78 Welding Project Ideas for Home or DIY That Fast Sell [Updated 2020]

Welding can be your hobby or profession. Generally, welding means the joining of metals or thermoplastics. The welding process is the process by which two and more than two metals or thermoplastics are added by pressure or heat. You can apply welding on wood as well. You may be surprised to hear that underwater welding is also possible.

There is a large range of welding. Depending on the nature of welding, there are several types of welding projects. You might be new in the welding world, so here we are to introduce you to this world. Here you will get some ideas about welding. These ideas will help you to choose your path and you will get a clear knowledge about the welding world.

Beginners Welding Projects

1.Car Creeper:

Getting a car underneath is not less than a challenge. If you are a skilled welder then making a car creeper will be very easy for you and you can do this within less than three days. After doing this project, moving a car around underneath will be very easy. You will need basic knowledge of basic ARC, some casters, plywood and pipes.

2.Shelves for storage:

Shelves are common household furniture. Technicians and welders also require shelf to store their working tools. Using strong metals is important, whether it is the top shelf or the bottom.

You will need various materials to make different parts of the shelf. You will need metal tubing for the shelf frames and angle iron to make legs of the shelf. You will need clamps as well.

Shelves for storage

3. BBQ Pit:

You can make a BBQ pit with the help of your small welding experience. This welding project is so simple that a beginner can do this project easily. You just need some metal bars and sheets to make this homemade BBQ pit.

Welding these metal pieces together will perfectly complement your work. If you want to make an excellent BBQ pit then gather some knowledge on TIG welding. This BBQ pit is perfect for keeping in your backyard.

BBQ pit

4. Security or Screen Door:

There is no one who does not want the security of his wealth and life. You do not need to be experienced to do this project. That means you can use your little welding knowledge to construct a home security door.

What kind of metal you will use in the project this will depend on how strong the door you want it to be. You will require TIG welding tools to make a clear screen and high quality door.

Security or Screen Door

5.Sheet Metal Flower:

The motive of doing this welding process is to let the welder experience using a plasma cutter.

Novice cutters experience MIG welding through the project. While practicing we can understand our lacings and thus we can solve our problem by more practicing. 

You will need a metal sheet, plasma cutter, welding magnets to do this project. Be careful while moving the plasma cutter, move the cutter smoothly.

Sheet Metal Flower

Profitable Welding Projects

6. Brackets of Metal:

Use scrap steel frames if you have access. If you make brackets largely, others will buy from you. We can use brackets as shelves, miscellaneous storage and frames.

7.Vases of Steel:

This is a potentially profitable welding process. You can make ornamental objects with cheap materials. Steel plates can be turned into coin banks, vases and other shapes for this profitable welding project.  

8.Tractor Forks:

Plowers and farmers highly use this item with their equipment. An instant forklift will be created for plowers, farmers when you attach forks to a tractor. Those who have a bucket in front of their equipment know the necessity of the tractor forks. Making tractor forks from metal will increase your chances of making profit.

9.Picture Frames:

If you are an efficient cutter, you are able to cut metal tubes at 45-degree angle and also able to weld these tubing’s cleanly, then surely you can create commendable metal picture frames. These will help you to make profits.

10.Candle Holders:

This is a profitable welding project, which will cost you very low. It needs nothing but horseshoes.

With this welding project, your target will be emergency lighting, aromatherapy industries and interior designers. You can design it in different sizes.

Candle Holder

11. Fireplace Log Crates:

Whether you use a wood or glass fireplace, the high heat environment is highly preferable for the logs. Use a simple flat bar to make a fireplace log crates.

12. Hanging Rack:

This welding project is very simple to make. This is a popular item in the kitchen. There is nothing to plan a lot. All you have to do is to attach three pieces of metal together. You need to be very careful about the size of the rack.

13. Fruit bowl:

This project is very simple and it does not take much time. In this project, you will get maximum impact on minimum costs. Selling this bowl is as simple as its making. Make this fruit bowl in various sizes. For better results, make the bowl with steel. The great thing about this bowl is it is usable as a fruit washer.

Welding Projects to Make Money or Welding Projects to Sell

14.Pen Holder:

Penholder is a simple thing but it is very useful in our day-to-day life. This is both usable in the office and home. Making a penholder is very easy. 

The best thing is you will not need so many things to make this item. A hollow tube and a flat metal piece are enough to make a beautiful penholder. This project takes a few minutes to be done. You can show your creativity in this project.

