How Long Is A Welding School?

How long is a welding school

When you admire professional welders, you want to imagine how long it took them to horn their skills. Did they acquire a degree? Did they go through an apprenticeship? Or did they go to a welding school?

Well, if you want to become a welder, this article would guide you.Different welding schools are offering various programs with different durations.

You can go for a degree program, do a welding training or learn on-the-job to become a professional welder.

The type of program you choose would determine how long you stay if you choose to go to school. The longest duration is four semesters which is two years.

It makes sense to look for a school that teaches the basics if you have no prior experience. But if you decide to learn through an apprenticeship, it may take you a long time.

Welding requires you to be widely experienced meaning you would have to get certifications in different areas of welds such as MIG, TIG and Stick. Having different certifications put you at a vantage position.

It makes you versatile. The more versatile you are, the higher the chances of getting a good welding job.

Welding School

Types of Welding Training

There are different ways to be trained as a welder. They are:

  • Apprenticeship
  • Vocational schools
  • Local or community college
  • Welding training programs
  • Welding certification


Learning as an apprentice allows you to earn and learn on-the-job.You will have to work as a labourer to a welder.

This allows you to advance in the trade than attending a former welding school. But this can take between 5 to 10 years for you to become a welder

Vocational School

There are many vocational schools where you can learn about welding.In these schools, you can find hands-on welding programs such as welding techniques, pipefitting skills and blueprint reading.

Some of the things to learn in most welding schools will include safety training, rigging, metal properties, cutting technique and metallurgy.

It takes between 7 to 12 months to finish up in a vocational school and obtain a diploma certificate upon graduation.

Community or Local College

A community or local college welding program may take up to two years.

After the training, students are awarded associate degrees. Community college welding programs are similar to that of the vocational schools

Welding Training Programs

There are also Welding Training Programs organized periodically.

This takes the form of a seminar or workshop. It can take between three days and two weeks. This is ideal for experienced people.

Welding Certification

Welding certification is also very important. As a part of the training, students get certified in various welding technologies before completion.

Depending on your country, there are different welding certifications to increase your chances of getting a plum job.

For instance, the American Welding Society (AWS) have different welding certifications for welders.


A good welder should be a well-experienced person who understands the nitty-gritty of welding.

As such, learning-on-job gives one an upper hand than a greenhorn out of school.

If you attended a school, it is advised you to work as a welder helper to get some experience and understand the business side of welding.

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