated steel, and it has a drop forged steel head. This will be helpful for you to have a control on the hammer easily. That’s why we recommend you to have it if you are looking for a compact yet strong tool set. 

Handle– The handle is made of high impact fiberglass soft cushion. The 8 oz head with the short curved design of this handle makes the hammer easier to control and thus it can work even in confined places.


  • Ideal for using in confined areas and that’s why It’s effective for those who want to have a tool that can reach to the hard places.  
  • Light in weight so that it will be easier to carry and work with it  
  • Handy and that’s why you can carry it anywhere and anytime  
  • Non-slippery and vibration-absorbing handle will help you more to have a control on it while working  


  • Not suitable for tough works so that, you must avoid doing critical works with it     

If you want a single torque wrench that can do multiple applications, then it can be your choice. This torque wrench is utilizing a heavy-duty cam and pawl mechanism.

The length of the wrench is about 18 inches. It’s not a big one as you can guess by knowing the length. It can be a bit larger but this size is not so bad. Even you can hold it easily because of the size of it. So, that’s surely a benefit.

Besides, this is a reversible 1/2″ drive click stop torque wrench. It can provide a torque range from 20 ft to 150 ft.

It has a weight of 4.1 pounds, and that is surely a lightweight wrench. That’s the reason you can handle it and work with it easily.

This is a sturdy wrench you can ever have. It’s easier to use than the other wrenches. And it is the best, especially for regular uses. Besides, the price range is also good. So, overall, it’s precise and perfect for those people who are looking for a torque wrench that they can use regularly. See the Pittsburgh torque wrench review, and then decide if you need it or not.

Wrench length– The Pittsburgh 239 wrench has a length of 18 inches. This is not so big or not so small in length. It can be a bit longer but this size is also useful for regular works. Overall, it’s in a good size that everyone can use.     

Torque range– The reversible wrench is a torque wrench and the range of it is from 20 ft to 150 ft. And this range occurs with +/-4% accuracy. It will ensure to get the work done safely.  

Weight– This torque wrench comes with a 4.1 pounds weight. This product is made of metal but still it’s a lightweight one if we compare it with the others. And because of having that feature, you can work with that wrench in an easy way.


  • Has heavy-duty cam and pawl mechanism to do the works maintaining safety   
  • Very sturdy and that’s why it can do all the works in an effective way     
  • Great for the price so that you can surely have it especially if you are looking for a set in a reasonable price   
  • Though it’s good for regular works, you can use it in this way
  • Comes with a warranty so that you can totally count on this product, and you can also exchange it if you want    


  • It can be a bit large in size so check if the size is suitable for you or not 

The stubby ratchets give you the mechanics of speed of a reversible ratchet. And those ratchets also have the convenience of a hinged handle.

Besides, the ratchets are made of chrome vanadium steel. That’s why it will become long-lasting and durable. There are three pieces of stubby ratchets with three kinds of sizes. The sizes are 1/2″, 1/4″, and 3/8″.

This tool kit is amazing for throwing in the car or any kind of emergency kits. The special quality of this set is, it can easily work in tight places as it’s easy to reach there.

All the things are the proof of the effectiveness of this incredible ratchet set. Get this product if you want an easy-to-use tool.

Ratchet sizes– These 3 Piece Flex Head Stubby Ratchets have 3 different types of sizes. And the sizes of the drive ratchets are 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″. The ratchets are also available with 7-position handles. That’s why it will make the working process easier than the others.

Handles– It has a hinged handle that has a great speed of a reversible ratchet. The handles are convenient, and useful. And that makes this product more compact and easy to carry.

Weight– The ratchets are considered as the lightweight one. The reason is obviously the weight of it. This product comes with a 1.4 pounds weight. It’s undoubtedly the most lightweight product you can ever have.

Material– The ratchets are made of chrome vanadium steel. And that’s why it will become super durable and long-lasting. Moreover, you will have a strong tool set that you can use for a long time.      