15. Jewelry Holder:

This is also a beginner’s project. If you are a creative welder and can create a great piece of work then you will get a buyer for your piece of art. This welding may take hours or may take days to complete. The time depends on the design of your jewelry holder welding Projects.

16.Lamp Shades:

Making of lamp shades is one of the greatest welding projects to make money. Some scrap steel is enough for this project. Create a lampshade that matches home and easy to maintain and clean. Creating high quality lampshades can be a great way to make money. You can sell these steel lamp shades from the fabric lampshades for a higher price.

17.Bicycle Chain Gecko:

Gecko is a high quality-welding project. These welded geckos are art pieces for the gecko’s lovers. Gecko lovers will collect an amazing piece of art. Make sculptures of your pet or favorite animal. By this welding project, you may create a potential market for yourself. Therefore, this welding project can be a great option to make money.

18. Spoon Holder:

The demand for this welded art is increasing day by day and the supply is not enough compared to the demand.

People like spoon holders to increase the beauty of their dining table and the kitchen. This welding process is so simple that a beginner can do it. The more you will creative in your work the more people will love your work.

19. Doorbell:

The doorbell is a common item for our home; all of us use it at our front door. This can be a great option for beginners to make money. Some scrap steel and a small argon cylinder are enough for this project. Experience welders add a more detailed and unique design to the doorbell.

Small Welding Projects

20. Firewood Caddy:

This is a small and simplest welding project.  You can make it easily from scrap or leftover metals. The great thing is firewood caddy does not cost high.Be careful about the strength of the square metal tube because this portion has to bear the weight of the firewood.

21. Welding Cart:

Welding Cart is more valuable than other projects for you as a welder. You need to use strong metal so that the metal can carry your welding tools. The metal used must be able to carry more than 1000 lbs. Be careful while taking measurements because if you create a cart of wrong size this will not be a pleasure.

22.Ornamental Gate:

Some people want to make their yards more attractive. You can make money from the project because so many people love to have ornamental gate for its gorgeous look. In this project, you  can show your creativity and skill. From the simplest to the most gorgeous, you can do all kinds of designs. If you are finding a simple design then you can try the bars, spires and frame.

23. Fire Pit:

It will be safe to use fire pit while camp firing. Fire pit is a popular item. Full family can enjoy the warmth sitting together. This project is one of the simplest welding projects. It just needs four metal sheets into a round or square shaped object. Then you have to attach these metal sheets with some short rods and place them in corners.

Fire Pit

24. Wagon:

We use wagons to transport goods, agricultural materials, commodities and supplies. You can make a wagon with scrap or leftover metals. Making a wagon is very easy. Weld the wheels spindle, supports and a frame together to make a simple flat wagon. Though it is an easy project, it is somewhat difficult to balance the spindle.

25. Shop Stool:

This beginner’s welding project is one of the easiest. You can get equipment for this project easily. You will need four legs of 22 inches long, four frame pieces of 12.5 inches long for top, four frame pieces of the same length for the bottom to complete the project.

DIY Welding Projects

26. Grill PIT:

Grill PIT is an easy welding project so you do not need to be expert to make Grill PIT. This welding project does not take much time; this project will save your time and money. Some metal bars and sheets are enough for this project. Weld them together to make a grill PIT. This welded piece is easy to move so you can place this in your backyard or patio area.

27. Bookends:

Most welders start their welding training by making simple bookends. Book lovers know the worth of bookends. People can use bookends at the office or home.  Bookends provide a smart look to your home. People may use bookends as gifts; this can be an exceptional gift item. You can use any material that suits with metal. You can use ornaments, horseshoe or any of your favorite animal’s trophies for this project.

28. Keychain Holders:

Keychain holder is a small item but it is one of our daily necessary things. Keychain holders help to keep keys safe otherwise keys often lose if you keep it without a keychain holder. This project is very easy and you will be able to finish this project in a short time.  

29. Capacity Rack:

Capacity Rack is useful to store your stuff and a MIG welder is suitable for making a commendable capacity rack. To do this project you need to be a creative and expert welder. Keep attention to the details to get the best result.

30. Hammer:

To make a hammer you just need to mount a handle to the head and do this with TIG welding. You can apply the same process to make fireplace poker and some other tools. Thus, you can create some useful things that may benefit you now and in the future. You can make these with your household equipment.

31. Animal Sculptures:

You can make this unique welding art by a simple hand-hammer. The hand-hammer have to be made of stainless steel. This process is also applicable to make your favorite animal’s sculpture. 

