Wen Band Saw Review [Updated May 2020]

The small and portable band saws are complicated. Some of them come up with so many added features and accessories.But most of them lack in terms of quality. And in the vice-versa case, the high-grade small band saws usually give up their additional features.

When you are in a great dilemma, we are here to help you with the decent band saws that maintain the quality and feature balance.Here, we have come up with the Wen Band Saw review to tell you which one is the prime deal for you!Let’s just dive right into it to know which one is worth your money and attention!

Wen Band Saws Reviews 2020

1.WEN 3962 10 Inch Band Saw Review-Affordable Portable Bandsaw

If you are in the run of getting the small band saws, you have to get the one that is convenient and also high-grade in performance.At a very affordable price, you get moderate cutting tasks done. Users that are in search of the rounded saw can get their hands on this 3962 too. Also, some added features make this one of the most wanted band saw now in the market.

Powerful Motor and Speed

This powerful motor of this band saw can cut the metals along with the other materials with ease. It has a 3.5 amp motor. So, the large loads and the harder materials are not a tough deal for this motor.

There is a speed adjusting facility here. You can select between two speeds for your cutting needs. Go for 1520 FPM or 2620 FPM depending on your preference!

Additional Dimensions

The throat size is 9¾ inches. We know what you are thinking and you are right. The throat size is a little larger. The regular throat sizes you buy from the market are 9 inches.

The reason for added a little large space is to give you a roomy space. You will feel more comfortable with the extra space. It can cut to 6 inches speed when you are dealing with large material. This added advantage will help you a bit in the cutting section.

Cutting Blade Size

The 6-TPI blade is 3/8 inches. For swapping it, use any 72-inch blade. From 1/8 to ½ inches, you can use anyone you want! You can bevel the table up to 45 degrees. The table is quite large. It is 14-1/8 inches to 12½ inches. You can get angled cuts and the freehand cuts too.    


  • Large throat size for spacious usability
  • The table can be angled to 45 degree
  • Angled and freehand cutting facility
  • LED work light for better visibility


  • Only great for the experienced users
  • Too many vibrations while cutting

No matter you are here for one time use a year or for demanding challenges, this Band Saw is a win-win design. Portability and user-friendly nature, you get both of these in a box of an affordable rate.

The blade-tensioner is positioned perfectly and the materials that are used in the construction are sturdy. Get this one if you want a decent  band Saw for cutting metals.

Compact in Size-This unit is very compact. Taking this machine here and there is easier than the other band saws of the market. The compact design makes it easy for carrying.

Also, if you are planning to get something that you can store easily, this is the one. In this small space building, you would surely love something that fits in a corner and doesn’t bother you!

Blade Rotation-With this Band Saw, you will be able to cut copper and steel. If you want more, cut brass and aluminum whenever you want.

Cut the pipes that are up to 5 inches in diameter with ease.  It gives you the power of variable speed operation. Also, you get the blade rotation facility to get your works doe perfectly!

Adjustable Speed and Angles-With this baby, you will be able to set the speed as the speed is adjustable. You will be able to set the speed from 125 to 260; it is pretty amazing.

If you are already mesmerized then you must know that this offers you flexibility. From 0 degree to 60, you can create cut from any place you want!

Decent Motor-Dealing with the motors of the saws is tough. However, feel free to get this Band saw if you want a decent motor.

It will afford you a good amount of power. People often worry about the choking factor. But this motor doesn’t choke. Enough momentum is offered by this motor so that you can trough different materials.


  • User-friendly in nature
  • Compact and portable
  • Affordable in price
  • Well-positioned blade-tensioner


  • Poor quality control
  • Faulty units are shipped in cases

From beginners to seasoned users, this band saw can be the best one for you! You might are a beginner that wants a reliable entry-level tool for working. You might also be a professional having a garage workshop. No matter why you are looking for a band you, if you get your hands on this once, you will never forget it!

Moderate Motor

This Band Saw is made for the mid-duty demands. For moderate use, you can get this Benchtop band saw for your work. The motor of this saw is of 2.5-Amp. And it is capable of driving the blade up to 2500 FPM. So, every minute, it is offering you an amazing cutting speed!

Practical Accessories

This band saw comes with accessories that you will need while working. From a wide blade to the dust port, all the accessories added are very practical. You can make all of them work. The wide blade is .4 inches and the dust port is of 2-1/2 inches. In addition to these, the kit also comes with a miter gauge and a rip fence.

Cutting Diameters

With this band saw, you can create 3-/2 inches deep cuts. The cuts will be 9 inches wide. You can use the 59-1/2 inches blade and the sizes start from 1/8 inches to 3.8 inches. It can bevel up to 45 degrees according to your requirement. The work table is very spacious. It is 12-1/4 x 7/8 inches.


