How Much Do Underwater Welders Make?

Underwater welding career gives you a well-paying career. Day by day it is increasing gradually. You can get it very easy and no need much education like other jobs.

Underwater welding is an especial type of job than other types of welding jobs. The average salary of underwater welding is $25.96/hour or $53,990 annually. Diving experience plays an important role in increasing the salary rate.

The average salary of underwater welding is $25.96/hour or $53,990 annually. Diving experience plays an important role in increasing the salary rate.

The Underwater Welder

How Much Does an Underwater Welder Make?

How Much Do Underwater Welders Make

Underwater welders’ are working internationally. It may for some weeks or some months.

Their earning depends on countries features and economic statistics. Both dry and wet underwater welders’ take place in the United States.

According to countries report three categories present in underwater welding payment. They are-

  • Percentile income
  • Internal work location and
  • Numerically

Their categories are fixed by following the underwater welding school report.

The payment of underwater welders also depends on national employment statistics. Here we give some salary demo of different countries

  • United States- For 10% annual wage $30,810 and
    For 90% annual wage $108,170
  • United Kingdom- For inland £50,000
    and offshore £67,500
  • Canada- For 20% pay $0-19.9K and 60% pay $50K+
  • Australia-For inland $65,000 AUD and offshore $180,000
  • New Zealand- For inland NZD 65,000 and offshore
    NZD 135,000

For hyperbaric welding, salaries are changing for the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia according to basing off daily rates.The average rates for welders are multiplying with-

  • For inland 150 days
  • For offshore 200 days

Why The Large Pay Range?

Normally payment is giving to the underwater welder as per hour. As annually ratecommercial divers can take $300,000 or more per annual. Some things determine the welders’ salary. Such as-

  • Certification
  • Experience
  • Work depth
  • Environment
  • Diving methods
  • Welding equipment
  • Offshore distance
  • Overtime

For increasing career opportunities, marketability, payment these things have great value. If underwater welding is your passion you should give attention to this.

Diving Projects For Offshore And Inland Work

Location and scope determine your salary range. A high salary rate is giving for remote working place. We present here a picture of the salary rate of underwater welder for offshore and inland basis.

For Offshore Diving

The veteran takes more salary than the rookie. 3 to 5 years require for granting as a veteran.

Annually $40,000 to $60,000 is paying to a rookie diver. Then the veteran is paying around $75,000 to $100,000 or more. A main working sample of divers’ are-

  • Subsea sites cleaning
  • Pipeline abandonment
  • Platform abandonment
  • Checking chain anchor legs
  • Inspecting underwater pipelines
  • Wet welding in oil rig pipelines
  • Hyperbaric oil rig pipelines in wet welding
  • Drilling
  • Installing wellheads
  • Saturation diving
  • Cruise turbine repair

Schedule for Commercial Diving

Working hour depends on project type. Sometimes it turns to 10 hours or more in a day. You may stay for 4 to 6 weeks at sea area.

The offshore season normally starts in April and runs till November. Close it in winter for weather and harsh wave pattern.

For working a long time around a year need to assist water vessel maintenance. Others are closingin the winter season.

Offshore attachment is flexible for world travelers. Travellers have a concept in a different place and also has the experience to handle the diverse condition.

An underwater welder who works in the US, their first trip does in the ocean.

For Onshore (Inland and Coastal) Diving

Onshore underwater welding salary starts at $25,000 to $40,000 annually for the rookie welder.

Veteran onshore underwater welder starts their rate from $50,000 to $80,000.

Rookie welders are turning to veteran welders by adding 3 to 5 years’ experience. Onshore diving projects are-

  • Clean and inspect the water tower, bridge.
  • Freshwater wet welding
  • Dam walls repairing
  • Cut the underwater debris
  • Recover the sunken fishing boats
  • Demolish the decayed underwater structures
  • Inspect sewer pipes (HAZMAT)
  • Install the cement dock support pillars
  • Maintain the nuclear power station (HAZMAT)

Schedule for Commercial Diving

Onshore underwater welders are working an average of 40 to 50 hours per year.

Their working pressure is less than offshore welders. Traveling facility has in their weekends.

They can make a tour to and from in working sites. Normally they are working in small ships, docks, dams, bridges projects.

Marine welders are facing work pressure more during winter and spring season. Storm hazards make water vessel damage. Quick repair is needed to start a new journey.


Before starting earning money as an underwater welder you have to know the correct career path.

After some years passing you can build up a quality paycheck.Payment is measuring according to working hours.

Practical knowledge and the nature of work play a role in the pay scale.Some points are present here-

Field Experience

Field experience is the main factor in my driving career.You have to maintain orders from the business owners or senior divers.

Underwater welders from the North Sea choose inland first then offshore.On the other hand, American welders want to go offshore.The Gulf of Mexico is their first choice.

United States welders choose tenders. So, they prepare themselves for laborious and hard work.First, 1-2 years need to gain experience.

You may consider dirt and grime condition also.This time is known as ‘hitch’. Marine welders are doing in this time around 10+ hours in working days.

The Power of Certification

Certifications combine with diving career.Besides experience certificate helps in making a good impression. Employer select welders primarily depend on their certificates.

Diving Environments

Environment consideration is also a determiner for giving welders’ payment.Some situations like zero degrees, freezing temperature, high wave currents help to increase welders’ pay.

Each project has a different look. But if you are not tolerating like this condition it is a suggestion for you to leave it up.

Working Depth

Divers may earn $45,000 to $90,000 per month. Annually it turns over $500, 00.

Sometimes it pays according to $1-$4 per foot. Income depends on the length and depth of the project. Saturation diving adds a bonus.

Because welders face some physical strain. Saturation divers take mid-level experience before attending deeper water.

Diving Methods

Surface supplied air is the most common method. Surface-supplied air, mixed gas saturation, scuba are primary methods of diving. For recreational or scientific diving scuba is best. Scuba is using occasionally.

Know about Welding Equipment

Equipment’s using procedure is not the same. Some have a complicated operating system.

In the time of using welders should give careful attention. Such as large power tools, cutting torches are complicated equipment. In underwater light use AC.

According to depth and nature welders are using AC. Welders should have a clear concept of working procedure and welders are also conscious about using equipment procedures.

Offshore Distance

In remote offshore areas facility of medical emergency is less than others. There presented just first aid precautions. In serious injury like bone fractures, you cannot take appropriate solutions.

Overtime Pay

Welders’ payment may increase by 50% by working overtime. Some are working an average 12 hours or more on a working day.

Welding is a seasonally based job category. So, overtime working income helps to make up in the offseason.

For making marine welder salary more some other factors are responsible. They are-

  • Performance:
    Good performance in work increase salary and reputation.
  • Location:
    For international waters, coastal areas follow different payment systems and
  • Education
     Credible training facility gives extraordinary to marine welders.
  • Employment
     More saturated employer gets more payment than a less
    saturated employer.


Surface welders meet less diverse situations than underwater welding. So, underwater welders’ payment is high than another type of welding.

The United States has a great demand for underwater welding. Welders are getting a high salary rate when they work in the United States area. From there New Jersey pays the highest salary.

Welders are performing very difficult anddifferent tasks.

Skills and experience can sort out their work difficulties. New technologies and robotics help welders in their working sites. By sorting out some limitation underwater welding may rise as expected job.

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