32. Garage Shelving:

You can make garage shelving easily with some basic metal tubes. You will need to place a wooden plank on the top brace and attach this plank to the ceiling and wall studs.  Be careful about the measurement and repeat the measurement multiple times if necessary to make any DIY welding project successful.

Simple Welding Projects

33. Metal Heart:

This project is so simple that you can make a metal heart with a bike chain. If you do not have it on hand then you can get it at your nearby thrift shop. Cut the chain to the correct size and make it into a heart shape.

34. Dutch Oven Holder:

Dutch oven holders are very useful for camping lovers. You just need three horseshoes and support bars to complete this project. You have to weld the horseshoes together and use the support bars to create a tripod stand. You can also use this as a serving tray in outdoor BBQ parties.

35. Grasshopper Holder:

Another name of this is the third hand. Solid chunk metal is preferable to make a grasshopper holder. You have to weld three metal points that will help you to hold down small objects. Add a handle to it by welding and this will help you to carry the grasshopper holder with you.

36.Wall Clock:

The wall clock is a common item in each of our homes. A ¼-inch mild steel rod will be perfect for the circles of the clock. Round rods will be suitable for the numbers. Take the round rods of 5/16-inch. You have to do many small welding to complete this project.

37. Pet Gate:

Many people nowadays keep pets at home for various reasons. If you have a pet then we are sure that you feel the importance of a pet gate.

You will not need much supply to complete the project. Make a half inch square by welding the metal tubing together. Create it as big as your pet can go through it easily. Then weld the remaining metal tube and form a rectangular shape.

Keep the edges smooth; this will prevent your pet from getting hurt. Cut the door carefully. After that, attach a metal wrist to the bottom of the door so that your pet can push it and go through the gate.

38. Trailer Dolly:

We can move heavy objects with a trailer dolly. It works like a metal cart. You will need metal stripping, wheel kit and hitch kit to do this project. Use the metal stripping to make a rectangular shape frame.

Be careful about the measurements so that your trailer dolly will be perfect to carry your necessary weight and things. Nobody expects a small trailer dolly that will have no use.

Welding the frame together will make sure that the trailer dolly is sturdy enough to bear the weight of your item. After completing all that, join the wheels.

Welding Projects for Fun

39. Accessories Holder:

Jewelry and clothing accessories are very small. They are likely to be lost unless you keep them in a safe place. You may make accessories holders keep these small items safe.  You can show your creativity in this project.

You will need small steel sheets and provide your preferred shape. Place a steel piece underneath the infrastructure you created; this will work as the base of the structure.

40. Table:

You can make tea or a kitchen table for your home. Making this for others can make money for you.  This is simple and joyful welding. Choose a strong metal piece for the upper frame and a metal plank for the seat. You will need some short metal pieces for legs as well. Take strong metal pieces to make a table.

41. Tray Table:

Making this table is so difficult. You can use this simple tray table as a laptop stand. Making of a C-shape tray table is easier than any other tray.

42. Welded Portraits:

We all have some favorite person. Creating their faces by welding is a real pleasure for us. This project is the perfect way to show your creativity. It is an incredible part of the welding world. You will not need much equipment to complete this project. You just need a metal sheet where you will weld the portrait.

43. Star Light:

It might be Christmas or a house party, starlight provides a different look. This is an excellent project. Starlight provides a creative look to your room. You need to be careful while doing this project. At first, you have to create the star by welding and then set the lights on it.

44. Toys:

This welding project is one of the advanced level welding projects. Though it is a challenging welding project, making toys for your dearest one brings you happiness. This project may bring profit to you.  Get the challenge, have a plan and create an exclusive toy.

45. Metal Trellis:

Many of us plant vegetables in our garden. If you are planting climbing vegetables in your garden then metal trellis is a necessary item for you. This project will help you with gardening. 

MIG Welding Projects

46. Outdoor Fireplace 

An outdoor fireplace is an interesting and useful welding project for newcomers in the welding world. This is a simple project and does not require an expert. A welder just needs to keep the attention and requires a basic knowledge for MIG, TIG and ARC welding processes. You will need plasma cutters, steel sheets and steel rods as materials.

47. Section Gates:

This welding project idea is for expert welders. This project is an upgraded level of welding projects. If you think your welding skill is very good then you also can try this welding project. This welding project does not require so many things to complete. You just require MIG welding equipment, decorated iron bars or aluminum.

48. Coat Rack:

Do you know a coat rack can save your space and may provide a smart look to your room? This project requires some simple equipment such as some steel segments and welding supplies. Choose a MIG welder to have a rough edge free coat rack.