  • Trustworthy moderate motor speed
  • Flexible cutting diameters
  • Smooth cutting operation
  • Powerful ball bearing mechanism
  • Comes with loads of practical accessories


  • Includes very thin sidewalls
  • The rubber pads affect the 90-degree angle

When your budget is tight but you want something that affords high-grade results, stick to this one! Yes, this Wen band Saw is very much loved by the electricians along with the DIYers.

From the good quality motor to the cutting capacity, nothing will fall short in terms of incredible service.

Universal Blade 

The cutting blade of this saw is 44 7/8 inches 10/14TPI. This is the regular band saw butting blade available in the market.

If you want to replace the blade, this makes it easy for you. As it is a universal blade, you can get its substitute effortlessly.

There is an added blade guard. So, your blade has no age because you can extend the life of your blade with it!

Table-Mount Facility

If you love to mount your band saw on the table, feel free to do it with this saw. Mount it onto your table. Change this band saw into a benchtop band saw within minutes.

This is the best position to go for if you want some complicated cuts. On the contrary, you will never get that noisy operation anymore. It affords you cool and quiet operations every time!

Speed Versatility

The wide range of speed of the band saw makes it versatile. You can change the speed range from 60 to 420FPM.

No matter you are cutting steel or plastic, the performance will be the same. Also, it can cut the wood and ceramic with simplicity.

The blade is heavy-duty. But you will be amazing seeing the smooth and clean cuts it affords. The cutting capacity if 5-inch and so, you already know you can dig deep!


  • Wide range of speed
  • Universal blade for easy replacement
  • Table-mount facility for complicated cuts
  • Very affordable price


  • Construction material is plastic
  • Not great for continuous cutting

If you are dealing with brass, copper, aluminum, or any sort of metal, you can always rely on this  band Saw.Along with this, straight cuts, circular cuts, and square cuts are available. Several cutting speeds and adjustable dimensions make it one of the leading deals these days!

Adjustable Cutting Speed

When you are cutting metals, the first thing you need to be sure about is the speed. If the speed is not in your control, you cannot expect a better finish.And here, you will get three different operating speeds that are completely adjustable. Go for 80ft, 120ft or 200ft, whatever you like!

Dual Cutting Position

With this band saw, you get a stand. The stand also includes collapsible handles for easy movements. This band saw is portable and you can easily elevate it! To keep the band saw position right, there are never-flat wheels added.You can easily cut the metals in the horizontal style. On the other hand, if you don’t like it, change it into a vertical position.

Variable Cutting Dimensions

You can change the cutting dimension as per your preferences. You can go for angled cuts from 0-90 degrees cut. The 45-degree angle can do it up to 3-1/2 inches. You can also settle for circular materials and the dimension for that is 3-½ inches x 3-½ inches. You can also cut the square materials.The blade is pre-installed. The dimension of the blade is 64-1/2 inches x ½ inches. The 4.6 amp motor deals with the complicated cuts and gives you metal pieces the way you want!


  • Can cut brass, aluminum, steel, copper, etc
  • Dual cutting position for comfort
  • Never-flat wheels to keep table elevated
  • Built-in miter function for easy operation


  • Blades are not of universal size
  • Screws are little short

Buying Guide for Wen Band Saw

Cutting Speed

The band saws by Wen include several cutting speed settings. There is a single cutting speed included along with variable cutting speed.

We recommend you going for variable cutting speed because you will be able to cut faster and slower depending on your preference. Also, for different materials, you will require different cutting speeds.

Motor Size

The size of the motor completely depends on how much you are going to work. There are smaller motors along with larger motors by Wen. 

If you are planning to cut metals and materials every day, go for a high-grade motor. Most of the motors of Wen are decent. If you are a DIYer and cut materials only once a week, any smaller motors will be great for the job.

Cutting Dimensions

If you always keep cutting metals, wood, and other materials, you might need more cutting dimensions. The adjustable cutting dimensions will help you cut different materials in different sizes.

If you only need some specific sizes, select the one that’s perfect for the work. However, there are also Wen band saws that afford numerous cutting dimensions.

Cutting several materials in several sizes will be better with these sorts of band saws.

Operating Position

There are Wen Band saws that afford you vertical cutting position. Also, some band saws will be great for horizontal cutting positions.

Select the one that fits your better. There are the ones that offer both positions together. If you need that, go for it.

Final Verdict

As we have already told you, getting the right band saw for your stationary work is always tough. However, from the crowd, all you need to do is pick the right one for you. Now that we have mentioned the incredible Wen Band Saws, pick anyone that suits you.

Not all the band saws will match your preferences. You have to go through the Wen Band Saw reviews to get the must-have ones! We don’t want you to do much, go through our selected ones and you will never regret!

Don’t forget to tell us the funny stories related to your band saw. Let us know it by commenting below. Till then, stay safe! 


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