  • High-quality tools that work perfectly that you will need  
  • Long-lasting quality makes it a more-reliable product     
  • Easy to reach to the tough places so that if you are looking for this kind of feature in any tool set, this will be suitable for you   
  • Free to move 90° in both directions and that makes things easier  


  • A bit slippery so that you need to be careful while working with it   
  • You might face a bit of difficulty when you tighten or loosen the motion

The Harbor Freight 1816 is a multi-applicable tool set that has several features. It’s effective for various applications such as for removing O-rings, circuit probing, retrieving washers, and many more.

Moreover, you can use the tools for vinyl weeding. These tools have options, so that it can help you to choose the direction. That’s how it becomes easier to use.

The only problem is when you keep working with the tools for a long time, it will hurt your fingers. The reason is the structure of the tools. Otherwise, we can see good features more in this set.

Further, Pittsburgh gives you 5 types of different probes for different uses. It will be easier to work in the tight places because of the surgically sharp tips. The entire probe is made of stainless steel that’s why it will become rust-resistant. Besides, the rubber point protector ensures the complete safety. In a sense, it’s a good one to buy.

Material– The tools of this set are made of stainless steel with a chrome finish. And it’s beneficial for those who want a non-rusty effect on tools. Overall, you can say, the quality of the material is quite good.

Applications– The tools can be used for different purposes. It’s effective for circuit probing, retrieving washers, removing O-rings and other types of applications. In a sense, It’s a versatile product that anyone could have.       

Amount– There are 5 pieces of tools that are included in this set. The surgically sharp tips of every tool is good and works very effectively. So, overall, this set works well.  


  • High-quality tools that has several capabilities to work with much effectiveness    
  • Stainless steel ensures the better quality of tools that can be used for a long time   
  • Easy-to-use facility helps you to work well and fast   
  • Has an inexpensive price range so that it will be suitable for those who wants tools in a reasonable price       
  • Gives you complete safety because the rubber protection is included


  • Using it for a long time can hurt your fingers so be aware of that   

If you want an organized tool kit where you can find all the basic things that you will need, then this Pittsburgh 130 Piece Tool Kit will be the best option for you.

The reason behind calling it best is the versatility of this set. You can get varieties of tools in just one set. It has everything that you will need. And the pieces that are stuck into the mold case can come out easily. That’s why you won’t face any difficulties while using it.

But at the same time, there are some carrying cases that are not properly made. And because of the construction issue, the tools won’t stick to the mold nicely. That might create a problem.

Besides, the price range is not appropriate for this kind of set. These are the two things that seem awkward. Otherwise, as you can read earlier, there are lots of good qualities to purchase this product.

Tool items– This tool set includes several items in it such as hex wrenches, locking pliers, and utility knives. All the things are convenient for regular use. And that’s how this set ensures the versatility of it.       

Weight– The entire set comes with an 11.18 pounds weight. It’s a heavyweight set as it has a bunch of tools inside a carrying case. But It works effectively as you won’t face any problem while using it.         

Material– The carrying case is made of plastic and the tools are made of steel. So, you can get a perfect combination of a set and you will find what you need.


  • Comes with a carrying case so that you can protect all your tools and make it long-lasting
  • All the tools are being organized and It’s also a matter of benefit   
  • Good-quality product endure good outcomes   
  • Several kinds of tools in just one box and that’s why it will be easier to store and carry all the things      


  • Not appropriate for the price

Buying Guide on the Pittsburgh Tools

No matter what Pittsburgh product you select, make sure it has some quality that will make the work easier. Besides, there should be some qualities that can be effective and also safe for you. Let’s see what the qualities are.


The thing that should be considered first is the quality of that product that you are going to purchase. There are several kinds of our products in Pittsburgh and almost all the products are made of high-quality material. But not all the products are suitable for you.

That’s the reason why you should get the descriptions, and then purchase the proper one. Besides, if you didn’t search well then the product might not bring justice to you. It might not be the proper one for you. To avoid this issue, you have to check the details on materials before buying any kind of tools.

If we take the Pittsburgh tools, we know that it has lots of good features as it is made by professional makers. But everyone has a particular reason to buy any tools. Just like that, you might have some different job and for that, you have to purchase a product according to that.