49. MIG Welding Gun Holder:

This handy holder is necessary for your torch. This gun holder is helpful for you while putting the gun down is necessary but you cannot place it on the workbench. The clamp, which is attached to this holder, helps to transport it easily.

50. Truck Bumper Kit:

Truck bumper provides a more rugged appearance and extra protection to the vehicle. Truck lovers love this project. This project is one of the easiest welding projects that any teenager can do.

Designing it is not so difficult and you can use it immediately after the project is done. You will need TIG and MIG welders for this project.

51. Serving Bar:

Use a power MIG welder to make a serving bar. This serving bar is 1× 1 inch steel tube. This tube is wrapped in three sides using insulating metal.

Stainless steel with the 1-inch curved edge is the main element of the top of the serving bar.  The wooden shelves inside provide storage space.  

Easy metal projects

52. Metal Cart:

Making a metal cart is very easy. If you are an owner of a welding workshop, you can realize the necessity of a metal cart. You can move heavy materials by this metal cart. You can use this cart to transport your welding machine, instead of moving objects by using its wheels.

To make this cart you will need metal strips, angle iron brackets, four casters and its supports, cold-rolled steel rods, four cartwheels. You will need metal strips for the base, angle iron brackets for the sides, cold-rolled steel rods for the handle.

53. Tool Rack:

The workshop owners know the importance of having a tool rack. Keeping your belongings organized is its main task. If you make it yourself, you can customize it, as you want. You can make a wall hanging or a standing rack.

Making a frame for the rack, you will need angle brackets. Make partitions in the middle. Make a big storage space; this will provide you more space to store the equipment. Hang your steel metal sheets and tools by using pipes or hooks.

54. Support Stand:

Goal post of a football pitch or other games, the long length rods need support to stand straight. You will need 1″ thick pipe, 0.25″ thick 2X2 inch metal, 1 of 6″ and 1 of 5/8″.  Weld the pipe and 6-inch channel together.

Then weld the 0.25″ metal piece to the nut and after that to the nut. Weld the 3″ channel together and attach a U-shaped metal piece. This U-shaped metal piece will provide support to the goal post.

55. Patio Arbor:

Use an open frame design to create different looks. Steel tubing will work best for this project. You can use the legs of an old trampoline to create the top rails. You can use the fence top rail for the legs and crossbars. Then self-tapping screws will provide the security to the lattice.

56. Tricycle Planter:

This tricycle planter provides a new look to any garden, windowsill or porch. The welding is fast and simple because it is made of wrought iron. It needs some tools to provide the iron with its proper shape and finding the tools is a challenge.

Home welding projects

57. Wood Stove:

Buying a new stove costs high. On the other hand, you can make it at home at a low cost.  This will prove a money saver for you. This welding project does not need much equipment. An iron door and a steel drum are enough to start the project.

58. Homemade Fire pit:

Use an empty propane tank and welded framing to complete this project. This allows you to use it both at outdoor and indoor. Be careful while cutting the tank and make sure that the tank is fully empty. Otherwise, the tank will explode if it contains propane.

59. Storage Rack:

This is one of the simplest home welding projects. This project is one of the beginner’s welding projects.

To make a perfect storage rack you will need space, lots of time, a few welding experience and creativity.

After finishing this project, you can place the rack in your garage, backyard or any place where you want to set it.

Storage Rack

60. Spoon Flower:

You may have seen iron flowers in different places. Making this is not very difficult. You can make this to decorate your home or you may present it to others. You can make this project easily with some cutlery items.

61. Miniature Art:

Vintage and human showpieces, carts, motorcycles and tanks miniature arts are most popular. You can make cool cash by this welding project. These miniature arts are easy and cheap to make.

62. Kitchen Turkey:

You can do this small project using old kitchen utensils and this is the best part of this project. The main part of the item is made of wood but using aluminum provides a firmer base and here welding of colander pieces will be possible.

63. Wheelchair Ramp:

Life is not always the same. You may need a wheelchair in your home and accessing advanced doors is not an easy proposition. This project makes movement easier.

Cool Welding Projects

64. Yard Arts:

Yard arts is one of those cool welding projects that beginners can do. You can make a smart amount of money from this project. You do not need much equipment; you just need some metal pieces to complete the project.

In this project, you can use leftovers or scraps metal. Weld the metal pieces together and make decorative objects such as animals, flowers, birds. After completing the project, decorate your garden with your beautiful decorative piece. Be creative; try to create some new and beautiful objects.

65. Interior Decoration:

We all love to decorate our home and we want it to look beautiful. This project will help you to improve your skill and you can make money with it at the same time. Interior decorator means so many small welding projects together such as animal sculpture, frames, fireplace guards and light fixtures and many more.

People appreciates skilled for this project. This project has a huge market so if you are a skilled welder then customers will keep coming to you. If you can fulfil your customer demand then you can increase your name and frame eventually.

66. Model Vehicles:

There are so many people, who are interested in vehicle enthusiasts and war collection. You can create airplanes, cars, military tanks and trucks. This is a money making welding project. Though you can make them cheaply, the items you create need to be beautiful. You have to be an expert welder to do this project. Use such metals in this project that you can paint easily; painted items will look more attractive.

67. Horseshoe Items:

There is a potential market for horseshoe items. Therefore, you can make huge money by producing these horseshoe items. This project is very simple to create but horse lovers have a special attraction for these items. There are so many horseshoe items such as horseshoes chairs, wine rack and jewelry hanger. People love these items very much and they are interested in collecting these.

68. Gates and Fences:

The materials you have to use making gates and fences that are very expensive. However, this expense will provide you more profit. These are the most complex welding projects so you need to be an experienced and skilled welder to do these welding projects perfectly. Be careful about the measurements and try not to make any mistakes.  Use sturdy and strong materials because you are making safety items so these gates and fences need to be strong.

Cool Welding Project Ideas for Home(Vedio Guide)

Farm Welding Projects

69. Garden Fence:

Garden fence is necessary to keep your pets away from your lovely garden. You will need your welding tools, aluminum-magnesium wire mesh and steel rods to complete this project. First, measure the entire area of your garden and calculate how many wire mesh and metal rods you will need to make the fence. Then keep them one meter away from each other. After that, you have to cut a piece of wire mesh and need to weld it between two rods. Continue the same procedure until you cover the entire garden.

70. Garden Wagon:

Carrying supplies is very stressful when gardening. This welding project is one of the best welding projects for garden owners. Its making cost is not so high. You will need four metal sheets for the sides. Take two metal sheets of 2.5ft length and 6-inch wide; take another two metal sheets of 4ft length and 6-inch wide.  Take a metal sheet for the base and the measurement is 4ft length and 2.5 ft wide. You will also need four solid wheels of 2ft and two axles of 4.5 ft wide. You can present it to your garden owner friends.

71. Shepherd’s Hooks:

You can use a shepherd’s hook for a variety of purposes. You can use this hook to hold a flag. You also can use the hook as a plant hanger. Most of the farmers use them as a trellis for their climbing plant. You just need steel or iron to make a shepherd’s hooks.

72. Falling Targets:

This is an interesting cool welding project and you will love to try this project. Who participates in shooting games they all know that shooting moving targets is a little bit more difficult than the regular targets. When you hit the moving targets, they start to move around. It becomes more difficult while the falling target flips down at the time of hitting.  Though it is a small welding project, this project is quite expensive. Making falling targets can make you money.

73. Love sign:

You can make love signs to place on the table or on the shelf or you can hang it on the wall. You can do this project with leftover metals. Its specifications depend on where you want to place it. You can make this project with leftover metals, scrap metals or farm tools.

74. Flag Art:

People use this high-quality metal art project as decorative pieces. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor hanging. You can make this project great using metal or wood combination.

75. Portable Work Station:

You can be in any profession and you need your own work place. You have to keep your working belongings safe and you need a place for this. The best part of Portable Work Station project is you can move your work station from one place to another.

76. Mudroom Bench:

You will need a 1-inch square tube to complete this project. You can also make it to your desired dimensions. You will need metal cutting skills to do this project. This small bench provides a smart touch to your home.

77. Trout Mobile:

This is also a steel washer design until you use it for the fishes. Give washers the shape of a fish. Trout color will be perfect for painting. After that, it is ready to hang on a wind chime or mobile.

78. Architectural Brackets:

Hanging our belongings on the wall is a common issue. We use shelves to save our storage space. Architectural brackets make it possible. You can make money from this project; this is a potential project.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced welder, you can make money from welding. Many of us want to make money from their hobbies; they can do this with their welding hobby.

Many people prefer to do their own home welding. Here we describe some welding projects that you can get inspiration from this group and ideas for the project. You can choose any suitable project and develop your skills. Be an expert by practicing you will able to earn more money and honor. Happy welding!

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