Every job needs a different and particular type of tool. That’s why at first, you need to understand what kind of job you are going to do with that product and what kind of tool you will need for doing it.

Once you are done with your research, then you can choose any of the products among them. But make sure it will be a high-quality product that will be useful and make your job easier than before.


You can find several types of Pittsburgh tools. Every tool has a particular way, and particular purpose of using. So, you have to know about those classifications before using any tool.

Pittsburgh offers you different types of tools that can do your job in an easy way. It includes single tools, sets and even large kits of tools.

Pittsburgh provides hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, hex wrenches, and many other things. And we know that different tools work differently. That’s the reason you have to check on the types of the tools before buying any of that.


We all know that Harbor Freight is known for its good quality and affordability. You can get good products with reasonable range. So, it’s a good thing for those who have a budget, and want products in a budget-friendly range.

You must be thinking that if all Pittsburgh products are reasonable, then why should I search for affordability? The reason is, not all the products are properly priced. And you must judge if the pricing is appropriate according to the quality or not.

That’s why you need to be concerned about the price range of the tools that you are thinking of buying.


The warranty fact is also important when it’s about buying a product. Harbor Freight offers a lifetime warranty, and that’s obviously a beneficial thing for you.

But checking the facts is also very important. You need to see if the warranty facility is available on your desired product or not. And if you can get the facility then you must purchase that product that you want.

Moreover, you can return it if you get a wrong or damaged product by mistake. That’s also a good option that Harbor Freight gives you. So, check the details and then get the one that you need.


The most important thing about this or any kind of product is to look at the safety factor. It is because if the product cannot save you then it’s not a trustworthy product no matter how nicely it works.

Moreover, the product should have protective functions to save the user from harmful activities. Before buying any tool, you need to be sure of this factor. That’s why you have to check on that thing, and then purchase.

FAQs on Pittsburgh Tools

If we talk about the brand, we all know that Harbor Freight is a well-known brand. Pittsburgh tools are something that is made of high-quality materials, so that they can give you more facilities than other brands.

The Pittsburgh tools are quite good. Some tools are doing a great job for professional and occasional uses. And there are some other tools that are good for regular uses. So this brand offers you several kinds of tools for several kinds of uses.

Moreover, they have a lifetime warranty on each of their tools. All the things assure you the ultimate safety and you can use the return policy if you need. That’s why it’s of course a good brand to provide good-quality products.

2. What Company Makes Pittsburgh Tools?

The Pittsburgh tools are made under the Harbor Freight. Both Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Pro are the house brand of Harbor Freight. Almost all kinds of tools of Pittsburgh are made in China and Taiwan. Both companies maintain their best quality in almost every tool.

Besides, the companies have their personal control laboratories that help to set the information and specifications of the tools. They also made different kinds of tools, and that’s why it’s a well-known brand for its versatility.

There are also some certifications of every tool that Pittsburgh made. The price range is also good. It’s affordable, that’s why people can buy good-quality products with a low price. Overall, Harbor Freight offers great Pittsburgh tools with lots of features in it.

3. Are Pittsburgh Tools Lifetime Warranty?

Pittsburgh tools are made of high-quality materials. And you can get those high-quality materials at a low price. So, you can have both quality and affordability in this brand.

Moreover, if you have a confusion if the tools have a lifetime warranty or not, then YES! The Pittsburgh tools are the products that have a lifetime warranty. That’s why it becomes more popular and useful.

Besides, if you find something wrong in the tools of Pittsburgh or you can find the tools getting harmed, then you can replace it by showing the lifetime warranty card. That’s the beneficial fact of this brand.

Final Verdict

Harbor Freight tools are not pricey. So, those who are looking for affordable tools, can surely go with it. We are not saying that it will give you the long-lasting products and you won’t find that much good quality in any other brands, but Harbor Freight will surely not disappoint you.

Besides, we describe the Pittsburgh products, so that you will get a good idea of each of the products. Check our pittsburgh tools review well and then decide what product will be the most useful one for you.

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